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So I had this long talk with my roomie, N, last night about Glee of all things and we've determined what's wrong and what needs to be done.

There are astrophysicists who think about the mysteries of the universe less than I do about television shows )

Also, I don't give a damn what people say, American Dad is awesome. It's also easily the best show on Sunday night, way better than The Simpsons have been, The Cleveland Show and Family Guy (which I'm becoming increasingly sick of). And I'm not the only one, American Dad was actually getting a lot of critical praise these last two seasons but I watched an episode from season three and giggled my ass off.
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Middle names are weird. I mean, I hardly ever use mine so when I do write it, it looks bizarre. I feel like I'm spelling it wrong, or that I forgot it completely and I made one up for myself and I'm spelling that wrong too. My middle name's Leigh, and that "ei" is what gets me. I mean, I've had the damn thing for 21 years, it should make more sense right now that it does. Once I had an original character named Leigh (in the Digimon fandom, natch) so for a while there it made perfect sense and eventually reminded me of her more than of myself. My dad has the same middle name, but not really. His is Lee, which is just the weirdest thing because my name isn't some homage to him, it's not like he was just arrogant because it's not even spelled the same. And my friend Katie is not actually Katie, she's Katie Rose, so much so that people think that Rose is her last name and it's not (her full name is Katherine so it's not her first name either). What if was walking around all day saying my name was actually Dana Leigh? Actually my whole name said together flows really well, if I may say so, but that might be because I've only been saying it my whole life. But even if it does sound nice it's still horribly bland (the curse of having a really popular last name) and sometimes I think about using L. as an initial if I ever start making films, like Michael J. Fox or something. But then I think that, no, I wouldn't because that's not who I am, I'm not Leigh all the time, I'm Dana all the time.

Sorry, random ramble-y nonsense when I really just meant to post that I'm trying to start a gmail account to seem more professional but my name is taken.

Also, hi there! It is I, Three-sometimes-four-or-more-posts-a-day Michals! Miss me?
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Ah, I know, I know, I shouldn't be here but i got the first part of my massive English essay done this morning, I'm going to tackle the other half tomorrow.

Anyway, went to Borders yesterday, rekindled my lovely of sappy yaoi manga and got two new Cds: Rocco Deluca & The Burden and The Ditty Bops. I'm loving 'em both. And I got Good Omens and Kerouac's On the Road but I can't start on those until I at least finish Pynchon's massive Gravity's Rainbow (I've been reading it whenever I can for the past week and I'm on, like, page 60 out of 560. And after that I have V to read) Also got Apollo 13 because I am in love with astronauts. All of them. I just finished watching it and will now add it to my 'Top 50 favorite movies' list and also my 'Movies that make me cry' list, but that one's probably just me being hormonal.

Also went driving with my dad today, up to Walmart. And I just happened to find (in the toy section of course because inside i am actually 12) the Jokermobile. The one from the 50's with his big creepy head on the front. And guess what else? The Commodore (though it says "Captain") Norrington figure! It's no wonder I never found him at Hot Topic or Spencers. I was expecting somethin about 7" tall like my Joker figures. This thing is tiny. Like, 4 inches if it's a millimeter. I put him next to my KA Joker and he's like Tattoo from Fantasy Island. Bonus though: His hat stays on a hell of a lot better than my Long Halloween Joker figure, who took a tumble off my shelf and now the hat won't stay put unless I glue it or something.
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Just a little catch up )
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The thing is, cars don't interest me. They're just cars. I don't understand these people who spend millions of dollars on cars, restoring them, and then they let them rot in a garage. I have friends, and a brother and an uncle who are nuts about cars. They see a one sitting in a driveway and rattle off the make and year and all I can say is "...it's a car." (and, oftentimes, it's an ugly car) I mean, if it's an old car, and it's shiny, and it's actually on the road, I'll admit it's pretty cool. Cars just don't interest me, they're just cars. Unless it's a special car. Porsches? Mini-Coopers? Turn my head. Love them. They're gorgeous, they're stylish, I would buy one in a heartbeat if I had the money. I'd settle for a hybrid of any kind, because I can appreciate a hybrid, but unless it's a special car that deserves my money, then, whatever, it's just a car.

The same goes for shoes. I wear shoes, i need shoes, but I don't go crazy for them. More so than the car collectors, I just cannot understand these people (man or woman) who just have to have the most expensive, uncomfortable shoe they can find. You'll wear them maybe twice a year, they'll hurt like Satan himself strapped you into them, and if you wear them more than a few times then they'll wear out and get dirty and they're still uncomfortable. Really, what is the point? Shoe shopping is a weird experiance for me because i have a very weird yet specific kind of taste. I hate tennis shoes that have egregious amounts of stitching, and mesh, and layers upon layers of weird shapes of leather to create a "design". Some shoes look like someone sewed them blind, some appeal only to people with orthepedic problems, others are just downright fugly (fugly is a word I reserve for shoes alone, a shirt can be ugly, shoes can be fugly). People can get so worked up over shoes and it completely baffles me. They're just shoes. I don't care how much I think a shoe is "cute", if that shit hurts my feet: never in a million years (I have nice feet, I want to keep them that way, keep your heels and your tight strappiness away from them).

Unless it's a "pretty" shoe. When I say "pretty" I always mean it, "gorgeous" too. I know that the shoe isn't technically pretty or gorgeous and those aren't the words someone else would use, but for me it basically means I want to lick it I love it so much.

KSwiss has the prettiest, most gorgeous shoes I have ever seen. I just bought three pairs. They're the only brand that I can find with a nice, simple, white shoe. Everyone else is throwing shit on theirs, KSwiss is keeping it classic and damn, those are beautiful shoes. Not only that, there's a brown/pink one with brown/pink plaid trim. I was drooling on these things. And, to top it all off, a purple/white/black shoe that I was going into shock over. I have a thing for simple, I have a thing for brown, I have a thing for purple and I have a thing for really pretty shoes. And I have a thing for pinstripes, which was fulfilled by Converse with a black and gold pinstriped shoe and holy hell I never spend more than $50 on a pair of shoes but that means I'd forever have to avoid both KSwiss and Converse and that would be a loss I could not handle.

So I spent over $200 on four pairs of shoes, at least they were pretty shoes.
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included in Yahoo!'s preview of Batman 2
The big question mark right now is which actor will be recruited to costar as the Joker. The lengthy list of actors among those currently rumored to be considered (at least by fans, if not the studio and producers) are Paul Bettany, Adrien Brody, Johnny Depp, Lachy Hulme, Hugh Jackman, Jude Law, Guy Pearce, Sean Penn and Hugo Weaving.

Now, despite my love of Hugo Weaving (and general like of Johnny Depp), in my opinion, none of these actors would make a good Joker. But then again, I probably would've protested Jack Nicholson if I'd been old enough to form sentences when the original came out. I'm just really (really) skeptical that anyone's going to pull this off (the movie in general along with the character).

EDIT: Upon further thought, Hugo Weaving would be the best choice, and could probably pull it off. Still skeptical though.
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So, [livejournal.com profile] deadbetty was nice enough to reupload the zips of her Velvet Goldmine caps and I'm all "Yay!" but my computer's all "oh, fuck that" and it's going super slow. It's just slogging along, threating to kill itself like my last two computers and I'm telling it "Well if you moved faster you could just get it done with" but that's like telling a nine year old to do his homework. And now my grandma needs to use the phone and I just had to cancel the downloading of, like, four of the files that were right at about 50% and GODDAMNIT I wish she would just get DSL already because both our problems would be solved and I wouldn't be forced into an insane rage where I throw my computer up through the basement ceiling into our living room.

AND my dad's stereo won't work so I have to listen to her damn TV from downstairs on the other side of the house

BUT NOW I can listen to music on my computer since now I don't have any files loading and causing everything else to move like the kids in the hall at school when your class is on the other damn side of the building and you still have to go to your locker.

So now I have to find a way to download the other 7 files (which each take about 2 hours) by 11:00 so that [livejournal.com profile] deadbetty can take them off her website and I can stop eating her bandwidth.
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First of all I totally got my friend to admit that Jack Davenport is hot with this picture )

Also, a pointless ramble about Johnny Depp )
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Bored )


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