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Okay, so this needs a little backstory. Last year I convinced my friend Jon that I was Jewish, which is why I had a Menorah and insisted on saying Happy Holidays. He actually felt bad about it because he didn't know. I came clean and he called me an idiot. This year I managed to get Katie with the same gag, and she completely believed me. I don't know how I'm getting people to fall for this, I've known Katie for three years now. Anyway, I was chatting with Jon on Facebook and I started it by saying "MERRY CHRISTMAS SON" (he likes to call everyone "son", don't ask.) He replied with: "MERRY JEWISH THING DAUGHTER"

And he signed off by saying: "ill be talking to ya...Have a merry Christmas you fake jew"

Hahahaha, sorry, I guess it just made me laugh.

Still don't know any of my grades and I'm starting to freak out. One or two classes I could understand, three even. But all four?
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I'm still a little heart-achey after yesterday, and I finally broke down and am currently doing laudry (because I am just that neurotic and pathetic. I'm also retarded because I keep forgetting to put money on some kind of card to renew my account here, even though I've gotten, like, three emails). However I'm trying to stay giddy because not only is my friend Emily coming down today to see U2 in concert, I also get to see U2 in concert (and every place I'm been to in the city so far this week has been playing U2 music, haha) and today's my 5th Year LJ Anniversary! Yay!

A Little Introspection and Some Request Gifts )

Hope you guys are having a great day!
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Actually I was just thinking about this. I think I met [livejournal.com profile] biting_moopie, [livejournal.com profile] rayslady and [livejournal.com profile] jenlan almost all around the same time. Actually, looking it up, yeah, it was jenlan first, rayslady second (on the same post too!) and then moopie.

OMG, it is like a fucking hotbox in my room. You know in old prison movies where they'd send the rebellious prisoner to a small metal box in the yard that always sat out in the sun? That is my room right now.
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