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No one voted for Pelle Almqvist in my hotness poll, but I decided to chalk it up to ignorance because I don't think you guys even know who he is. But mostly, this is an excuse to spam you with hotness.

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Okay, instead of the "least attractive" version of this meme, and spending several days doing it, I'm doing a quick and dirty version!

Vote on who you find MOST attractive! Poll under the cut with evidence of hotness! )
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Okay, so it was technically for me (or, ya know, everyone who'se fans of them on Facebook...) I figured I'd share it with you guys because it's so cute.

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And I am done with Human Sexuality! Now, I just have to write up something for Directing 1 (which shouldn't be hard), rehearse with my actors one more time and present it in class tomorrow. F'ing a.

The Hives with Sonic:

Man, when Pelle first starts singing, I just...well, I won't tell you what I do but I think you guys get the idea.
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GodDAMMIT. Coolest. Band. Ever.

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I was going to do that picture meme for Pelle, but looking through my pictures, I got hung up on the first part. The man basically makes faces all the time, always.

To the new people - Things I talk about a whole lot aka Be Prepared: The Hives (mostly Howling Pelle Almqvist, JackDav, Vig, Tim Omundson, slash, In Bruges, and the movie Maurice.

Damn, now I've got "Be Prepared" from The Lion King playing in my head.
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I swear I get dizzy way more than any normal human being should. Like, seriously, all the time. I must have the flu right now or something because I've got motion sickness and all I've been doing is sitting in bed all morning. Totaly skipped class and I hate that I had to, but it's on the 13th floor and 3 hours long and I probably would've died or something. Gotta go North to rehearse my scene I have to do in class later today. Which means taking the EL. Blech.

Oh man, I had something else I was going to write and now I can't remember it. Damn.

Maybe it was how The Hives are awesome and very very Swedish and Pelle's hair in this one interview makes him look like he has devil horns and they might have a new album out next year? Nah...I don't think so, but that it fucking awesome nevertheless.
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I have realized that there are two things which I could talk about for days on end. And they're not just the normal things that I could talk about for forever, like The Joker or In Bruges. They're two things that I bring up in completely unnecessary fashion in situations that have nothing to do with anything like them. They are The Hives and Maurice. I realized this whilst pestering [livejournal.com profile] rayslady on AIM with a dozen and a half pics of Pelle from The Hives, and mentioning Maurice/James Wilby way more times in a single AIM chat than is deemed healthy. If I could, I would just make two gigantic, pathetic fangirly posts declaring my love of both and be done with it. But I know that probably wouldn't do the trick. 'Til I either move on or die, I will have to make a warning sign or something to stick on top of every post where I gratuitously mention either.

In other news, does Pelle Almqvist have the BIGGEST FUCKING EYES you've ever seen on a human face or what?
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It's been a while since I've shared my intense love of The Hives.

Love in Plaster


Last post of the day, promise.


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