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- Hi.

- 6 Dreamwidth invites still up for grabs people, get 'em while they're...lukewarm.

- My basement is where toys go to die. Holy carp, it is a toy graveyard, Woody and his pals would be horrified.

- Also, it's becoming increasingly obvious who the overly sentimental/lazy one in our family is. As my piles of stuff dwindle each year, my brother's remains basically untouched. Soon the whole basement will pretty much just be his stuff.

- Who on my flist watches Psych anymore? I feel like I had a bunch of people and now I can name about two. We need to get hyped for this show more, I feel, just because I cannot be the only one who is losing my shit over Lassie's new unbuttoned-shirt-no-tie look.

- I am trying to justify my having a Twitter. I am failing so hard.

- I could listen to John C. Reilly sing everyday. And have been.


- Already packing. I am that nerdy but I am enjoying it. Can't wait to attack my new room with all my stuff so it won't be such an empty hole.

- Why am I excited for the Emmys this year? I couldn't care less about anything nominated and Jimmy Fallon does nothing for me.

- Bye.
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Okay, instead of the "least attractive" version of this meme, and spending several days doing it, I'm doing a quick and dirty version!

Vote on who you find MOST attractive! Poll under the cut with evidence of hotness! )
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Holy BALLS! How sexy was Lassiter this episode? Oh, about a trillion times more awesome than normal - and he's super sexy most of the time so he was insanely sexy this time. I'm sorry, I cannot get over that (you know what I'm talking about if you saw it), he's probably been wanting to do that since season 1! Ahhhh, I don't know long it'll be before I recover, even his hair was hot this episode.

Also, these last two episodes haven't been as bad as the show's been getting lately. James Roday, for one, has found a new and very hilarious way to read his lines which I'm enjoying. And this ep was very slashy, for once this season. Hee.
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3 things:

1. Done with summer school! FUCK. YES. THANK. GOD.

2. Caught up with the new Psych and White Collar episodes. Needs moar: Lassie, Peter Burke ass.

3. After, oh, about 10 years of hating having my hair up, I realize I was just missing the headband and I rock this look.

Still getting back in the LJ swing. It's amazing what a few days of Discworld novels will do to your sense of reality.
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I was debating whether I wanted to post these now or wait until January ended, but I figure I might as well. The first (that I'm posting) of my January mission to write more fic: [livejournal.com profile] entwashian's Shawn/Lassiter fic!

Title: No idea (I am soo very bad with titles, tell me if you guys can think of something better)
Fandom: Psych
Pairing: Shawn/Lassiter (implied)
Rating: PG at most
Disclaimer: Don't own.
Spoilers: Impossible
Summary: Shawn and Lassiter have a run in with a Voodoo priestess...

Prompt and fic under the cut )
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I had a dream last night where the little ducklings I was taking care of turned into centipedes. It was gross. Although it did include a lovely bit of comedy where I tried to explain to a guy who only spoke Arabic that the mother duck needed to be let outside while I was holding the duck and it was whapping me in the head with its wings.

In other news, however, I was just looking at the TV schedule because Ray has gotten me horribly addicted to Criminal Minds, and I always check what episodes of CSI Miami they're playing just in case it's the episode with Tim Omundson I've been looking for. Guess which one's playing in half and hour?! Bitching.

EDIT: Oh that was painful. That show hurts my brain. But I got to see Tim! In closeup even! And, ahem, side view...So, eh, I'd say it was worth it.
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I have, in fact, just realized what January means. Because it's only October. I won't have new episodes of Psych until January. Fail.

Also, I know it's probably annoying that I have to fangirl over Tim Omundson after every new episode but, I'll stop freaking out over him when he stops being such a badass. Which isn't going to happen anytime soon, thank god. Also, add In Bruges to that list of things I Talk About More Than Anyone Cares to Hear About. Bahaha, I love it.

EDIT: Is it sad that I really want to spend my day managing and editing my lj tags?
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Blah, motion sickness. Damn bus.

I wish IMDB would tell you how long someone appears in something. Like, should I bother to watch all of the CSI: Miami episode with Tim Omundson, just so I can see him even though I hate that show with a burning passion? If I knew if he was in it for more than 2 minutes, I would. If they did that, I would never have had to watch DeLovely for the 1 and half minutes of James Wilby with a horrible Kentucky accent.

I have two new scarves. And new red Converses. And a really nerdy black fedora that probably makes me nerdier than anything that ever lived. Whatever. I am happy.
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DAMN, but Timothy Omundson plays some badass mother fuckers. Am watching Criminal Minds, am enjoying it. Yes, [livejournal.com profile] rayslady, I am watching The Gube. Am liking him too ;)


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