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Okay, instead of the "least attractive" version of this meme, and spending several days doing it, I'm doing a quick and dirty version!

Vote on who you find MOST attractive! Poll under the cut with evidence of hotness! )
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Hey, I need to know if the font of my journal is too small when it comes to fic. I know not all you guys see my journal in my style, but here is a fic in the normal font size and here is fic in a larger font size. Quick poll, if you would, to give me an idea if I need to make the font bigger so it's easier to read. Thank you!!!

[Poll #1600281]
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I am having a semi-mini crisis. I need to pick a scene to direct for Directing 1 for the final. My problem is, I have 3 scenes I like and/or work, and I cannot for the life of me decide between them. The biggest problem is turning out to be length, they're only supposed to be 8 minutes long, and my shortest pick is exactly 8. They're all Martin McDonagh scenes, and they all feature 2 or 3 characters, and no one of them would be impossible...Ugh, here's pros and cons for each: [Poll #1470062][Poll #1470062]

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[Poll #831529]

EDIT: The DVD for Dead Man's Chest will be released in December, At World's End (the 3rd movie) will be released in theaters next July.


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