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Surprisingly the best premiere this season? Big Bang Theory. Bravo, bravo, show.

Although I sincerely wonder how Leonard has not punched Sheldon square in the jaw by now.
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Tonight's HIMYM )

And in other news, 2 Broke Girls is actually pretty damn funny despite the stereotypes and cliches and the acting. Well, acting except Kat Dennings, who is giving me lady wood for being hilarious and awesome and booby.
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You guys, if I was skinny and tall I would try out for America's Next Top Model in a heartbeat. Why? Because I have seen every season of that freaking show and I would rock. That. Shit. So hard. Seriously, the girls on there have obviously never seen a single episode but I would in there and blow Tyra's mind with how well I handle that shit. Nigel Barker the noted fashion photographer would beg to have my babies, Miss J would come to me for style tips. Bitches, I would own, is what I'm saying.

But for real - not that I'm not totally serious about the above - but this season is crazy. Alexandria is just about - okay, I have seen many a bitch on this show, and I have loathed many a girl, but Alexandria is heading to the top of the list with every repeat of "But I'm the talent." HOLY BALLS that girl literally has mental problems. This season's weird because in the last three seasons the girl I wanted to win from the beginning ended up winning - Nicole, Krista and Anne - but this time I don't really know who I want to win for sure, but I am rooting for Jacklyn and Kasia. I would root for Brittani but I think that might be a hopeless endevour after last week. Alexandria totally deserved the smackdown but Brittani did it in the wrong place at the wrong time and Tyra doesn't seem to want to forgive her. Girls didn't know the rules. I know the rules. I would rock the rules, get me on this shit.
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Watching bits and pieces of Bertie & Elizabeth on youtube and let me just say this: James Wilby. In a royal uniform. Smoking.

Yeah, no I totally didn't need those ovaries.

My head!canon keeps trying to put him in the Sherlock world somewhere still. My latest version? He's Sebastian Moran and runs around with guns and flirts with Lestrade.

Oh, and sidenote: Saw both The King's Speech and The Social Network recently and as much as I love me some Geoffrey Rush - definitely deserves Best Supporting - and British historical dramas, Social Network deserves Best Picture more. Weird watching Wilby playing the same character in a different film. He's way more confident in the kilt than Firth is, and that's all I'll say.
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Well, I hope some of you were able to enjoy the absolute awesome that was the Super Bowl last night and be graced with the vision of the best team in the world, the Green Bay Packers. I was surrounded by either Steelers fans or people who were still bitter about the Bears losing so I was super happy to gloat at the end of the night. Rocking my Rodgers jersey today, whoot!

And I finally watched an episode of Glee )
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Revised television watch list, since Boardwalk just ended (and how sad am I? Really sad you guys. First Sherlock won't be back for a year and now Boardwalk Empire).

The Office
Big Bang Theory
It's Always Sunny
The Simpsons
Family Guy
American Dad

Man, that looks depressing. Where have all my shows gone?
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First Tumblr and now the last Boardwalk Empire episode is taking foreveeeeeeeeer to go up! AH!
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I won't go way into it, because it seems I'm the only one watching, but while I don't think they're really giving Nucky the power and strength that's necessary for the character, I will say that that man is the only one on Boardwalk Empire who never loses his shit. He is the most calm man ever. Even when he's shouting at someone he's so damn poised and collected. God, I really love what Steve Buscemi does with that character.

And I think Van Alden may be the scariest, most fucked up character on television right now.

I hate that next week is the last episode of the season.
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I still can't find my Rollercoaster Tycoon game. It passed "I want to find it because it would be nice to play right now" a looong time ago. Now we're in the realm of "OMG where the FUCK is this fucking thing?!" It drives me batshit when I can't find something I was sure I'd be able to find right away.

In other news: showed Em Sherlock today. Ha, oh I love that show. Why do we have to wait until next fall? Not fair. Also: Sherlock is so in love with John it's not even funny.
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WAITWAITWAIT. Was there a new Psych on Wednesday?! Why didn't anyone tell me?!
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ALL I will say about my current scene, I PROMISE, is: one day I will learn. I will fucking learn and there will be a choir of angels that'll come down from high and the seas will rise and I will be crowned the queen of Fucking Took Forever.

In other news: I want Boardwalk Empire's babies. God I love that show. My hope for the finale, without giving away anything, is that I want to see how brutal Nucky can be. I want to see why he's so dangerous and powerful. 'Cause he's the nice guy compared to Rothstein and Torrio but man, I would love for him to show off just why he's the head honcho and why everyone should be scared of him. Seriously, who else is watching this show, I need to talk about its awesomeness.

*It took me forever to figure out how to spell 'choir'. Total brainfart moment. Spelled it 'quire' and had to look it up because I knew that wasn't right.
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Dear Roomie,

You can't accidentally buy the wrong size underwear, offer to give them to me, then ask for $5 for them. I did not want nor need new underwear and am taking them only because, well, one can never have too much underwear. Go back to passive-aggressively washing the dishes.

Knock it off, michals


Dear School,

Figure out your fucking system for reserving rooms. This is the 100th time you've fucked me over.

Fucking fuck fuck, michals


Dear actors,


WTH, michals



You're adorable. You make me happy. I wish I was friends with these people. Will still pitch a fit if you put Barney and Robin back together.

Seriously, michals


Dear Boardwalk Empire,

Keep being awesome.

HELL. YES. michals


FUCK. Almost forgot to register for classes!
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This last week I've been focused on basically two things: my friend, and when I'm trying really hard not to think about my friend: Sherlock.

SO that meant basically cannon-balling into the fandom and reading more fic than my tiny brain should probably be exposed to in such a short amount of time.

Also rewatching certain scenes from the episodes and showing Vinny and getting her suitably addicted as well this weekend (all it took was Cumberbatch's voice. Ha, she's so easy).

And watching fanvids.

And stalking the fyeahsherlockandjohn tumblr.

So, ehem, yeah, I can safely say I'm obsessed.

Though seriously, what's not to love? )

Sherlock discussions of win GO!
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Not even 10 minutes into the first episode of Sherlock and one thing is weirding me out: the voices.

1. Was totally not expecting that kind of voice on Cumberpatch. I literally jumped when I heard it.

2. Might not have a problem with this whole Rupert Graves thing because he doesn't even sound like himself. It's not just the accent, he's all gruff and deep, he sounds like someone else is off in a recording studio saying his lines for him.
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Urgh, okay, so I've been so out of it these last few days. I don't know what it is but as soon as I got out of class I turned into a complete spastic. My roomie said, no less than two times, "What's up with you today?" as I twirled around our kitchen like an 8-year-old on speed. I think it's lack of sleep or something. Anyway, I'm being a lurking lurker thing and Tumblr is pissing me off. My queue doesn't work. Like, it'll post things under old things and say they're 4 hours old, even if they just went up. WTF mate?

Also, England: 3 episodes does not a series make. That's like, a normal night for any show here in the U.S. I'm talking about Sherlock, which I've finally gotten intrigued enough by, and gotten over my whole "Oh, Rupert Graves!...but he's not making out with James Wilby, that makes me sad" thing enough, to finally watch (downloading first ep now).

And, I feel it needs be said, Groucho Marx > Anyone you know.
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Anyone else who watched HIMYM, that moment when Marshall says that telling Ted he'll meet the right girl is one of those good lies and Ted says "I find that one very reassuring" and then Marshall hugs him? That was the actors. Am I right? I mean, that gooby little smile Josh Radnor gets, that's just something they did on the spot, or am I crazy? Either way, it's super adorable and I've rewatched it a dozen times.
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Was it just me or was Mr. Schuster, like, smoking hot this week? UNF! Also, of course, Brittany and Rachel, but for some reason...Mr. Shue. But...what are they dressing Kurt in?!
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Is it so much to ask that I don't have to pay for movies? Ugh, what am I? A millionaire? Ha, seriously though I cannot find AMC's Broken Trail anywhere on the face of the internet to continue my Thomas Haden Church-athon. Well, so far I've only watched Smart People (blurgh, btw) so it's not really an "-athon" until I find either Ned & Stacey (already tried and failed) or Broken Trail, which despite being so current and mainstream is proving impossible to find.

No one need mention that a Thomas Haden Church-athon is a dubious concept in and of itself.
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Thursday nights are a goldmine to someone who doesn't have a TV. I've already downloaded/watched The Big Bang Theory and Community and I still have to watch The Office, Project Runway and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Hmm, Imma gonna make a TV watch list 'cause I know I'm going to forget all these:

America's Next Top Model
The Office
Big Bang Theory
It's Always Sunny
Project Runway
The Simpsons
Family Guy
American Dad
The Venture Brothers

Will probably be updated as I discover/remember more. Also downloaded the first ep of Boardwalk Empire though I haven't watch it yet.
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Is it sad that all I want in the world right now is the newest episode of America's Next Top Model?

It is, isn't it.

And also maybe some Easy A fic, but you didn't really read that ;P


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