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I had another Pirates of the Caribbean dream last night. That has to be a thing right? If you dream about one random movie (okay, not so random) specifically, often. Although it wasn't really the movie itself like usual, it was the making of. I was sitting on a dock, in full British navy dress, apparently I was in the movie, with Jack Davenport and Orlando Bloom while some people were showing Johnny Depp how to use some of the equipment because he was going to be directing a sequence or something. He was acting really shy and nervous about it. That was probably the weirdest part.

I'm filming my first film for my second Production class next week. I'm kind of scrambling because I just thought of the idea a few days ago and I have to ask my friends for a lot of help. Blah, I don't even want to think about it. Though I have to, the massive preproduction packet is due Friday. My teacher is a spaz. First he didn't tell us that the film was going to be in black and white until, like, a week ago (even though all the other classes were using color), then he sends this email yesterday that said simply: "You can use color on these films. See you Wed."
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Ha! I knew he existed! )

Some pictures from Thanksgiving at my Grandparents house (in links, cause they're huge):
Their backyard and and another.

I actually got around to seeing some movies, reading some books and buying a new CD )
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So, this, like many other events in my life recently, got all dicked up and changed around so that I only really knew what was happening a few hours before it actually happened. My friend Adam got us tickets to the midnight showing on Wednesday, which you can already see is a problem because there was no midnight showing on Wednesday. The website had it all wrong and people were getting tickets that apparently didn't exist. So, when that got straightened out, I then found out I would be giving Adam and his friend a ride at 11:00 p.m. This was a problem because Wednesday my grandma broke her arm and yesterday she had surgery on it. My dad's car, which I was going to take, was over at my uncle's and I had to drive my grandma's car. My grandma had no knowledge of this (and if we can help it, never will). Then Adam calls me at 9:30 saying that we were supposed to meet up with our friend Sam and a few others (including The Traitorous Steve, who's dating Sam. Which is a shame, because TTS is still...well, TTS.) Anyway, we head out to Faizoli's, which is closed, and wait for about twenty minutes for another friend to show up (while these other people in the parking lot were rooting around in their car for about a year, we think they were dealing) and then we go off to IHOP and finally to the movie. We snuck into the 12:01 showing which didn't have a huge line out front. Anyway, The movie (spoiler warning) )

Bonus: Adventures in Bad Writing From Whiny Teenagers )
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I went to see the Spanish Pan's Labyrinth yesterday with my friend Dylan. My overall reaction?
OMG I didn't need to see that!! )

And if you were wondering what I thought about the recent PotC: At World's End spoilers? )

Am now off to finish capping Apollo 13, which is trying to kill me I think.
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Look! More icons! )
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Norrington header and icons for rayslady )
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Right, so, egregious amount of icons I've been storing up. A bunch of different things from PotC to stock kitties.

134 icons of various things )


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