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Okay, so that thing I've been so sneaky about is that me and the family are taking a trip to The Bahamas from tomorrow until next week. I didn't want to post about it because it seems that every time I post about something like that it always goes haywire at the last minute and ends up not happening at all, so I was just being superstitious. BUT as is our luck, it's gone a little nutso anyway: there's a fucking HURRICANE heading straight to the island we'll be on so it'll pretty much be stormy and raining the entire time we'll be there. I'm pissed because we've been planning this trip for months and I've been looking forward to it so much. At this point we can't change it, we're going and I'm doing my best to stay optimistic. SO, I will be off to the Caribbean from the 5th until the 10th, so if shit goes down or you just want to tell me what's the happy-haps, comment on this post and I'll get back to you when I get back. Maaaybe I'll grace you guys with another one of my incoherant voice posts while I'm there

Pray that we get some sunshine! (I'm happy, really, I'm just a whinging baby, you guys know that ;P)

Also, sorry I have to duck out on all the new Inception peeps on day 1 but, hi anyway! I will return just as obsessed with it as I am now, no doubt, in the meantime here's my about me page, my fandoms and OTPS (minus Inception though) and my delicious page. Hope that doesn't scare you away, haha.
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Hey all, I'm back in the Midwest as of last night. I'm pretty wrecked from all the flying and the waiting (3 and half hours in Detroit, ergh) and unless my teacher writes me back to tell me I can put off presenting my midterm for a week, I've got another three hour bus ride ahead of me today. Will post a better synopsis of the trip plus a ton of pictures and some videos. I'm...pretty much not going to be able to catch up on everything I missed, though I'll try. Again, if I missed something you want me to see, comment or link me.
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I said I would, so I'm posting pictures I've taken this summer.
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Off to Toronto tomorrow! (at 5:45 in the morning. gah.) Concert's on the 8th, will spend other two days wandering the city "sight-seeing". I never go sight-seeing when I'm on vacation. I shop. And go to restaurants. My friend (whom I'm going with) sight-sees. As does her family. It'll be weird.
Also I will miss PotC 2 until I get back because Wally's family does not want to watch it while we're up there. Grr. I know I will spend every second up there thinking about how it's out and I am not watching it.
Well, if anyone's reading this (seriously comment or something, it'll freak me out to know someone's actually looking at this) I'll be back Sunday night.
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Here's the firs picture of my trip to northern Wisconsin. Yes, it's just a polaroid but I think it looks cool.
Copper Falls State Park
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It's exactly two weeks before I go to Toronto, CA for the Great Big Sea concert (and the new PotC!). I need to get a copy of my birth certificate (I lost it a while ago but didn't tell my mom, because she would've been really pissed but I kept forgetting to get another one so I haven't been able to get my temps and yesterday I had to fess up because I just found out I needed it to go to Canada) and a notarized letter from both my parents.

We'll get there early (early, like 5 a.m.) on the 7th of July, go to Niagra Falls first and then catch a late showing of PotC. The next day we go to the concert and the 9th will be spent touring Toronto. We'll come back on the 10th. I'm so ridiculously excited (more about PotC than GBS but I'm not about to tell my friend that).

This Sunday my family and I (Dad, bro and grandma) are going to this campsite my dad loves called Copper Falls that apparently has a lot of waterfalls and lakes. That means I have to get a new digital camera this Saturday. I have no idea what make or model to get but I need something that'll look sharp (the pictures, not the camera) and hold up well because I'm going to be bringing it to Falls, Toronto, possibly the Dells (if we go this year) and when we go to the Wisconsin River cabin later this summer. I wasn't expecting to go on this many trips this summer, my family keeps springing them on me. And I'm trying to think of some time when I can get my friends and I down to Six Flags 'cause I've only been once and I really want to ride the Batman rollercoaster.

EDIT: And oh yeah, I will be officially broke very soon.
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I just got my hair cut! I had 10 inches cut off and it's still shoulder length. It's fun and bouncy now.
I donated the 10 inches to 'Locks of Love'. It's freakish that that was the longest i've ever had it.

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It's family vacation time again. Every year we go up to a condo up north. My grandpa brings his boats, all my cousins and aunts and uncles come. It's pretty fun but sometimes I just want to strangle somebody. But, then again, aren't all family get togethers like that? Anyway that means that i'll be away from a computer for a few days. Not that it matters, I would've been at my mom's house anyway.

Also saw Howl's Moving Castle today with my friends. Very good, if not a little confusing. There's this dog in it and it wheezes instead of barks and halfway through the movie I turn to my friend and say it sounds just like her old dog. It does, the thing was like 17 years old.


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