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...so I just graduated from college. Holy carp.
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So I wrapped my film last night. The one that's essentially been 10 months in the making and 9 weeks in planning. I am bone tired. My soul is exhausted. I'll probably do a ginormous write up of the biggest events of the whole thing, but today I'm going to stay off my feet, rest my voice, maybe go to a wrap-party later and then tomorrow I am going to watch the dailies and take the first bus home to Wisconsin. The hardest part is over with, so I'll be able to return to LJ and all you lovely people, just give me a day or two to sleep it off.
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Hey darling doll-faces,

I totally want to catch up on comments and entries, and I was going to try to soon, but the hell that is my life found the nearest handbasket and jumped right in it. I am on damage control duty as of now - because 8 weeks worth of work got thrown out the fucking window in a matter of 12 hours - and on top of that, I shoot in A FUCKING WEEK. After that is spring break and much sitting-on-my-assery, but until then, pray that I don't strangle someone deserving.

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Hey all, quick update.

I'm currently stuck in an empty classroom until at least 10:30 tonight...which is 4 hours away and I can't leave to get food lest someone steal my laptop, which I'm forced to bring with me everywhere now so I can get shit done. Which is lucky I guess, because now I can dick around on it and not stare at the walls. My producers ditched me - which is weird because they're usually here until 10 most nights - and I'm all alone.

Super condensed version of what's going on in my life: I'm directing a huge film project for the school, which is what's been eating my life for the past 8 weeks. It hasn't worked out perfectly; we had to fire one of our department heads, we almost had to shoot a week earlier and we still don't have a shooting script. Luckily I've got some awesome people on my side but it's still insanely stressful. I basically have to vomit 24/7. We shoot in a little over a week, but we need to get this script down or we're fucked. That's why I'm hanging out tonight, to meet with the writer and get something we can use. I love it, really, and I am having fun when I don't feel like jumping in front of a car, but when it's over it'll be great.

Other areas of my life have been forced to take a backseat to all this. I had to read an essay, watch a movie and write a paper all at once last Thursday at 2:30 am because I forgot they were due that day in class. I have something due tomorrow that I just do not have any idea for. And that editing project I promised to do for that organization has fallen by the wayside completely. They want to see something this week and I haven't done anything at all. I just whored it out on Facebook to any of my editing friends who'd be willing to do it; I'm even paying them.

That's it, for the most part. I'm tired, and hungry and a bit bored, but mostly I'm busy and that about sums it up. I guess the bright side is that come spring break I should be done with most of this stuff and I won't move a fucking inch for anyone, man or god.

EDIT: And for the zillionth time since I've been in college, I just bought my dinner from a vending machine (and I don't mean like a fancy machine with sandwiches, I mean a bag of chips, some water and a cookie).
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Tonight a dude dressed as a pirate told us all about gay pirates in my Gay, Lesbian and Transgender History in America class.

Yes, my school is cooler than your school.

Also, the guy looked like the baby that would result should Will Arnett ever mate with Christian Bale.

Also, also, he acted kind of like me so I've decided he's who I'd be if I was a gay dude. Who dressed as a pirate. Which is also why he reminded me of me.
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So, they sent out all the scripts for Practicum today. The email started with "Welcome back to reality." What a sentiment. I'm going to go find a plastic bag to put over my head and scream into for a while.

It also sounds like it'd be a good idea for me to hop back down to Chicago a week earlier than originally planned. I have to go back tomorrow until Sunday for a few things and I wasn't going to go back for two weeks after, but I think that I'll have to come back to Wisconsin for a week, and then back again to Chicago. This semester is going to be insane.
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ALL I will say about my current scene, I PROMISE, is: one day I will learn. I will fucking learn and there will be a choir of angels that'll come down from high and the seas will rise and I will be crowned the queen of Fucking Took Forever.

In other news: I want Boardwalk Empire's babies. God I love that show. My hope for the finale, without giving away anything, is that I want to see how brutal Nucky can be. I want to see why he's so dangerous and powerful. 'Cause he's the nice guy compared to Rothstein and Torrio but man, I would love for him to show off just why he's the head honcho and why everyone should be scared of him. Seriously, who else is watching this show, I need to talk about its awesomeness.

*It took me forever to figure out how to spell 'choir'. Total brainfart moment. Spelled it 'quire' and had to look it up because I knew that wasn't right.
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That is how many people are interested in acting in my scene. Okay so I've gotten emails from about 15 of them, but the auditions aren't until tomorrow night and Friday so there's plenty of time to get more. And they just keep coming! That website is magic! Usually I have to beg for actors on my hands and knees and always end up using friends just because I can't find anyone else, so to have 52 potential actors is INSANE for me. And one of the guys I saw tonight was good so yay!

And I'm totally not going to mention that this influx is pretty much due to one of the characters being a 18-22 year old girl and those actresses are a dime a dozen in this city, heh. Now if only I could get a location and crew, this might be a good scene! HA.
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Okay, have to post because I am having the weirdest freakout. I mean, I'm freaking out over good things, essentially.

So, I put out a casting notice last Friday for this website. They email back at the end of the day saying it'll go live Monday. Nuts to that because I have auditions set up for Tuesday (also Wednesday and Friday). Oh well. Anyway, weekend happens. Then today:

12:21 - The notice goes live
3:00 - I leave for class
3:07 - Website emails me saying notice has gone live
5:10 - I get back from class, don't think to check my email
10:00 - I check my email, then the site
10:01 - FREAK OUT because there are almost 40 PEOPLE interested in auditioning

Which is a good, awesome, great thing, only I just found out I don't have a room to audition people in on Tuesday and no one to help out. And I have no idea how to use the website and get in touch with these people. So I just messaged them all with my contact info and hoped I didn't look like an idiot. I'm hoping people will want to come to the Wednesday and Friday auditions so I don't have to scramble too much tomorrow, even though I'm seeing two guys tomorrow anyway. OH and one of them called me, tonight. Yeah, at 11:30. Dude's lucky I've been mainlining candy and Coke all night and am wide awake otherwise I might be pissed.

So anyway, yeah, I'm freaking out just because I wasn't expecting this I guess. Also, I really need to clean my desktop because I'm two seconds away from accidentally sending some poor actor my bad fic instead of the audition sides. And I need to wake up early tomorrow and do shit.
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If it weren't for Practicum this would be my spring semester:

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual History
The Gangster Film
The Simpsons as Satirical
The B Film

As it is I'm probably going to keep the history class (awesome teacher) and can't decide between Simpsons and Gangsters.
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You guys, it looks like I got punched in the face. I am so tired and worn out that the circles under my eyes look like I've got two black eyes. But, despite all the hassles and the fuck ups and the last minutes disasters, my shoot today went really well. I'm happy with it and I hope it turns out as good as I imagine it was, because being on set today was great and everyone was so nice and goofy and all in all, I'm happy. I might only have about $400 for the next, er, 7 months but otherwise I'm good.

Also, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead may be one of my new favorite movies. Comment if you agree.
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In other, more coherent news, I think calling actors for auditions all comes down to momentum. Once you cold-call that first one you end up calling all of them and just go down the list because you're, like, already doing it and your adrenalin's up.

...Yes, I'm having casting problems again.
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Seriously, I'm just...I'm waiting for everything to completely fall apart because the threads are starting to show.
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Being freaked out about something is a lot less nerve-wracking when you know someone else in the same boat is just as scared.
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QUICK! What sounds easier?

A: a class where we read one novel every two weeks, keep an informal journal (aka, handwritten) and write two larger essays


B: a class where we read a chapter or two of a film studies type book, have a typed response paper every week and two larger essays.

I'm leaning towards A because I can knock out a novel in no time if I have to and I've already read 2 out of the 7 books for the class and the journal sounds like we can just write whatever comes to mind as long as it's about the book*. And I'm leaning away from B because the class seems kind of uppity. Really, I just need to figure out which one equals less work outside of class. UGH. God, I'm really starting to think my eljay makes me sound like a constantly flustered, frustrated individual who is incapable of making her own decisions.

*The downside to this class may actually be that I'll have to defend Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?
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Some teachers just need to calm the fuck down. I am not going to go to the Art Institute for a film class, nor am I going to read a book about understanding Proust for the same class, and stop calling things "manifestos". I'm not trying to start a communist society, I don't need manifestos.
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Hey guys, so here's the deal )
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Watched Shutter Island last night and HOLY. CRAP. SO. GORGEOUS. I swear I've never seen such a freaking well lit film. The colors were so clear and crisp and the lightning strikes were genius. Guh, I'm having a freaking cinematic orgasm over here. Overall I'd give the film a B+ though I don't feel like explaining why I'd grade it down, nor do I think I could really articulate why without going into minute detail. ANYWAY, I totally want to do a scene from it for my Scene Study class next fall and I've already got the script rewritten and I sent it to my teacher and...he says he's not sure I'd be up for it. Hmmm. Part of it is that he already admitted he hated the film but then he said that it seems really complicated and he wasn't sure I'd be able to pull it off - it is kind of complicated too. I don't know if this is a challenge, or he really believes it. If he believes it why would he let me into the class? Whatever, I'm in love with it and maybe it's just the rush of inspiration and initial infatuation but I'm dying to do it.

EDIT: Hehe, I argued my case and he responded: "Sounds like you have a good idea of what to do with your scene and I like your ambition." Now I think I'm going to have to actually pull this off!
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Lesson Learned: Michals should not be allowed to cast actors. It's not that I hate it, or am bad at it, I just have the worst luck at actually getting people. I love going to auditions and seeing actors audition and meeting actors at that stage of the process but when it comes to actually casting people, I cannot get anybody. My latest scene shoots on Tuesday and guess who I have in it? A friend and a friend of a friend. All of my scenes that I've ever done have had my friends in them. I have had one actor who I did not know to some capacity beforehand. And it's not for lack of trying, I have called/emailed over a dozen actresses for this scene and half of them are busy that day and the other half have not gotten back to me. And while I'm giddy to have actresses at all, and I do like the people I have, I really need to work with someone new sometime, if only I could get them! In the future I'm just going to get someone else to cast for me. I'll hold auditions, I'll pick who I like, but I'll get someone else to actually get the people for me because I'm obviously doing something wrong.

Also, I feel like such a pretentious tool when I talk about filming and my school stuff. Does anyone else feel that way? I feel like I'm complaining about something that most people don't understand, or maybe I just think that way because I've lived and breathed film school for the last three years and I have lost all sense that other people either don't care or don't understand, or maybe you guys totally understand what I'm on about and assuming you don't is a douche-y thing, I have no idea. I feel like mentioning it at all is just totally arrogant and annoying.

The backs of my knees are sweating like you would not believe.


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