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Aren't they all considered classics by now? Or is there a specific list I'm supposed to be looking at?
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Hmm, I layer my ass up with about 19 separate clothing items with no regards to looking "chic" because it is THE MIDWEST and it is FUCKING COLD OUTSIDE.
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I don't know about that but last night I had a dream a bear tried to eat my head! It was awful! And at one point, it turned into Senor Chang from Community, and it was still scary somehow.
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I wish I were joking when I say the future is a monkey on my back. One that can talk and that curses and uses the c-word in polite company. When I stop thinking about it for even a few seconds it pulls my hair and calls me names. It doesn't take vacations, it doesn't give a flying damn about my mental health, it exists only to give me nervous breakdowns and percolating ulcers.
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Ooooh, do I post the links? Well, if you're not aware of the Kim story, here it is. Though honestly that's not even all of it, seriously. I'm sure there's a whole bunch that I never wrote about, like the whole fiasco about getting her out at the end of the semester or what exactly went down in that meeting I had with the dorm administrator.

Post the 1st
Post the 2nd
Post the 3rd

Other than Kim, I have been really unlucky with roommates. My first year had the spoiled rich bitch who basically moved her friend in with us (at one point the friend had more things on our counter in the bathroom than I did) and slammed every door she ever met, even at 6 a.m. Last year wasn't as bad except that girl made a horrendous mess of the kitchen and never washed my pots that she used. And the new girl we have now isn't too bad except that she's reminding me a lot of The Traitorous Steve in not-good ways. And she kind of invited herself along to hang out with me and my friends and shoved vodka in my face.
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Three movies, people, three movies.

The worst films I've ever seen:
1. Crash
2. Lost in Translation
3. Adaptation

If you can make Meryl Streep boring and annoying, you've achieved greatness in the worst sense.

The only movie I've ever turned off halfway through: Ned Kelly (though mostly I was just bored and I planned to start it up again and just never did)

The only movie I've ever regreted paying to see in a theater: Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride. (I didn't walk out, but lord knows I'm going to demand my eight bucks back if I ever meet him. She turns into butterflies, do I need another reason?)
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The Boathouse - Maurice

Oh come on, you knew that was coming, didn't you? So gorgeous, so perfect. And it's made so much more perfect by the incredible James Wilby, who manages to look so young and full of hope, even despite everything Maurice has been put through. I adore him, I couldn't have asked for a happier ending for him.

Man, look at that html! Turned out quite well, I think.
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I honestly think the last 20 years of my life count as one long uninterrupted stream of TV watching. Is that sad? Probably more so than it feels. Because the fact that I've seen every single episode of the Simpsons more than once feels pretty effing sweet.

Hmm, I'm debating posting my Office fic to comms. I mean, with the Sparrington community I'm familiar with all its going-ons and ins-and-outs and some people actually know me over there. I don't know a lot about The Office fandom. Also, I need to stop starting every comment or line I write with a noise. "Hmm", "Aww", "Oh" and whatnot.

Also, these writer's blocks need to stop coming with their own tags. How often am I going to use a "couch potato" tag?

EDIT: Posted. Gah.
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Everytime I think about it, I really keep coming back to the Richard Thompson 1000 Years of Popular Music concert. There are plenty of reasons why it was so awesome, for one it was at my favorite venue: this theater that feels smaller than it really is and has little lights on the tall ceiling that look like stars. He came out, not from the back, but through the crowd playing a guiter already singing, his drummer and keyboardist behind him. There wasn't an opening band, so it was just him for three hours, he switched from acoustic to electric guitar (both of which he is the master of), played Squeeze songs and a Britney Spears song (which, itself, isn't the good part, it was the fact he did it acoustically), a Prince song, a Beatles song, and a whole bunch of traditional stuff, I was easily the youngest person in the audience, he was funny, and his female drummer kicked ass.

Actually, I'm sure this is why that was my favorite concert: when I go to concerts, I get there early and sit as close to the stage as I possibly can, usually right in the front row to the right or left of the stage. At Thompson, I had convinced my dad to move to the front row from where we were sitting and I'm so glad I did. Also at concerts, I tend to lean forward with this big goofy grin on my face because I'm so happy and entranced. I was sitting right in front of the drummer at the Thompson concert and halfway through Orange Colored Sky (which was easily my favorite song he did that night) she actually notices me, catches my eye and smiles back. Coolest thing ever.

In fact, he's coming through Milwaukee with Louden Wainwright in October and I probably might be going! I probably shouldn't say that because me going to a concert has fallen through no less than 3 times in the past year and half, but I'm opimistic.
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Oh, no doubt, The Prisoner of Azkaban. I'll admit it, one year of my life was spent just reading and re-reading the Harry Potter books to the point of exhaustion. Seriously, I read the first four books at least five times each, and in the case of Azkaban, more times than I can count.
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I long for the day when I don't have to hear any more about goddamn vampires >.> Vampires are such pussies anyway, werewolves are so much cooler.

But if I had to pick, Bela Legosi's Dracula, dangerous and cool. Also, I'm oddly fascinated with Tom Cruise's Lestat. It's that damn hair, I'm sure of it.
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Actually I was just thinking about this. I think I met [livejournal.com profile] biting_moopie, [livejournal.com profile] rayslady and [livejournal.com profile] jenlan almost all around the same time. Actually, looking it up, yeah, it was jenlan first, rayslady second (on the same post too!) and then moopie.

OMG, it is like a fucking hotbox in my room. You know in old prison movies where they'd send the rebellious prisoner to a small metal box in the yard that always sat out in the sun? That is my room right now.
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Alarm clocks. I'm starting to hear mine in perfectly peaceful moments, right on the edge of my hearing. Also car alarms. I hate car alarms with a mad burning passion that is only equaled by several white hot suns.

I'm going to have "a talk" with my boyfriend today. I want someone to hold my hand >.> (Not him, though, obviously)

EDIT: That...didn't go as I planned. >.>
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"Free t-shirt."
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Haha, oh it was all about The Prophecy but more about how I was trying not to be all deep and philosophic. It's kind of funny and sad. For some reason I always had this haunting notion that my first ever post was just stupid, but I couldn't erase it because it was my first. But rereading it, it wasn't all that awful, just goofy. Also, in honor of the anniversary, my oldest icon: the EIOEI of course! :)

Also, here's a random cute memory of mine that I thought of...because I don't know why actually: In fifth grade one day, this one boy was really upset about something and wouldn't join the rest of the class in the reading area in the corner. So the teacher was trying to cajol him over there, and that didn't work so she was trying to get someone in the class to cheer him up. Eventually I got up and hugged him, then the whole class got up and hugged him. I dunno, I thought it was cute.

BTW, if anyone's annoyed by me posting so often in a single day, just holler and I'll knock it off.
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Pluto. Wait, shit...
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This one.
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I try my damnedest to keep my friends and family from finding this journal. Not that I post a lot of really bad things in here but this journal is mostly fangirling, fangirling about slashy things and sometimes bitching about real life things. Prefer not to have real life people rummaging about.

Also, lied about my haircut. Yum! Also my head feels lighter but that's what happens when they take off 8 plus inches.

Why am I watching Two and Half Men, this is ridiculous.


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