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I...I feel like I'm at the end of some kind of rope. I cannot stand "country" music nowadays. I mean, it's not country music. If you're listening to the radio, or God help you CMT on TV, you are not listening to true country music. It's pop music, pure and simple. And I don't really have a problem with the music existing (beyond the fact that it's just not good music in the first place), if you like it...eh, that's your problem. My problem is the fact that they're passing it off as country. Taylor Swift is not country. Carrie Underwood is not country. Country music doesn't use auto-tune!

And Adam Lambert is not rock 'n' roll. OH MY GOD, I want to strangle that poufy, whiny, eye-shadowed brat. You are not rock 'n' roll! When you pull stupid stunts to get attention like a little whore, don't call yourself rock 'n' roll when you are nothing but synthesized pop. So whatever, you want to make shitty music, that's your deal, just stop calling yourself something you're not.

And what's with these pop stars pretending like they can act? Katy Perry can't even fucking sing, why are they taking away jobs from legitimate voice actors? And Lady Gaga in a Tarantino film? I mean, I'm not a fan of Tarantino's in the first damn place but GOD, there are actual actors who could do that job. I saw Telephone, it was fucking painful. Also, it's hardly a music video when there's just as much, if not more, talking than there is actual song.

While I'm at it, no wonder the rest of the world thinks Americans are stupid! I'm watching The Amazing Race and some dumb bimbo doesn't know what the Arc de Triomphe means.

Sorry, feel bitchy.
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I fully realize that it's very likely that I will end up seeing the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight. I also acknowledge that Christian Bale, and even Heath Ledger, might do a great job. Hell, I might even like it.
But until that's proven, I reserve my right to bitch and moan )

Ugh, I hate reading trivia about movies on IMBD and coming across something like "named one of the 20 most overrated movies by such-and-such". Especially when I haven't even seen the movie. It's specifically Mystic River and American Beauty on Premiere's 20 most overrated movies list which includes, of all things, The Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind. I just watched Wizard of Oz the other night on TV, their complaint is that it's "cheesy". Cheesy? It was made in 1939 (which I find impressive since, for some reason, I was certain it was made in the 50's or 60's) and is about talking lions, walking scarecrows and men made of tin. Is it cheesy just because it's fantansy? Is all fantasy reduced to the label of "cheesiness"? (If so, I didn't hear anyone complaining when Lord of the Rings won the Oscar) And sure, it's a little hokey and feel-good, but overrated? I don't know why but it just rubs me the wrong way when people feel like they have to label classic movies "overrated". It just seems like they're trying too hard to be "avant-garde" or "artistic" or something like that. It's just too easy to call classics "overrated". Sure, I think you can say that you didn't like a movie, or even claim it "bad", but once it reaches a certain level, say entering in the very nature of Americana, I think it should be off limits. To be fair, I think that they are some really overrated movies out there (I'm still seething over Crash's Oscar win and how many people I know who like Lost in Translation) and I'll give then American Beauty and Mystic River just because I haven't seen them, but I still haven't seen Gone with the Wind and I don't have to know calling it "overrated" is just a potshot.

Merry Christmas to anyone reading, and Happy Holidays to those who don't celebrate it. Some reviews of movies coming up soon (probably).
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Look! I rant! And rave! About cartoons! )

Anyway, this is my 200th post, so yay me! And what would a post (by me) be without a little ranting? (and complaining about movies: Gah! Nicholas Cage! Stop it! Go watch the original Wicker Man with your Elvis collectables and leave me alone!)

Also: I had another dream that I got to see PotC 3 and it made such little sense I don't know what to do with it.
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And because I have nothing better to do:
shopping and a rant, two for the price of one )


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