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Hey, I need to know if the font of my journal is too small when it comes to fic. I know not all you guys see my journal in my style, but here is a fic in the normal font size and here is fic in a larger font size. Quick poll, if you would, to give me an idea if I need to make the font bigger so it's easier to read. Thank you!!!

[Poll #1600281]
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I swear Inception is the only fandom where I could possibly have an OT6 for chrissake. And Arthur has a habit of speaking in italics. Every fic so far he's felt the need to say something to somebody in italics.

Oh, and what the eff is up with all the fic writing I've been doing lately? I wrote maybe one fic every three years for how long and now I can't stop writing. And in the weirdest fandoms too! The Office? No one reads that, especially not Jim/Ryan which I've apparently clung too for reasons I don't think I understand. Now all this Inception nonsense.

Oh, got my computer back, btw. New keyboard's all shiny and new!
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Agh, posting my fic to comms always feels like ripping a bandaid off, I have to do it quick or I'll chicken out. And then I always want to like, run and hide for a little while afterwards.

Oh, and also: I SHOOK CHRIS DIFFORD'S HAND. Sorry, every time I think about it again I start grinning like a fool, hee.
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Guyzzz, the mystery genre is kicking my ass.
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It's kind of stupid to miss fictional characters, isn't it? Either way I just finished another Jim/Ryan ficlet where Jim's a bad version of 007 and Ryan's a very reluctant Bond Girl and I kind of love it to tears.
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I just killed Pam. And I feel a little bad about it, but it's actually a really cool story.

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I wrote this the other day for my Jim/Ryan [livejournal.com profile] 10_per_genre fics and I think it's one of the best things I've written for this whole project:

"And Pam's great. Pam's wonderful. Hell, Pam's perfect, with her sweet smile and sparkling eyes and the way she fits Jim just so...

Ryan doesn't fit Jim at all. Jim and Ryan are puzzle pieces from opposite ends of the picture being smashed together by a three-year-old who doesn't get the concept of puzzles. Ryan doesn't smile."

108/154. Getting there.


Yesterday my British Authors teacher was talking about Joseph Conrad and he couldn't figure out what Conrad's second language was until one of the kids in our class looked it up online and told him it was French.

"Me and Conrad went to different high schools together so I used to know that."

I ♥ him.


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