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So, guess what I haven't watched in weeks? House! Don't have time to get into the details why, but I'm really sick of the Wilson hate in the fandom so I felt this was needed:

Pic from [livejournal.com profile] soophelia, hope you don't mind, I figured it's for a good cause.
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I am home for break. It's pretty sweet so far, I think.

I haven't read a House fic in forever. It's making me sad because I'm really falling out of love with the show. The stupid things they keep insisting on are making it hard for me to get excited about the good things. I didn't even watch the last two episodes. I mean, there's still so much good fic and stuff, but I can't seem to give a damn. *sigh* Looks like I have another Smallville on my hands.

But look at that icon! He's so in love with Wilson! *pout*
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So, yeah, that was pretty much an awesome episode of House. Actually that's an understatement, it was OMG BEST EPISODE OF HOUSE EVAR!!!!1

Ahem. Much love. Can't wait til the next one.

They are so ridiculously in love with each other.
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Where are House and Wilson from originally? Actually, where are most of those people from originally? Because I just realized that they live in New Jersey. Which...makes me laugh for one thing, then I wonder where their Jersey accents all are. I have a friend from Jersey and it's not a thick accent but "talk" and "coffee" never get by without sounding like "tawk" and "cawfee". There should be more fics about the Jersey-ness of it all. Or a crossover with Stephanie Plum. I would pay a lot to read that.
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Okay, why haven't we gotten a musical episode of House? Because everytime Jesus is Calling comes up on my playlist, I curse the damn producers that we haven't heard this man sing yet.
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I know for most people those full body scans in hospitals are nothing more than paranoia fodder, but man, I really should go in for general checkup or something. I feel like crap more often, in very specific ways, than I should. Blah. Debating whether I'm going to stick around for class after another rehearsal today. Yesterday I ended up trekking all the way up north to sit around in this guy's apartment for an hour listening to too loud music and inhaling cigarette smoke which just made me sicker, for nothing. The other guy didn't even show up. Oh, and the kid directing us is a total flake, he has no idea what he's going to do with our scene and he hasn't picked the scene for his final yet even though it was due Tuesday so the teacher knows what kind of actors to ask for. He hasn't even started looking for a scene. AND, the kid who I'm rehearsing with today specifically chose the most emotional scene in the entire script and last time he acted he barely passed as "awake". I am not holding out too much hope for either.

Is it wrong to still want to pimp my House/Wilson fanmix? I am ridculously in love with how it turned out and I want more people to listen to it. And so far "Lose You" is the most downloaded song but I think that's just because of that fucking Kutner episode. Damn show, stealing my ideas.
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This took me forever. A year, in fact.

Lose You . On Your Side, a House/Wilson fanmix

I hope someone listens to this, the putting together of songs and image making was easy, the process of actually getting it out there kicked my sorry ass.
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I keep conflating a dream I had last night with the last episode of House.
House spoilers and episode reaction )
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How can something like Susan Boyle not make you smile? Seriously, when the audience starts clapping after her first line, it just gets to me. I have no idea why absolutely none of the videos allow embedding.

And I figured something out about House that I'm not going to like. )
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House (Spoilers) )

In other news I've been hanging out on this website called Omegle.com. It just sets you up in a chat with a random stranger, doesn't say who they are, or tell them who you are. It's fascinating.
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Housey Housey House (spoilers) )

Somebody wish me luck, I have no idea how I'm going to pull off my final film for Production.
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Right, so, egregious amount of icons I've been storing up. A bunch of different things from PotC to stock kitties.

134 icons of various things )


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