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So I wrapped my film last night. The one that's essentially been 10 months in the making and 9 weeks in planning. I am bone tired. My soul is exhausted. I'll probably do a ginormous write up of the biggest events of the whole thing, but today I'm going to stay off my feet, rest my voice, maybe go to a wrap-party later and then tomorrow I am going to watch the dailies and take the first bus home to Wisconsin. The hardest part is over with, so I'll be able to return to LJ and all you lovely people, just give me a day or two to sleep it off.
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Okay, so you know how last time I was on set for Practicum I fucked up my knee real bad? I was worried I really did something to it but after a week it was getting better and then after two weeks there was no problem. It's been pretty much perfect since.

I was on set for 10 MINUTES today and it started right the fuck back up! WTH is that? Is this like when some people can tell the weather when their earlobes swell or something, when I'm near this location my knee tries to murder the pain receptors in my brain?!

Oh, and that's not the capper. I tripped on the steps of the trailer today and guess what I landed on. That's right, THE SAME FUCKING KNEE. Jammed it right on the metal, got a giant gooseegg on the back of my knee with a loverly red and black and blue bruise forming, with two smaller bruises just for luck.

I don't know what it is but I always come off of sets physically the worse for wear. Anyway, I have homework still to do for Monday - I know, fuck me, right? - so after that I will SHOWER YOU ALL WITH SO MUCH ATTENTION THAT YOU WILL ALL WANT ME TO LEAVE YOU ALONE FOREVER.
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Okay, so, it turns out I DID have to do paperwork. Right around 10 AM I got a call from the old AD that I would have to do the call sheets. The problem? I was in class until 5 PM. And I've never done an official call sheet before. So, I run home after class, get to work on the call sheet only to find I can't set the time for the crew to be on set because... well, I have no fucking clue who's on the crew. Most of my phonecalls to find out who's on crew went as such:

Me: Hey, I'm doing the call sheets, I need to know who's on crew.
Them: Uh, I don't know.

I had to basically call every department head to find out each individual crew member. Oh, and the producer, director and old AD were all telling me the wrong call times, and no one knew if we needed to have the gun wrangler on set* or how people were getting to set and...oy. Big hassle, but it's done, and not too badly if I may say so myself. Tomorrow's the actual shoot, then I go home in the afternoon. Will update you guys when I'm back in good old 'Sconnie. Sorry I've been so wrapped up in myself and my own drama lately, after tomorrow I'm on break for a bit so I will give you all the attention and lurrve you deserve.

*Yes, we have a gun wrangler on set. We used three prop guns and an actual BB gun in the shoot so we needed someone who was a gun expert to come and watch over the shoot. And the cool part was only 6 people were allowed to touch the guns: gun wrangler, director, the 3 actors and me!
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And that is a WRAP. Four days of getting up at 4 AM to hobble around a freezing cold - sometimes rainy - very dirty and dangerous set babysitting 3 preteen boys who were hellbent on getting themselves killed on anything they could find is OVER.

Oh, yeah, and I couldn't swear.

Seriously though, WTH did I do to my leg? Owie.
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That is how many people are interested in acting in my scene. Okay so I've gotten emails from about 15 of them, but the auditions aren't until tomorrow night and Friday so there's plenty of time to get more. And they just keep coming! That website is magic! Usually I have to beg for actors on my hands and knees and always end up using friends just because I can't find anyone else, so to have 52 potential actors is INSANE for me. And one of the guys I saw tonight was good so yay!

And I'm totally not going to mention that this influx is pretty much due to one of the characters being a 18-22 year old girl and those actresses are a dime a dozen in this city, heh. Now if only I could get a location and crew, this might be a good scene! HA.
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Okay, have to post because I am having the weirdest freakout. I mean, I'm freaking out over good things, essentially.

So, I put out a casting notice last Friday for this website. They email back at the end of the day saying it'll go live Monday. Nuts to that because I have auditions set up for Tuesday (also Wednesday and Friday). Oh well. Anyway, weekend happens. Then today:

12:21 - The notice goes live
3:00 - I leave for class
3:07 - Website emails me saying notice has gone live
5:10 - I get back from class, don't think to check my email
10:00 - I check my email, then the site
10:01 - FREAK OUT because there are almost 40 PEOPLE interested in auditioning

Which is a good, awesome, great thing, only I just found out I don't have a room to audition people in on Tuesday and no one to help out. And I have no idea how to use the website and get in touch with these people. So I just messaged them all with my contact info and hoped I didn't look like an idiot. I'm hoping people will want to come to the Wednesday and Friday auditions so I don't have to scramble too much tomorrow, even though I'm seeing two guys tomorrow anyway. OH and one of them called me, tonight. Yeah, at 11:30. Dude's lucky I've been mainlining candy and Coke all night and am wide awake otherwise I might be pissed.

So anyway, yeah, I'm freaking out just because I wasn't expecting this I guess. Also, I really need to clean my desktop because I'm two seconds away from accidentally sending some poor actor my bad fic instead of the audition sides. And I need to wake up early tomorrow and do shit.
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You guys, it looks like I got punched in the face. I am so tired and worn out that the circles under my eyes look like I've got two black eyes. But, despite all the hassles and the fuck ups and the last minutes disasters, my shoot today went really well. I'm happy with it and I hope it turns out as good as I imagine it was, because being on set today was great and everyone was so nice and goofy and all in all, I'm happy. I might only have about $400 for the next, er, 7 months but otherwise I'm good.

Also, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead may be one of my new favorite movies. Comment if you agree.
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Fun little filmmaking problem of the day: My actor is 6'3", the space is...well, not. Not only that, but the other actor is only 5'9", so while he's not short, he's definitely not tall whereas the other guy is very tall.

Hmmmm, this is a toughie.
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Watched Shutter Island last night and HOLY. CRAP. SO. GORGEOUS. I swear I've never seen such a freaking well lit film. The colors were so clear and crisp and the lightning strikes were genius. Guh, I'm having a freaking cinematic orgasm over here. Overall I'd give the film a B+ though I don't feel like explaining why I'd grade it down, nor do I think I could really articulate why without going into minute detail. ANYWAY, I totally want to do a scene from it for my Scene Study class next fall and I've already got the script rewritten and I sent it to my teacher and...he says he's not sure I'd be up for it. Hmmm. Part of it is that he already admitted he hated the film but then he said that it seems really complicated and he wasn't sure I'd be able to pull it off - it is kind of complicated too. I don't know if this is a challenge, or he really believes it. If he believes it why would he let me into the class? Whatever, I'm in love with it and maybe it's just the rush of inspiration and initial infatuation but I'm dying to do it.

EDIT: Hehe, I argued my case and he responded: "Sounds like you have a good idea of what to do with your scene and I like your ambition." Now I think I'm going to have to actually pull this off!
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I can't do it, people it's become physically fucking impossible for me to choose between the two scripts. I can't even distinguish them in my head, I think of one I think about the other. I have asked so many damn people and I have gotten so many differents answers. I don't know the hell to do, I shoot next Tuesday. I wish I could just close my eyes and pick one but I don't think I could even do that MY BRAIN WON'T LET ME.

If it makes you guys hate me any less (and if you do, I really don't blame you) I'm leaning towards the simplier one of the two just because of time constraints.

*headdesk times a trillion*
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I...think I may have actually grown. Internally that is, maturity wise. In a very specific way. I mean, today we showed the shots from our shoot that was last Thursday and my teacher kind of criticized my directing, not like, explicitly but just a few things. Now, I got upset, like I always do, because my ego is small and fragile and I am a wimp when it comes to criticism especially when it's about my directing. And I was really kind of put off and frustrated for a few minutes...and then I wasn't. I'm still a little ticked because today she told me my actor was too intense but while on set she specifically told me he wasn't intense enough (she pulled me aside to tell me this and it threw me for a fucking loop and completely put me off the rest of my shoot, which wasn't very nice of her) but then again, she obviously isn't in my head, she might not know she contradicted herself, and yes, there were problems and I could fix them, but I don't have to revamp my scene, I don't have to tailor it to her, it's still mine and if I decide I want him to be that intense, that's my choice, because it's my film. That's one thing I do love about film, because sure, you have to answer to a lot of people when it comes to movie making, but there's still just enough control that the director is alloted for it to be their film still. So, six months ago, a week ago, even a few days ago, I would still be huffing and puffing about her criticism, but right now, I'm doing fine. Can't guarantee it won't hit me later and I'll turn into a sniveling ball of nerves like before, but right now it's not bugging me.
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Hola guys. I am currently in the limbo between worlds, somewhere between semesters. I...don't want to get into the lovely details right now because it's late and I am - again again - packing. Only this time I can only have one tote of stuff before I spend the next five weeks on the couch.

Sorry, I sound whiney, but really I'm just a little wrecked and there's so much I still have to do. I am missing eljay like crazy, and I'm actually missing writing fic and making icons too. I haven't really talked with any of you in weeks and I'm feeling super out of the loop.

Anyway, here's a meme:

5 questions from euclase ) Holler if you want 5 questions of your own!

Also, have you heard the news about Megan Fox getting booted from the next Transformers movie? HAHAHAHA, that's what you get bitch! Maybe now Shia will get scared and shut it. (I swear, there needs to be a clause in actors' contracts stating they have to wait at least 5 years after the movie's come out to bad mouth it or anyone involved)

What's with every commercial-maker suddenly discovering The Hives?
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I could not be in a better mood. Despite my actor not showing that weekend, my scene today was marvelous! We easily had the best scene out of the bunch, all the actions were motivated, my actors were off book and remembered all their blocking, the dynamic between the three was perfect, it was just...exactly what I wanted. Seriously, nothing in the world feels better to me than feeling like I'm making the right choice, that I'm actually persuing something I not only love and have fun with, but I'm good at. I've never felt that before.

I also have come to terms with the fact that I'm a whore for compliments. Criticism, even carefully worded constructive criticism, makes me shy away like a snail in its shell but compliments make a giddy little puppy dog. It's kind of pathetic, haha.
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Pigeons! Pigeons! My kingdom for some pigeons!!

I knew it! I knew it! As soon as I deleted that damn bird icon I would need it! Also, not quite dead, but am in status of limbo, it feels.
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Housey Housey House (spoilers) )

Somebody wish me luck, I have no idea how I'm going to pull off my final film for Production.
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I had another Pirates of the Caribbean dream last night. That has to be a thing right? If you dream about one random movie (okay, not so random) specifically, often. Although it wasn't really the movie itself like usual, it was the making of. I was sitting on a dock, in full British navy dress, apparently I was in the movie, with Jack Davenport and Orlando Bloom while some people were showing Johnny Depp how to use some of the equipment because he was going to be directing a sequence or something. He was acting really shy and nervous about it. That was probably the weirdest part.

I'm filming my first film for my second Production class next week. I'm kind of scrambling because I just thought of the idea a few days ago and I have to ask my friends for a lot of help. Blah, I don't even want to think about it. Though I have to, the massive preproduction packet is due Friday. My teacher is a spaz. First he didn't tell us that the film was going to be in black and white until, like, a week ago (even though all the other classes were using color), then he sends this email yesterday that said simply: "You can use color on these films. See you Wed."
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My stomach is growling at me, but to actually get up and get food would require me to put on a shirt. Haha, sorry, TMI. It happens everyday: I get to a point where I just don't want to put on clothes and all kinds of things get put off because of that.

I have been hella busy lately, mostly with film classes. Many a thing I have planned hasn't happened because of something or other that has to be done. I've been dying to play The Sims 2 for days now but by the time I'd get the thing up and running I'd have to close it and do something else. I did finally have time, though, to watch the season premire of House that I missed. Without spoiling anything: Awww, Wilson!! Also watched the new Office last night and...well, AWWWW Jim and Pam!! (And poor, poor Toby. He makes me so sad.)

Well, I am off to finally get dressed and procure food and after that I'm off to a movie set! Haha, should've led with that, huh? I'm going to be a production assistant on a film this whole weekend, and then I'm helping out a classmate with a film on Monday so this'll probably be the last you see of me until Monday night at least.


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