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So, I wrote this because I thought it was cute but the thing is is that it does not fit into any of my remaining prompts for my Jim/Ryan table. So, you get it now, I guess.

Title: Family Reunion
Fandom: How I Met Your Mother, The Office
Pairing: Barney/Ted, Jim/Ryan
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own.
Spoilers: Unless this happened in a world where Jim and Ted actually are second cousins, no.

Random fic! )
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So I want to try something. I have the vast majority of the month of January off of school and I have no plans to do much of anything that month. So, that I can keep writing and so I have something to do, I'm accepting fic prompts.

Any kind of fic (genre or rating - yes, even NC17 if that's what you want), though they will probably be short-ish, I'm not good with long fics on my own. My userinfo has some of my fandoms, but here is a more comprehensive list, along with the pairings I ship. (Note: I'd prefer not to write RPS, just because I'm not good at it. Also, Glee is included in the fandoms, I just don't have a clue who I ship, so that's up to you!) Any kind of prompt is fine (The Office - banana, or So, once upon a time Jack and James (paragraph long explaination)...Write that. or even Write me a Barney/Ted fic based on (insert song here). Anything works!)

Also, if anyone's interested in co-writing a fic. I can guarantee that I will pretty much be available from the beginning of January until the 25th. Again, any type of fic, any of those fandoms or pairings.

And, this one I realize is even more of a long shot than the other ones, but if anyone's interested in cowriting scripts/screenplays for original work? I am a filmmaker by trade (or, rather, I hope to one day call myself one), but not much of a writer anymore when it comes to original work. It can just be for fun if you want, but I do have classes coming up where I will use original work and, you never know, maybe in 10 years I'll be rich and famous enough to make it myself, haha. Anyway, you don't have to worry about me stealing credit or anything, I want to be a director and don't have an asperations about being a writer or screenwriter.
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I have realized, quite all of a sudden, that the vast majority of original fiction and story ideas I have have to do with death. I have no clue why, it hasn't been a major theme in my life at all and a lot of the ideas I came up with before my grandpa died.

I think it might have to do with how lazy I am as a writer or something. Like, I need people to die because that's the most dramatic thing that could happen, haha.
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Snagged this from [livejournal.com profile] hils and I'm passing it along because it's really good. Manifesto on Fanfic Writing by [livejournal.com profile] traveller. The fact that it's traveller should be enough incentive, she's one of the best writers out there and there are some really good tips, even if you already knew them.
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For all my writer friends, I suggest Anne Lamont's Bird by Bird, which is this great book about writing that I read way back in middle school. That means that even at age 13 I knew one of the principle rules of writing is that you cannot sit next to the readers and explain things, you have to do everything with your writing. Yu and Me Dream is a webcomic I started reading forever ago, back when it made sense and was still sort of good. Now I read just to see if she'll ever go anywhere with it. But, seriously, flip through a few pages, she is the worst violator of that rule I've ever seen. Obviously she can draw, but if you have to explain all kinds of things after every page because you couldn't get that through with your writing, you're...not a good writer.

In other news: My roommate has started moving stuff out. EEEEEE!!!
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Okay I need to post this now or I'll never post it and I'll feel stupid if I don't, but don't count on it staying up forever because I feel stupid posting it anyway.

Title: Inanition
Author: authormichals
Rating: R (disturbing images, mentions of dub-con, non-graphic sex)
Spoilers: Set after AWE
Disclaimer: Don’t own
A/N: Despite my username, I actually don’t write much anymore so this caught me kind of by surprise. I wanted to write this after AWE but I only just sat down the other night and banged it out. I have no idea why. Also, ignore that title, it’s dreadful.

Will finds Norrington in the locker... )
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I have a habit of always writing in the present tense. Which is really odd because I didn't used to but it's been like this since high school. It's also weird because most people can't even write like that when they want to and I know a lot of people won't even read stories if they're in present tense but whenever I sit down to write something I realize it's in present tense.

There's no real reason I'm posting this but I felt like writing something (which is a good sign, really) and I wanted to create someone who wears 3D glasses all the time, because we got 3D glasses at Monsters Vs. Aliens and they were these big black things like Elvis Costello glasses and they made me laugh.

So here, a random story of two people )

EDIT: I...seem to have written an end to a story. It's not this story or a story I will ever finish or show anyone (because it doesn't really make any sense, I only created the plot around these two characters and their relationship) but have been working on in bits and pieces for the last two or so years. And I think I just wrote the paragraphs that would be at the very end, because I don't know what would come after and it seems like as good a place as any for it to end. Hmm.
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( This is not a poem about a flower... )


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