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Ugh, it's gross outside. Actually, no, it's gorgeous but it is 90 degrees without a breeze. But I can't hang out in my room anymore, I'm going stir crazy. Though I do have a lovely metaphor going: In the deli we had this big industrial oven to cook meatloaf and chicken and such in and it would beep when the timer went off and if you didn't get out of the way when you opened it you got a face full of hot, processed air. It was disgusting, and that's kind of what it's like to breathe right now.

Okay, this thing is due for a huge update because I have been crazy busy the last few days. For one I graduated )

And Saturday and Sunday I had my parties )

I also bought The Cable Guy the other day for no reason except that Ace Ventura was on tv the other day. Calling someone "poopy pants" was funny in 1995 because I was six, it's still funny today because I'm still six on the inside. Also: Why do people keep hiring Matthew Broderick? Is there an appeal I'm just not seeing?

Also: There's probably not going to be any new icon updates for a while because I'm not liking any of the ones I'm making (except my new T-Rexs Rule one, which is badass) and I'd like to try a few new things. And, although I've put all my pics and caps and Photoshop on my laptop, everything looks a lot smaller than on my PC so I'm not sure how they'll turn out.
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Ah, I know, I know, I shouldn't be here but i got the first part of my massive English essay done this morning, I'm going to tackle the other half tomorrow.

Anyway, went to Borders yesterday, rekindled my lovely of sappy yaoi manga and got two new Cds: Rocco Deluca & The Burden and The Ditty Bops. I'm loving 'em both. And I got Good Omens and Kerouac's On the Road but I can't start on those until I at least finish Pynchon's massive Gravity's Rainbow (I've been reading it whenever I can for the past week and I'm on, like, page 60 out of 560. And after that I have V to read) Also got Apollo 13 because I am in love with astronauts. All of them. I just finished watching it and will now add it to my 'Top 50 favorite movies' list and also my 'Movies that make me cry' list, but that one's probably just me being hormonal.

Also went driving with my dad today, up to Walmart. And I just happened to find (in the toy section of course because inside i am actually 12) the Jokermobile. The one from the 50's with his big creepy head on the front. And guess what else? The Commodore (though it says "Captain") Norrington figure! It's no wonder I never found him at Hot Topic or Spencers. I was expecting somethin about 7" tall like my Joker figures. This thing is tiny. Like, 4 inches if it's a millimeter. I put him next to my KA Joker and he's like Tattoo from Fantasy Island. Bonus though: His hat stays on a hell of a lot better than my Long Halloween Joker figure, who took a tumble off my shelf and now the hat won't stay put unless I glue it or something.
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The thing is, cars don't interest me. They're just cars. I don't understand these people who spend millions of dollars on cars, restoring them, and then they let them rot in a garage. I have friends, and a brother and an uncle who are nuts about cars. They see a one sitting in a driveway and rattle off the make and year and all I can say is "...it's a car." (and, oftentimes, it's an ugly car) I mean, if it's an old car, and it's shiny, and it's actually on the road, I'll admit it's pretty cool. Cars just don't interest me, they're just cars. Unless it's a special car. Porsches? Mini-Coopers? Turn my head. Love them. They're gorgeous, they're stylish, I would buy one in a heartbeat if I had the money. I'd settle for a hybrid of any kind, because I can appreciate a hybrid, but unless it's a special car that deserves my money, then, whatever, it's just a car.

The same goes for shoes. I wear shoes, i need shoes, but I don't go crazy for them. More so than the car collectors, I just cannot understand these people (man or woman) who just have to have the most expensive, uncomfortable shoe they can find. You'll wear them maybe twice a year, they'll hurt like Satan himself strapped you into them, and if you wear them more than a few times then they'll wear out and get dirty and they're still uncomfortable. Really, what is the point? Shoe shopping is a weird experiance for me because i have a very weird yet specific kind of taste. I hate tennis shoes that have egregious amounts of stitching, and mesh, and layers upon layers of weird shapes of leather to create a "design". Some shoes look like someone sewed them blind, some appeal only to people with orthepedic problems, others are just downright fugly (fugly is a word I reserve for shoes alone, a shirt can be ugly, shoes can be fugly). People can get so worked up over shoes and it completely baffles me. They're just shoes. I don't care how much I think a shoe is "cute", if that shit hurts my feet: never in a million years (I have nice feet, I want to keep them that way, keep your heels and your tight strappiness away from them).

Unless it's a "pretty" shoe. When I say "pretty" I always mean it, "gorgeous" too. I know that the shoe isn't technically pretty or gorgeous and those aren't the words someone else would use, but for me it basically means I want to lick it I love it so much.

KSwiss has the prettiest, most gorgeous shoes I have ever seen. I just bought three pairs. They're the only brand that I can find with a nice, simple, white shoe. Everyone else is throwing shit on theirs, KSwiss is keeping it classic and damn, those are beautiful shoes. Not only that, there's a brown/pink one with brown/pink plaid trim. I was drooling on these things. And, to top it all off, a purple/white/black shoe that I was going into shock over. I have a thing for simple, I have a thing for brown, I have a thing for purple and I have a thing for really pretty shoes. And I have a thing for pinstripes, which was fulfilled by Converse with a black and gold pinstriped shoe and holy hell I never spend more than $50 on a pair of shoes but that means I'd forever have to avoid both KSwiss and Converse and that would be a loss I could not handle.

So I spent over $200 on four pairs of shoes, at least they were pretty shoes.
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Yeah, so, things have been kind of random lately.

Sporadically on the computer, at work, sewing, etc.

Yes, started sewing again. Made 2 skirts (one pleated), a pair of pants, and a top for my cousins' American Girl dolls to give to them at Christmas. If I can convince my brother to let me use his digital camera, I'll take pictures.

Hopefully, I'll be able to leave work sometime in October, but I just had to spend $100 for school clothes and things to wear for my senior pictures (which are tomorrow. Gah.) (but I got this really great dress for $60 and matching shoes and I'll probably only wear it once and I love it/hate myself for getting it.)

Things I still have to do before I turn 18:
1. Get temps
2. Fix cell phone
3. Get a digital camera
Man, I'm behind.

Went to see Snakes On A Plane with my friend Adam yesterday. There was only us and three other people so we spent the whole movie talking and saying "Samuel L. Jackson is The Shit", "That Kickboxer Guy is The Shit", "That Stewardess is The Shit".

Meanwhile, my work hours are just plainy shitty. An 8 hour shift on Sunday. Blah. And school starts next week. And I really, really need to start applying to colleges. *sigh* Will update with something more interesting when I get my life back.
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I spent way too much money on graduation gifts for friends. One for someone I a. don't know all that well and b. am not even going to the party (ACT then my cousin's graduation in a town an hour away). Got some stuff for myself too, of course (<---shamless).
Got a really cool yard of fabric that is basically pre-made skirt, I just need to sew it together, and a yard of a Batman fabric. Also got a Batman action figure, the square jawed one from the original catoon! For 2.99! Yay! No Joker though. Got three movies for less then $10, two pairs of sandels for less than $10 and a pen that was $7. 0.o, I didn't even know it was that much! I just grabbed as part of a gift i'm giving to one of my teachers, I didn't look at the price. I sure as hell wasn't expecting it to be $7.
Then I put $100 on my GreenDot card so I could get some Joker action figures from this online shop. One's from The Dark Knight Returns, which I read and is now my 2nd favorite comic/graphic novel ever and the other's from The Long Halloween.
There were white chocolate, Pirates of the Caribbean M&Ms at Walgreens and they are good and Johnny is so fruity on the wrapper.
I wish House was still on.
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Argh. I can't do anything right today. The muses are either sleeping or being uncooperative. How come I can only work when I should be doing other things? Now I've got all this free time and nothing I do turns out right.
Anway I went shopping (what a shock!) and bought a bunch of stuff including a bunch of CDs
Cd reviews [for Moby, Morr Music, Modest Mouse, more] and other stuff )
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I don't want to give Franz Ferdinand yet another chance, what with them selling out and all, but having listened to it lately, their new album kicks some major ass.
Got the new Darkness Cd too, haven't listened to it much, so I can't say either way.
Went shopping, got CD, 3 manga (grand total:42), a Labyrinth T-shirt (I rock), and a Hellboy action figure.
Probably not going to Acen this year. I know, it's awesome but everyone else is kind of bailing so i'd be Vinny, myself, the traitorous Steve and a bunch of freshmen/sophomores from our school's anime club.
Probably going to Anime Iowa istead.
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I know no one reads this but I still feel bad for neglecting my journal so much lately.
oh well, as per usual shopping )
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long post )
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More shopping )
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And because I have nothing better to do:
shopping and a rant, two for the price of one )
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Read more... )


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