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[livejournal.com profile] andrealyn has written an incredible fic in only one sentence. It's probably better than most longer fics ever written. I'm keeping it.

EDIT: Entry is friends locked but she's graciously allowed me to repost the awesome:

There is no horizon to be found here, but for the planes of James' hips and the only vessel crossing these borders is the forward and curious crawl of Jack's fingers as they descend lower and lower and the only words on the tip of his sinful-rum-burned tongue are, "Shall I drink to your happiness or maybe perhaps your health?"
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Mine: Sometimes when I'm alone in a large empty room or hallway, I do cartwheels.[Poll #1480436][Poll #1480436]
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Okay, I just have to share this awesomeness )

In other "Proof my brand of humor is only to make myself laugh at my own jokes that are not jokes but merely references to funny things from other places that are not, in fact, funny out of context to anyone but me" news, I was just uploading this on photobucket and noticed a subfolder called "TIMMY" and was very confused until I realized it was those Tim Omundson pics I spammed you guys with a while ago. Realize: I don't call him Timmy, and I'm not sure anyone does, also that it's in all caps and from South Park, a show I don't actually like that much...What is wrong with me?
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Posting the cute for posterity. Also for cheering up.

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P.S. Much love for the newest Kasabian and Modest Mouse songs. Anyone got any Tegan and Sara they want to share, I'm liking this song.

EDIT: My window's open to this beautiful spring day in Wisconsin, and yet I still smell cigarette smoke. Jeez.

Also: *blows noisemaker* Happy first tornado watch of the year!


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