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Both of these are from [livejournal.com profile] entwashian because she is cool and I'm just a wannabe.

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No one voted for Pelle Almqvist in my hotness poll, but I decided to chalk it up to ignorance because I don't think you guys even know who he is. But mostly, this is an excuse to spam you with hotness.

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POLL IS CLOSED! Our winner:

JackDav! Who looks appropriately giddy about it.

That was my best poll by far: 11 people voted! Haha! And Kristen even got a vote! SEE I KNEW I WASN'T THE ONLY ONE. (I won't tell you guys who I would've voted for but know that Jack would definitely have gotten my second vote) Anyway, I'm off to the North country to visit a friend until Friday. I guess I should plan a picspam or something for when I get back.

EDIT: I have finally figured out the defining characteristic that ties most of my crushes together: eyebrows! Big, bushy eyebrows!
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Okay, instead of the "least attractive" version of this meme, and spending several days doing it, I'm doing a quick and dirty version!

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Apropos of nothing *whistling*

Mark Strong!

Look at this BAMF right there.

And if I may be so bold:

Holmes/Blackwood > Holmes/Watson.
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via [livejournal.com profile] soophelia

How much freaking cuteness is in this picture? Oh about a bazillion tons.

RSL in glasses and a younger-than-young Matthew Morrison!


Mar. 22nd, 2010 10:04 am
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That's exactly who you think it is.

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Though if it weren't for the eyebrows he looks a lot like Karl Urban, which is weird 'cause Karl Urban does nothing for me. Oh shit, did I admit that out loud? Don't kill me LJ! ;P (But him in his bleached blonde hair from the last post does, I think it's the look)

Oh, and the Crazy Heart soundtrack? Is simply gorgeous!

EDIT: Oh man, Colin can really sing! Country, of all things! It's awesome!
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Okay so yesterday I called bleached blonde hair on guys "scuzzy".

[livejournal.com profile] rayslady countered with this:

and [livejournal.com profile] entwashian with this:



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Hey guys, finally back from radio silence. I got sick really suddenly, like, Wednesday morning I had a little bit of a sore throat, and a little bit of a cough, by Wednesday night I had the full-blown knock-down-drag-out flu. I've pretty much holed myself up these last 5 days, save for venturing out in a blizzard to my friend's dad's wake (which was horribly sad, my friend is one of two of the nicest people I know in the whole world, I've never met anyone who had anything bad to say about her. And her dad wasn't her biological dad, who's pretty much always been out of the picture, but her stepdad who adopted her and her sister a few years ago). Anyway, I'm still coughing my damn face off constantly and I only have about 3/4 of my voice back (I've gone back and forth between raspy and stuffed-up-as-all-hell voices this whole time) but I'm on the mend.

Also managed to lose my cell phone, which I've been able to hold onto for two and a half years, somewhere in the vast snow piles of Wisconsin. I say I've been able to keep it that long 'cause pretty much everyone I know manages to lose or break their phones after about a month, or three months or something. Got a new phone that is super badass though, so it's not too bad. Though I lost all those numbers of people I never call, ho hum.

Yesterday was [livejournal.com profile] escadrilles's birthday, so Happy Birthday! Sorry this is late '^^

The 8th was also David Bowie's birthday. God is now 63. Here's a pic for funsies.

I am insanely excited to hear The Kids in the Hall are back together and I am really hoping that Death Comes to Town will show sometime in the US. I love reading all the interviews with all of them, especially while watching the very early seasons of their show, while seeing them now all...er, old, haha. I think I'm just that little bit more connected to KITH than Monty Python because I was a kid/tween/teen when they aired the show on Comedy Central everyday at 1:00 when I was home for the summer and I was the only person I know (and still kind of am) who watched it/got that humor. Either way, totes stoked for more from tese guys.

Am still missing one grade from last semester. I have no idea why.

Ya know, people always make fun of the midwest, but when you see shows like Jersey Shore, The Real Housewifes of Whatever, The Hills, etc. you realize the midwest is the most normal place in the whole world.

Totally forgot House was on tonight. (Wow, this post is long and pointless, I'll stop now)
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PICSPAM #3! From [livejournal.com profile] senor_coconut_1, "slashy otps that aren't even on screen together...just together in your mind". Not sure if I read it right because I took it as crossover OTPs and/or actors who I want to see together at some point. Either way, I had a hellofa lot of fun with it.

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I've only got one more picspam idea guys, if you have any more I'd be happy to do them, these are fun.

Why do I only come up with cool Halloween costume ideas in January?
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Anyone else? Doctor Who The End of Time:

The Doctor = Katurian
The Master = Michal


Also (spoilery pic) )

John Simm

Dec. 20th, 2009 04:02 pm
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If ever I got famous, this would be my ideal photoshoot: running around in badass coats and sneakers like a damn superhero. It looks pretty good on Simmy though too.

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And a spoilery pic from the new Doctor Who )
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Number of years I've been in college: 3

Number of essays I've written about Maurice in college: 3

[livejournal.com profile] euclase has got me looking through all my pictures of pretty people and staring at their eyes XD So of course I ended up in my Maurice screencaps folder and now I'm wondering, are James Wilby's eyes gray? They seriously look like it!

More here )

This, this is why I need to be doing my homework, so I don't spend all my time with crazy things like this!

EDIT: Daaamn, looking at these pics makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with Clive? If I had this I would lock it up in my basement and never let it leave!
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I love him in those glasses. Seriously, I would hit that so hard.

I had to include this one because everyone's face is hilarious to me, especially Ryan and Jim with Meredith smiling over their shoulders.

I just realized that some people might consider these pics spoilery, but I figure they're only two frames from the whole show and Ryan usually has all of one line an episode. If they're bugging anyone, just holler and I'll put them under a cut.
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What a way to start a day. With a nosebleed.

Registering for classes turned out to be "fun". I knew days ago there was no way the four sections of my next directing class wouldn't be full so I didn't even plan out a schedule or anything. When the server finally stopped being too busy, I just started randomly grabbing classes. As of right now, I will be taking two writing intensive classes (one's about British literature though, score), a "US Pluralism" class (god, I hate going to an art school sometimes, touchy feely crap), a science class about dinosaurs, a class about Jimmy Stewart and a class about John Cleese. So it's not too bad, and I've got 18 credits so I'll finally be where I need to be credit hour-wise.

But, I did the math, and after spring semester I will have all but three requirements filled. The three classes I'll have left are 3 directing classes that are 6 credit hours each. So this means two things: 1. I'll be taking blow off classes just for the credits my senior year and 2. If I don't do summer classes, I'm going to be taking two 6 hour classes in one semester. And, with all the time you need to devote to directing classes, I don't know if I could do that. My friend suggested summer school back home, but those would be the blow off classes I would be taking for the credits sake and I'd rather take classes at my school in the film department.

So my big conundrum right now is: do I do two 6 credit classes one semester senior year, or do I stick around over the summer and take one of those classes? The summer class idea has its merits, I already planned to finally get my ass into an apartment my senior year and I have two people who I'd be living with. And I could get a job down here. And I might be able to work on some local films over the summer too. But, I don't know if my one friend would want to be here over the summer so I could be paying higher rent (and I might have to share a room with someone again, not something I'm excited about). And that means I'd be leaving home sooner than I planned (which, I know, boo hoo big damn deal, but I'm close with my family). So, yeah. If you guys have any opinions on all this, I'd love to hear them.


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