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Again, wasn't sure if I wanted to post this just yet, but I figure I might as well. This is [livejournal.com profile] momo_maurice's fic! Her prompt was "Jim/Ryan fluff! Like, they eat breakfast or watch Lifetime together or something." I was lucky enough that it actually fit into a much larger project I've been working on, which is the part I wasn't sure I wanted to share yet since I'm not done with it.

I'm doing the [livejournal.com profile] 10_per_genre prompt tables for Jim/Ryan (The Office). All of them, that's right. I think I mentioned once or twice back in October/November that I was writing something. Well, this is what I was talking about. There are 15 tables, each has 10 prompts except for the last one, which has 14. That's 154 fics. As of right now, I have 90 of varying lengths. I started in October, but I got busy with school things so I didn't start up again 'til just now and I thought momo_maurice's prompt sounded perfect for the comedy prompt of "Caught in the act".

Eventually I'll post all the fics that go with this, though I'm not sure I can actually post to the challenge comm, I don't think I followed the rules right, oops. So think of this as kind of a preview.

Title: Lifetime
Fandom: The Office
Pairing: Jim/Ryan
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own.
Spoilers: Nada
Summary: Jim catches Ryan in the act...

Fic under here )
In other news, failed spectacularly at driving again today. Got this close to hitting this tiny little orange Bug that I didn't see, at all. Still, wasn't a totally bad day, went to a pet store to see my friend who works there and got to hold a snake and the world's cutest Boston Terrier puppy. Like, I almost cried I wanted to take her home so much.
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"John and I have been a couple for a few years now..."

Don't tease me BJ! That's not nice!

"What are you doing?!"
"I'm trying...to put you to sleep"

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Okay, it's official, you all are invited to my wedding to Ryan Howard.
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I love him in those glasses. Seriously, I would hit that so hard.

I had to include this one because everyone's face is hilarious to me, especially Ryan and Jim with Meredith smiling over their shoulders.

I just realized that some people might consider these pics spoilery, but I figure they're only two frames from the whole show and Ryan usually has all of one line an episode. If they're bugging anyone, just holler and I'll put them under a cut.
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Okay so I'm terrible. I was up early and awake for two hours because my friend wanted me to help him with a project, but it's too dark out to do it so he cancelled and I totally went back to bed. Anyway, I had another dream when I was napping (I know, no one cares about dreams but I'm really only sharing the ones that are either actually interesting or make sense, there's a whole lot more that are just plain ridiculous). First, I went to a movie with Rhys Ifans and I was trying to make sure no one recognized him, then I went sledding with Joel McHale down, like, these suburban streets and at the bottom I ran into Daniel Craig but he was signing something for someone and I didn't want to bother him. Now, why can't this all happen in real life?

Oh, fine you get your own tag Ryan, you're too freaking adorable for words. Wish we had seen him with the glasses on, but then I think I'd try to jump him through the screen and that can't be good for my laptop.

Oh, and here's Joel being cute as hell.

Who wouldn't want to go sledding with that?

Also, called my mom, so I'm not wanted for insurance fraud or whatever it was and someone uploaded the 100 Scariest Movie Moments for me, so yay!
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So I woke up this morning, and I stared at my alarm clock for a while, thinking I'd made a mistake and ready to go right back to sleep. Then I realized I did, in fact, have to be awake at 6 am on a Friday.

Hahaha, oh Ryan. You are just begging for your own tag aren't you.

EDIT: Oh. Oh man. Ryan. I love you. (Watching the episode, can you tell? There may have to be more caps.)
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I don't think this is spoiler-y: OMG Ryan and his fedora! Stop making me love you Ryan Howard, I'm starting to look like a weirdo.

Sorry this is totally spammy and probably completely uninteresting to the rest of you, but I'm seriously still confused about what makes Graham Chapman so appealing to me. I think this helps (from The AV Club):

AVC: You’ve mentioned that your writing partnership with Graham Chapman became more difficult as his drinking got worse. What did he bring to the writing?

John Cleese: He was fine at the beginning. I mean, Gray was always lazy. He was never in the engine room. He used to, as it were, sit outside. I remember writing a film script with him one summer, and he was literally sunning himself on the balcony, shouting suggestions. [Laughs.] I was in the shade with a typewriter. He was a lazy fellow, but he had two extraordinary qualities. One was, he was a wonderful sounding board. If Gray laughed, the audience laughed. And when you’re young and inexperienced, you can’t have anything more important than that. It was quite extraordinary how he seemed to know. The other thing was that suddenly, after a long period of silence, he would say something very much off-the-wall that would prevent me from being too logical. I have a tendency sometimes to get too logical with what I’m writing, just because I want it to be kind of perfect, like a [Georges] Feydeau farce can be perfect, but of course, that can rob it a little bit of surprise. He was able to provide that element.

This proves a lot of things, chief among them that John Cleese is capable of liking someone every once in a while and that he does call him Gray! It was driving me nuts watching him on Almost the Truth because I thought I was just hearing "Graham" wrong. Anyone know why he calls him this?

Also, it is raining balls out there and I have to trek up North to the DePaul campus to drop off flyers for an open call for my directing class. We currently only have five people to fill 24 roles, gah.

EDIT: Apparently that address does not exist, so either I wrote it down wrong, or he told me it wrong. Hmm, I'm gonna go with him because while the numbers "231" appear in pretty much every address for that school, they never appear in that order and always in conjunction with a 5 or 0. Nice waste of an hour and half that was.


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