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Just performed an impromptu concert for Chicago, aka opened all the blinds in the living room, turned up my music way too loud for this time of night and danced around like I was having an epileptic fit.
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I tried the garage sale thing again today, it was mostly a bust. I mean, I have $20 more than I had this morning, but still. Right around 1:30 it stopped being a "garage sale" and ended up being more, "me sitting in a lawn chair surrounded by all my crap". My mom thinks we should've put an ad in the newspaper.

My ideal ad:

"Hey! You! You should come buy my crap! I mean, it's good crap. It's not, like, broken or anything. I cleaned it too. It's just that it's crap we don't need. Crap we bought and never found a use for, crap we got for gifts that we never asked for in the first place. Crap that is cluttering our house and we don't have a big house to begin with so we need to get rid of this crap-type crap. A lot of this crap is only 25 cents! You can afford 25 cents for some random crap to clutter up your house. It's inexpensive crap! Nice, inexpensive crap! Did I mention I'm a poor college student? The more crap you buy, the less food I have to scrounge off of the streets. Surely my livelihood is worth 25 cents? And hey, I'm horrible at haggling, so you've got a good chance of paying even less for this crap than what I'm begging for. Got kids? I've got kid crap! I've got teen crap! My mom chipped in so we got some adult crap! My brother managed to part with a few t-shirts so we got boy crap too! We even got a few bits of random crap that we can't really place but you probably can! You're good at that kind of thing, and did we mention how hansome/beautiful you look today? Have you lost a few pounds? Whatever you're doing, it's working. Come buy my crap, it'll totally go with that outfit you're wearing! I mean, I don't know what else I have to say, COME BUY MY CRAP."

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Bonus of having your own apartment: should it get just too damn hot, you can walk around in nothing but your underwear if need be. (TMI but not really because I look gooood.)

Number of lightbulbs broken in apartment this week: 2. Although the first one really broke in transit to the apartment but the cleanup was all here, so it counts.

Bizarre ass stuff you can only do in your own apartment: vacuum the broken lightbulb up in the kitchen in only your underwear and sandals.

Blessings to be counted: roomie is gone for the week, making all the above possible.

Found myself reading a lot of Nite Owl/Rorschach Watchmen fic today, don't know how I ended up there...
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Middle names are weird. I mean, I hardly ever use mine so when I do write it, it looks bizarre. I feel like I'm spelling it wrong, or that I forgot it completely and I made one up for myself and I'm spelling that wrong too. My middle name's Leigh, and that "ei" is what gets me. I mean, I've had the damn thing for 21 years, it should make more sense right now that it does. Once I had an original character named Leigh (in the Digimon fandom, natch) so for a while there it made perfect sense and eventually reminded me of her more than of myself. My dad has the same middle name, but not really. His is Lee, which is just the weirdest thing because my name isn't some homage to him, it's not like he was just arrogant because it's not even spelled the same. And my friend Katie is not actually Katie, she's Katie Rose, so much so that people think that Rose is her last name and it's not (her full name is Katherine so it's not her first name either). What if was walking around all day saying my name was actually Dana Leigh? Actually my whole name said together flows really well, if I may say so, but that might be because I've only been saying it my whole life. But even if it does sound nice it's still horribly bland (the curse of having a really popular last name) and sometimes I think about using L. as an initial if I ever start making films, like Michael J. Fox or something. But then I think that, no, I wouldn't because that's not who I am, I'm not Leigh all the time, I'm Dana all the time.

Sorry, random ramble-y nonsense when I really just meant to post that I'm trying to start a gmail account to seem more professional but my name is taken.

Also, hi there! It is I, Three-sometimes-four-or-more-posts-a-day Michals! Miss me?
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I just got really excited over trail mix. But it is so very yummy! Also, I looked at the bag and there's a picture of grapes on it, and I got upset because there aren't any grapes in it, then I realized that's what the raisins are.

It makes me sad that I will never watch A Handful of Dust, because it's supposed to be wonderful. But...but I just cannot watch Alec cheat on Maurice with Maurice's wife. My heart hurts just thinking about it. I have watched a scene on youtube and I am so much in love with James Wilby, it's stupid. The man has a lifetime pass for me.

I think there would be a lot of ellipses in my life. If it were written.

Sometimes the inside of my head feels like a Monty Python sketch.
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I think, if it's possible, I'm weirder on Facebook than I am even on here. There was the horrible SPN fic, and now Becker's got me admitting I'm the devil and I will be hosting my very own The Devil and Daniel Webster type trial in my dorm room with my Joker action figure playing my lawyer.
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Now to interrupt your peaceful michals free evening with spam:


I do, I do, I do-oooh! Where else can you download the entire Monty Python's Holy Grail movie, and find a mp3 sharing comm that has tags for Aly & AJ and not Talking Heads (Aaaaaaaaah mygod, what is wrong with these people), and long ass discussions about Kirk and Spock being the most pimp slash couple ever as evidenced by this equally long video of some adorable nerdy girl describing every detail of one single Star Trek episode, and catch the latest episodes of The Office and Community so that you may watch Joel McHale in all his insanely hot naked glory?

The Star Trek thing: no, I've never watched the original series, nor do I plan to any time soon, but other people's love is making me giddy and happy and I love it by proxy.

Sometimes I do love the world so much because it is so wonderful and random (not just the internet-y parts, I'm not completely without a life) and it makes absolutely no sense but GOOD GOD it would be boring if it did.

EDIT: Oh and also: a bunch of gamers all over the world helping a blind kid beat Zelda: Ocarina of Time over the internet. Awesome.
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I think my cats are getting senile. He's pawing at my grandmother's door, but she's in the kitchen washing dishes.

Also, surefire way to lessen Grandma Pestering by a good 75%: be sick all week.

I am convinced Avatar was made for only two reasons: so "otherkin" folk can be ridiculous and convince themselves they were once Navri or whatthefuckinghellever they call themselves, and to piss me off. This is what I believe.

I'm not even going to tag this as movies because I DON'T BELIEVE IT IS ONE.
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3 weird thing:

- I think I get overly nostalgic with fandom. Seriously, I don't think most get as misty eyed and fond of Angel fics as I do.

- I think I'm developing more and more specific neuroses as I'm getting older. Like, my new thing is freaking out that my favorite celebrities are all going to die. It started out with just the older ones, like Jack Nicholson, now I'm worried they're all going to befall some horrible fate.

- I like blueberries, I like muffins, I don't like blueberry muffins.
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This last summer, it seems whenever I wanted to listen to my music with my headphones on is when my dad always had something to tell me. I couldn't hear him knock and the door was just out of my line of sight, so he had to come in and practically wave his hand in front of my face for me to hear him. Scared the living bejesus out of me every time. It got to the point where I would constantly check the door whenever I put on my headphones, waiting for him to pop in and surprise me. I still have that feeling here at school, even though my roommates have knocked on or come to my door all of twice.

That was...random. Sorry, feeling spammy.
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The Waterboys = Epicness.

Post for Wednesday the 25th = Check.
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Blah, I can't sleep. And that in combination with the fact that I didn't sleep well last night either means I'm at that state where I'm freaking out about things that don't make any sense.

Last time I got like this, I got waaay too worried that Jack Nicholson was going to die. It was right after Michael Jackson died and I got to thinking who would die next and people who it would really suck to see die and for some reason I landed on Jack Nicholson and I convinced myself that he was going to die next.

Right now I'm freaking out that House, as a series, is going to end with House finding out Wilson died in an earlier season and he's just been hallucinating him.

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Okay, I just have to share this awesomeness )

In other "Proof my brand of humor is only to make myself laugh at my own jokes that are not jokes but merely references to funny things from other places that are not, in fact, funny out of context to anyone but me" news, I was just uploading this on photobucket and noticed a subfolder called "TIMMY" and was very confused until I realized it was those Tim Omundson pics I spammed you guys with a while ago. Realize: I don't call him Timmy, and I'm not sure anyone does, also that it's in all caps and from South Park, a show I don't actually like that much...What is wrong with me?
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I have realized that there are two things which I could talk about for days on end. And they're not just the normal things that I could talk about for forever, like The Joker or In Bruges. They're two things that I bring up in completely unnecessary fashion in situations that have nothing to do with anything like them. They are The Hives and Maurice. I realized this whilst pestering [livejournal.com profile] rayslady on AIM with a dozen and a half pics of Pelle from The Hives, and mentioning Maurice/James Wilby way more times in a single AIM chat than is deemed healthy. If I could, I would just make two gigantic, pathetic fangirly posts declaring my love of both and be done with it. But I know that probably wouldn't do the trick. 'Til I either move on or die, I will have to make a warning sign or something to stick on top of every post where I gratuitously mention either.

In other news, does Pelle Almqvist have the BIGGEST FUCKING EYES you've ever seen on a human face or what?
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How the hell did I get deja vu at 2 in the morning, doing an online puzzle, watching Bernie Mac and trying to remember the signifigance of "Appomattox"? (It's where Robert E. Lee and his Southern troops finally surrendered to the North, thus ending the Civil War. You're Welcome.)
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What is wrong with the weather? I was all prepared for a nice, thunderstormy day inside watching movies and now it's all sunny and crap outside. And 81 degrees. Blech.

On the other hand, I really want to go to the beach. I'm not a beach person but I'm dying to go to the beach.
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Friend gets to ticket counter at movie theater: One ticket for, um...
Me, for the fifth time that morning: Crank 2!
Ticket counter lady laughs.
I'm actually very smart.
Ticket counter lady laughes even harder, friend blushes like a fiend.

Hence icon :)
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Two things the world needs more of:

1. Jason Statham and Daniel Craig. By themselves, obviously, but together? ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY. I need a movie where Statham's got a hit on him and Craig's the hitman but they end up teaming up against the person who put out the hit. There, Hollywood, the next Blockbuster/Oscar winner. I'll take mine in cash.

And yes, this was brought on by the fact that Crank 2: Statham Boogaloo is now in theaters and getting kickass reviews. I need to get my ass over there!

2. Jim/Pam/Ryan fics. Everyone's hating on Ryan but he makes me laugh. And I kind of love him cause he obviously spent so much time trying to be great but he's fallen so far that he's reverting back to being a careless teenager. Jim and Pam need to give him hugs.

EDIT: Jim/Pam/Ryan roadtrip fic. Yes.

(Also, please note that the Statham/Craig and Jim/Pam/Ryan sexings were implied)
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Haha, oh it was all about The Prophecy but more about how I was trying not to be all deep and philosophic. It's kind of funny and sad. For some reason I always had this haunting notion that my first ever post was just stupid, but I couldn't erase it because it was my first. But rereading it, it wasn't all that awful, just goofy. Also, in honor of the anniversary, my oldest icon: the EIOEI of course! :)

Also, here's a random cute memory of mine that I thought of...because I don't know why actually: In fifth grade one day, this one boy was really upset about something and wouldn't join the rest of the class in the reading area in the corner. So the teacher was trying to cajol him over there, and that didn't work so she was trying to get someone in the class to cheer him up. Eventually I got up and hugged him, then the whole class got up and hugged him. I dunno, I thought it was cute.

BTW, if anyone's annoyed by me posting so often in a single day, just holler and I'll knock it off.
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If I were any real type of...person, I would drag all of my roommates' mattresses off their beds and into the livingroom and make a fort. And include the kitchen table and chairs and possibly the desks in our rooms too. There'd be plenty of room for the TV in there too.

Also, I am the worst girlfriend ever. He always wants to spend time with me, it's so annoying.


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