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POLL IS CLOSED! Our winner:

JackDav! Who looks appropriately giddy about it.

That was my best poll by far: 11 people voted! Haha! And Kristen even got a vote! SEE I KNEW I WASN'T THE ONLY ONE. (I won't tell you guys who I would've voted for but know that Jack would definitely have gotten my second vote) Anyway, I'm off to the North country to visit a friend until Friday. I guess I should plan a picspam or something for when I get back.

EDIT: I have finally figured out the defining characteristic that ties most of my crushes together: eyebrows! Big, bushy eyebrows!
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Okay, instead of the "least attractive" version of this meme, and spending several days doing it, I'm doing a quick and dirty version!

Vote on who you find MOST attractive! Poll under the cut with evidence of hotness! )
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1. Choose a picture of the funniest face on your person.

Aww, don't pout Jack, you get one too. (Couldn't help it XD) )
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Right, so, egregious amount of icons I've been storing up. A bunch of different things from PotC to stock kitties.

134 icons of various things )
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I've been working on icons for a while now and one day I realized I've built up around 100 so I decided to just finish them off so now I've got 100 icons of various things.
Icons of David Bowie, Keen Eddie, Brokeback Mountain, Smallville, Pirates of the Carribbean, Velvet Goldmine, Lord of the Rings, various actors )


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