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If you don't want to read all that bullshit, here's something innocuous: I've been eating a lot of cheese lately. Maybe it has to do with leaving Wisconsin and going back to Illinois. Mayhaps have to go that cheese shop in town, stock up on some 12 year old chedder. Yuuuuum.
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I know for most people those full body scans in hospitals are nothing more than paranoia fodder, but man, I really should go in for general checkup or something. I feel like crap more often, in very specific ways, than I should. Blah. Debating whether I'm going to stick around for class after another rehearsal today. Yesterday I ended up trekking all the way up north to sit around in this guy's apartment for an hour listening to too loud music and inhaling cigarette smoke which just made me sicker, for nothing. The other guy didn't even show up. Oh, and the kid directing us is a total flake, he has no idea what he's going to do with our scene and he hasn't picked the scene for his final yet even though it was due Tuesday so the teacher knows what kind of actors to ask for. He hasn't even started looking for a scene. AND, the kid who I'm rehearsing with today specifically chose the most emotional scene in the entire script and last time he acted he barely passed as "awake". I am not holding out too much hope for either.

Is it wrong to still want to pimp my House/Wilson fanmix? I am ridculously in love with how it turned out and I want more people to listen to it. And so far "Lose You" is the most downloaded song but I think that's just because of that fucking Kutner episode. Damn show, stealing my ideas.
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I'm not actually in a bad mood, I just feel like bitching:

10 things that suck:

1. That it seems freaking everybody and their dog are friendslocking their icon journal. I do not care how special you think your icons are, I'm not friending your damn journal just to get a damn icon. Often the icons aren't even that great. Also...fuck it.

2. When people use the word "lover" in fanfic. The characters fucked once, that does not make them "lovers". Or, they haven't even slept together! They're in the damn act. Knock that shit off.

3. Something smells funky in my room and I can't figure it out. Pretty sure it's not me.

4. I've been wanted to get my hair cut for months, but now that I have an appointment this afternoon, I'm liking my hair like it is.

5. Of all the things I could think of to do for my final film in Production II, I have to think of an awesome idea that's insanely complicated that I'm dying to do. It involves pigeons.

6. Ugh, my grandmother. Eating spaghetti with her is like a circle of hell. On Monday she's coming with on the three hour drive to take me back to school.

7. Spoiler for upcoming House episodes )

8. I'm not ready to go back to school but I don't want to stay here. Actually, I wish I could just stay at my mom's, I don't want to be at my dad's. For plenty of reasons.

9. Why are there not more hot men walking around in Victorian outfits. Not really the same thing but a legitimate complaint nonetheless.

10. After years and years bitching about not having a boyfriend, now that I have a sweet, nice guy who's totally into me...I don't think I want it. Yeah.
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Johanssen in Iron Man Sequel.

OMG GO DIE. Can she just butt the fuck out of all the good things in the world? God dammit.
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So the diagnosis is: my laptop is a lost cause. The computer place has had it for a week and have done several things for it. Supposedly the hard drive was the problem but after they fixed that it was still overheating to the point where it wouldn't even start. The guy (who actually went to my college and studied the exact same thing) said that they have tons of the same model, all lying dead in the back. So the model itself is just shit; he said it's not even worth it to try and fix it now. Which means I'm back to school with my mom's laptop and I'll need to get a new one in the summer. I'm kind of sad because I was pretty attached to it and it was a graduation present, and I wish I had a better computer to go back to school with. And, the kicker, I'll probably have to get a Mac because my major requires this one program that only works on a Mac. :(

Anyone have a particular laptop they use that doesn't completely suck?
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OMG HATE!! I just cannot win with this damn computer. Now it won't let me play The Sims or Roller Coaster Tycoon, it keeps saying the Windows software is counterfeit, which it isn't. And my brother found another product key which he thinks they added when my computer crashed and they just didn't tell me. I was hoping to fix this before I went back to school but I've got another all-nighter tonight and I was hoping to play some games.

EDIT: Okay, now...it works. And it's fixed, apparently. WTH?
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Well, that's a sock to the gut.

For those who aren't watching TV, Heath Ledger was found dead today. There's no way anyone saw that coming. I feel bad about all the crap I said about the next Batman movie and his performance.
And, this one wasn't on tv but I got into my first car accident today. I had just walked into the door after that to find out about Ledger, too. The accident was my fault, I didn't see the guy. And his car was the one that got all banged up, mine's pretty much fine. I feel like a douche.


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