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No seriously. SOOOOOOOOOOO for the 80 billionth time, here is my life and why it is messed up:

Last week I moved out of my Chicago apartment for good (and left my couch. I miss that couch) and the only plans I had after that was going back to Chicago to my friend's 21st birthday party, where I would talk to my roomie about the plans after that.

If you follow my tumblr you got the whole list of why college parties suck, so I'll give you the gist: I took a 3 hour bus ride, a 20 minute El ride just to do most of the decorating, get all dressed up and then get awkwardly ignored all night and then be kept awake way too late while I slept on a hardass futon and take a shitty shower the next morning and spend literally the last of my money on the bus ride home. It wasn't a total waste, but I felt kind of unappreciated considering I didn't have to spend all that time and money to go down there and get the birthday boy a present that he barely said thank you for. Also, I was in a short, shiny dress with my tits hanging out and all the attention I got was from one really awkward, really drunk guy who couldn't remember my name. HE REMEMBERED LITERALLY EVERYONE ELSE'S NAME, WHY WAS HE STILL HITTING ON ME. Ugh, sorry, I've been, er, let's say "frustrated" lately by how fucking few people seem to find me even mildly attractive.

ANYFUCKINGWAY. Talked to the roomie and the final verdict is: I need to get a job. In Wisconsin. Just so I'm not dead broke. This is super duper depressing because it means I will not be getting a job in my field much less in a city NEAR my field. Wisconsin ain't exactly the film capital of the US. And I will be living with my parents, doing that old back and forth thing and fighting with my brother over who gets the car. Mostly what it comes down to is that I'm afraid I'll get stuck here for who knows how long and won't be able to get out. Nevermind that I feel like I haven't done anything worthwhile with my life. Feeling that one really bad lately, especially since some jackass started a Facebook group for our high school class and everyone's talking reunion and what they've been doing with their lives. I was a totally asshole and wrote this long, complicated fake history where I joined a cult and am now living in the Australian outback with someone named Sugar. It was awesome.

So, tl;dr version: I am in Wisconsin and will have to get a job here, I am more than slightly depressed about that fact and feeling particularly unattractive. On the flipside, I'm not totally morose and keep finding stupid little things so god damned beautiful I want to shoot them in the face. I was driving in the country tonight as the sun was setting and in the corn fields on either side of the road there was about 10,000 fireflies and also the crescent moon was out. I just about cried.

UGH I AM SO WHINY AND EMO AND I'M GOING TO SHUT UP FOREVER NOW. *Does the Shutting Up Forever Dance of Fuck It All*
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Hmm, annoyed. Was doing research for the fic I was finally ready to rewrite, and would eventually have about 5 parts to it, and found a bit of information that completely negated everything I was going to write. Now to rethink where all that smut's going to happen (because that's what it pretty much is, lots of smut).

And YES, this has basically been my life for the past few weeks. Me and Roomie put in an application for an apartment, and apparently the realtor called my grandma - my reference and cosigner - and was a little worried about us being able to pay the bills because I don't have a job yet, even though Roomie still has a job and we've been living in an apartment that costs a good deal more than the place we're looking at and we've never once been late with the rent. And my brother had surgery on his arm so I've been carting him around, even though he HATES IT AND HATES ME AND GOD LEAVE ME ALONE. Haha, he hates not being independent and I'm being a protective big sister.

Otherwise I've been going through my stuff at home and picking out what I'm gonna bring back to Chicago with me. Just spray painted a bunch of picture frames for a project that I'm being particularly ambitious about. Ugh, JOBS. Kill me now. Sorry, just meant to whine about my fic not update you all on all mundane points of my life. Come talk to me, give me a reason to liiiiiive. Or another fic idea to write that won't get totally thrown off by one stupid little detail *sigh*.
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I hung out with my friend S. last night. It was weird, she's getting married in the spring and she'll be the first of my friends to get married. We were hanging out at her house, and though it's technically her mom's house, my friend and her fiance live there and take care of the house and mow the lawn and everything. They both have jobs, they go to school part time, they're saving up for the wedding. We talked about the baby thing for god's sake. Sorry, it's just blowing my mind because she's so grown up and it's like she's getting started with her life and I don't feel like that about myself at all. I don't think I'll ever be that person, I don't know if I'm capable of it, but I'm fascinated watching my friends grow up.
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Didn't work out tonight either - and I'm going to hate myself for it soon - but I was distracted by the shiny that is my new room. That's right, I am no longer sleeping on a couch in a living room but now have my very own bed, in my very own bedroom, in my very own apartment. I got all giddy about putting my clothes in my giant closet, but it only took two seconds because I realized I don't really have any clothes here. Or much of anything actually; it's mostly just a bed and a nightstand and some odds and ends. But whatever because it's mine and I have my own mattress from home and I get the most perfect breeze from the window when I sit just right and I am so tired and I get to sleep soon. My dad's taken over my bedroom back home and my room at my mom's is pretty much just a storage space right now so to go from that and sleeping on someone else's couch to having my own room - and my own bathroom! - is like heaven.

Today was another long one. I want it to be next Tuesday at 5:30 and then I will be good, I will have pretty much survived the experiment that was summer school.

Oh, and if ever you get the chance to see the movie Wages of Fear, I'm just saying that you might as well find yourself a hot stove to stick your tongue to. It's a good movie but it's torture because everything that could ever make a movie as anxious as possible was cobbled together to create that thing.

Good night everyone, talk to you tomorrow :)
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You guys, these last few weeks have been insane. I mean, holy hell the stuff that's been happening is nuts. Gah. Heading back home Saturday, so I'll be able to share the insanity soon.

Anyone remember this? Bahahaha!

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Ooooh, do I post the links? Well, if you're not aware of the Kim story, here it is. Though honestly that's not even all of it, seriously. I'm sure there's a whole bunch that I never wrote about, like the whole fiasco about getting her out at the end of the semester or what exactly went down in that meeting I had with the dorm administrator.

Post the 1st
Post the 2nd
Post the 3rd

Other than Kim, I have been really unlucky with roommates. My first year had the spoiled rich bitch who basically moved her friend in with us (at one point the friend had more things on our counter in the bathroom than I did) and slammed every door she ever met, even at 6 a.m. Last year wasn't as bad except that girl made a horrendous mess of the kitchen and never washed my pots that she used. And the new girl we have now isn't too bad except that she's reminding me a lot of The Traitorous Steve in not-good ways. And she kind of invited herself along to hang out with me and my friends and shoved vodka in my face.
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Good God y'all, I have never seen so many people put on their brakes on a major tollway road in my entire life. Bad drivers the whole way down here.

Anyway, back in Chicago, school tomorrow. Gah, that break went by way too fast, I'm not ready to be done yet and I'm sure as hell not ready to go back to classes. I know I still have...2? 3? Fics left to go, and I'll try my damnedest to get them done.

New roommate seems pretty cool so far, so I'm cautiously optimistic.

I am very very tired all of a sudden.
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Home again, home again, jiggity jig. Desperately waiting for my grades. Making a list of things I left at school (none of which are important, I just had a, well...project to do with my Maurice DVDs).

Okay, so I know I made a list of Things To Do over winter break last year, and I was planning to do it again this year, only this year I was telling myself that I wouldn't set such lofty goals and mostly plan to do really simple things. Then I actually looked at my To Do list from last year and it had "Play Sims 2, make icons, change layout, etc." Yeah, really "lofty" goals those are. Anyway, I think I did all of one of them last year, which I kind of blame on getting my wisdom teeth out which knocked a good week out of my break, along with the fuss of having 3 Christmases. Then again, I am really lazy, so I can't say I'm going to get much more done this time around. I can pretend though.

1. Write.

2. Make some new icons, dammit, it's been forever.

3. Layout change? Nothing big, just tweak the one I've got now. Also probably my userinfo too.

4. Play Sims 2. (Must remember to actually bring game home this time.)

5. Watch movies. May end up being whatever's on TV, but I am going to try and knock out a few more movies on the AFI list. Will probably become reaquainted with Blockbuster like I did that one break where the guy knew me on sight. Or I might actually get Netflix finally.

6. Maaaaaybe get started on some stuff for my Screenwriting II piece, which has to be an entire feature length script. I'm not holding out hope for this one, but you never know. Same goes for any semblence of work towards my Directing projects.

7. Sleep.

8. Move. Maybe. That couch at my mom's house is mighty comfy...
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And Kim is GONE.
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Things I keep forgetting to mention:

-Okay, anyone remember this class I had last year? A while ago, back in the beginning of this year I ran into the teacher in the elevator. And there was a moment of silence before I asked, "Was it just me, or was our class kind of...stupid?" And he actually went "OH, totally!" And then he told me I was, like, the only good one. Hahaha, win.

-While doing my Lighting 1 final and utterly failing at it, the guy at the end of the table opposite me finished early and drew something on the back of the paper. He held it up to me and it was a game of Hangman. I guessed by writing letters on the back of my test. It effectively distracted me from how bad I was doing on the final. The answer was Alabama.

-So Pillowman has a character called Michal, and it's spelled like that, which is what I'm blaming when I always write it "Michals". Hahaha. Also, I can't write the word "author" without adding that m before realizing what I'm doing.

-I misspelled the word other as "ohert" no less than 3 times on this class assessment I'm writing. How the hell did I do that?

-I only have to finish writing the aforementioned assessment and then actually go to class and I'm done for the semester!

-Go here.
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For all my writer friends, I suggest Anne Lamont's Bird by Bird, which is this great book about writing that I read way back in middle school. That means that even at age 13 I knew one of the principle rules of writing is that you cannot sit next to the readers and explain things, you have to do everything with your writing. Yu and Me Dream is a webcomic I started reading forever ago, back when it made sense and was still sort of good. Now I read just to see if she'll ever go anywhere with it. But, seriously, flip through a few pages, she is the worst violator of that rule I've ever seen. Obviously she can draw, but if you have to explain all kinds of things after every page because you couldn't get that through with your writing, you're...not a good writer.

In other news: My roommate has started moving stuff out. EEEEEE!!!
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My brain, she aches. I called/emailed eleven guys yesterday about the parts (after I sat for four hours in an open call where only 3 women showed up) and I've gotten responses from three guys, two of which actually want to meet for auditions, but I have no place where we can do it. I'm going to try and hijack a room in one of the school buildings tomorrow, even though I don't have permission (but that's their damn fault, stupid school making reserving a room like damn rocket science).

And, and I went out with a friend to take pictures for Image Design and the roll of film got completely wrecked, including everything we just did and the things I had already shot a week ago. Good thing the actual slides aren't graded until the very last day of class.

So, to do before the end of the semester:
-cast actors
-rehearse actors
-perform in class (twice)
-shoot rest of slide projects
-shoot actual film for Image Design
-research and present about sex addiction in Human Sexuality

So, if I suddenly disappear off the map here for the next few weeks, you'll know why.
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Sooo sorry to keep spamming you guys (it must be all the Monty Python) but I NEED to tell you this!

Okay, remember my awful roommate? We have had a development!

TL;DR and drama behind the cut )
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My back is killing me from toting film equipment around the last few weeks. But, I shouldn't have to carry it around for the rest of the year because we don't film anything in my directing class.

I ripped my Production teacher a new one in his class evaluation. Haha, sunofabitch deserved it. Have I not mentioned this douchebag? )

EDIT: One of my speakers has died. Again. My last pair did the same thing last year. What's with that? Does anyone else's do that?
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(Spoilers for Frost/Nixon, though I don't know if you can be spoiled for a historic event...) Oh, that was stunning. Not so much everything leading up to it, but right after that last interview, right after he walks out the house and goes to pet the dachshund, then it just hit me how human everyone in this movie was. They're flesh and blood but it doesn't come to you until after everything's been said, when everyone's reached that point. And I didn't really care for Nixon as a good or bad person during the movie until that point, and then he was so human but that was the whole point of the movie. And it wasn't just him, Frost and everyone else just kind of came to life and made their performances for the rest of the movie that much better. Like they were in black and white the whole movie, then all of a sudden the color fills in and you look at it differently.

And some of my feelings about my boyfriend (possibly TMI) )
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And yes! Two weeks later I finally have time to post something new.

If you're interested... )


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