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Well, I hope some of you were able to enjoy the absolute awesome that was the Super Bowl last night and be graced with the vision of the best team in the world, the Green Bay Packers. I was surrounded by either Steelers fans or people who were still bitter about the Bears losing so I was super happy to gloat at the end of the night. Rocking my Rodgers jersey today, whoot!

And I finally watched an episode of Glee )
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Hmm, I layer my ass up with about 19 separate clothing items with no regards to looking "chic" because it is THE MIDWEST and it is FUCKING COLD OUTSIDE.
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You guys, it's not fair how much I miss Wisconsin right now...
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It's opening day at Miller Park! First time the roof's ever been open on opening day!
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Blargh, sun!

I totally have a bruise from my fandango with the hot chocolate packet yesterday. Ahhh, how I suffer for my own amusement.

I don't know if I mentioned this but last winter I was home in Wisconsin for break and we were driving on this major beltway, full of business people going to work, whatnot. And right in the middle of Madison, a city with a population of 200,000, a business city, a college town, the lake was covered from one end to the other in ice fishers. Right down by the capital building. I think it was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. I bring it up again because my dad mailed me an article about it that I just got today. I love Wisconsin.
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Went out to sweep and shake the snow out of one of our poor trees. All the snow we've been getting is so heavy that we've had about a dozen or so trees broken or ruined at both houses. The one I swept off had two large bows just completely buried in the 2 feet of snow on the ground. I mean, I was able to see the top of the tree for the first time in anyone's life, that's how bowed these things were. They both popped up by the time I was done though, thank goodness. Poor thing. There are these two little trees in our side yard and they are just destroyed. It really looks like there were hit dead center by lightening, they're torn apart.

But it was a lot of fun. Like I said, there's about two feet of powdery snow, but there's this layer of ice on time that's really fun to crunch through with my dad's boots. And the ice on the tree had frozen around the needles so each needle had it's own little ice casing. It's also about 30 degrees outside so it's nice and warm.

Totally went shopping today, because my father will forever and always be one of those dads who does the shopping the day before. I even got to wrap my own gifts that I had picked out! Haha. Though I am in desparate love with my new laptop backpack. It's got the Wisconsin 'W' on it, and it's red. And I was worried Charlotte (my laptop) wouldn't fit because she's a little...uhm, big, haha (don't tell her I called her that) but she fits soo much better than the one I'm using now - which has two broken straps as a result of carrying very heavy things, which is why I wanted a new one.

I'll probably post tomorrow because we don't have to be anywhere until noon. So I'll see you guys then ;P
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I totally just went out in my winter coat, shorts and sandals. I love being a Wisconsin girl.

WHOA WHOA WHOA, SINCE WHEN IS AHMAN GREEN BACK WITH THE PACKERS? I can wear my jersey again, even if it is the wrong number now.

Give me your addresses for Holiday cards!
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Things I saw a lot of today when driving to and from my brother's place in Milwaukee:

1. Motorcyles. I'm guessing it's because it's a fairly nice day out and one of the few we'll have this year before fall sets in. It's only like sixty-something out, it feels like it might as well be fall.

2. Small planes. Like, four and two seaters. I'm guessing they're out for much the same reason.

3. Hawks. Holy shit in a bucket, at one point there were about thirty hawks, all circling this one point on the interstate, like a tornado of hawks. I've never seen anything like it in my life. There were also a bunch of single hawks all over, it was insane.

Also, the way the light's hitting my laptop, I can watch myself type this, it's kind of weird.
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I was going to make a post about how much I love spring, but that would be a little premature. Since it's snowing. Rather hard, actually. Haha, I love Wisconsin.

EDIT: Now I remember what my hair looks like. This:

Only, ya know, not green. It's not exactly like that, of course, but it's shorter up top and quite long underneath. I could probably braid it like that. Pic from [livejournal.com profile] simfinite because even though everyone uses it, I couldn't find it from anyone else.
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Dear Californians (or whatever),

I don't blame you, I mean, I know it's not your fault. It's probably the only thing you can get, you're stuck with it. But, someone over there needs to get off their butt and take it into their own hands to find the people who make those "Happy California Cows" commercials and tell them to KNOCK THAT SHIT OFF. Seriously, that shit shows in Wisconsin. Like we will all, as a collective, just lay down and subject ourselves to DAIRY from CALIFORNIA. You guys have sun and surfing and celebrities, we are the dairy people. It's one thing to drink it for yourselves, again, it's all you have, but there's not going to be a California Milk movement in The Dairy State. At the very least, cut the commercials in this state. Those poor people in Nevada or Arizona can make their choice, because that ain't going to fly here.

Much appreciated, Michals

P.S. I love what I'm wearing today, it's so colorful. I have bright yellow shorts, a purple tshirt and a bright (bright, bright, thinking "hunting") orange hoodie on. *g*
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I believe in Aaron Rodgers.
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P.S. Much love for the newest Kasabian and Modest Mouse songs. Anyone got any Tegan and Sara they want to share, I'm liking this song.

EDIT: My window's open to this beautiful spring day in Wisconsin, and yet I still smell cigarette smoke. Jeez.

Also: *blows noisemaker* Happy first tornado watch of the year!
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Here's the firs picture of my trip to northern Wisconsin. Yes, it's just a polaroid but I think it looks cool.
Copper Falls State Park
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I know I'll sound like such a dork but,
Wisconsin smells so good.
It smells like air and trees
and I love it.


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