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It was fine for one movie but that is NOT THE REAL FUCKING CHARACTER. I will start A FUCKING PETITION, OR A COALITION, WHATEVER but it needs to stop. Grrrr...

I just remembered there are new people on my flist who may not be aware of my insane love for The Joker. I'm sorry about that.

No I'm not.

Four fucking pages and they're all like that.
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Okay, I just have to share this awesomeness )

In other "Proof my brand of humor is only to make myself laugh at my own jokes that are not jokes but merely references to funny things from other places that are not, in fact, funny out of context to anyone but me" news, I was just uploading this on photobucket and noticed a subfolder called "TIMMY" and was very confused until I realized it was those Tim Omundson pics I spammed you guys with a while ago. Realize: I don't call him Timmy, and I'm not sure anyone does, also that it's in all caps and from South Park, a show I don't actually like that much...What is wrong with me?
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It's 4:10, I really want to be asleep but can't go to bed for another 5 hours so I'm answering a LJ writer's block, though it is a good one.

There's no good reason why I love The Joker so much. He's a sociopathic clown who's only mission in life is to make Batman's life hell. We do both like the color purple, there's that. Otherwise, I just love him, no reason. Well, actually one of my favorite things about him is that he's so insane, that it's his one true weapon and he finds mayhem and murder so damn funny. He's so unique, anything like him is just that: just an imitation. And he's so good at what he does, and he's really the only match for Batman and yet the flip side of the coin and that he doesn't have to smile, he just wants to. And no matter how sick and twisted other villians can be, or how high a body count they raise, no one even comes close to his brand of demented chaos. And he just looks badass, ya know.

Every time I think about it, I just love Maurice Hall more and more. It's really hard not too, he's so...vulnerable, and I'm such a sucker for a easily heartbroken kind of guy (in fiction). And he's so sad and earnest and yet such a sweetheart and the book's description of him being "muddled" is everything I want to say about a character in one word and just can't. And James Wilby breaks my heart in the role, one minute he looks so mature and wise, telling off Clive and the next young and innocent as he's reunited with Alec and that just makes me want to cry every damn time. And Wilby's so pretty with that golden, golden hair and those lips and that voice that I never expect. And those hands! Man's got the world's most perfect hands, I swear.
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Feeling down so I made myself two Joker icons a-la Arkham Asylum to cheer myself up. Which is pretty messed up, even if you don't think about it.
--(if anyone's even looking at this: standard icon stealing rules apply)

I [heart] Moby
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So for a while now, i guess ever since I joined Livejournal, i've been wanting to make icons. However, it turns out that i'm not a natural born icon maker, so i've gone through a lot of trial and error to get something that looks good. But, now, finally, I have make icons that look...decent!

6 Joker icons and 10 Bam/Ryan icons )


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