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I don't know about that but last night I had a dream a bear tried to eat my head! It was awful! And at one point, it turned into Senor Chang from Community, and it was still scary somehow.
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I had the most awesome dream last night. I dreamed that I had bags full of Joker action figures that I had forgotten about and I was going to have to move everything off my shelf just to fit them on because there were so many.

Oh, wait, did I say awesome? I meant NERDIST THING IN THE HISTORY OF THE PLANET. Bahahaha.
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Hey guis! I'mma back from the Bahamas, with pictures and a sunburn right outta Dante, but that's not important right now, right now what's important is that I HAD A DREAM I WAS A WHALE.

I was a humpback whale and I haaaated it - for those of you new to my brand of weirdness, whales freak me right out, they're too damn big. Anyway, I was a whale, upset because I was a whale, but at the same time, obsessed with krill. My thought process was basically: "Ahhh! I'm a whale! I hate this! But I could really go for some krill right now!"

Ahem. Anywhoodle, will be trying to play catch up today, but if there's something you really want me to see, comment here.
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So my brain's not completely stupid, I had a "Ted and Barney kiss" dream last night. It was actually only the actors pulling a joke, but it was really long. Also, still.

I've got to stop having these fandom dreams, I'm such a nerd.
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I'm having a lot of weird dreams lately. Just took a nap where I bought a sandwich and I kept going back up to the girl to give her a bigger tip and she kept saying something under her breath when I was leaving, which is why I think I kept going back. Then I took a nap right on the booth inside the shop.

Also, I had a freaky ass nightmare last night. It started as a Criminal Minds episode about a serial killer, but the most fucked up serial killer ever. Like, if I ever make a movie based on that dream, it would be just as freaky - if not more - than The Silence of the Lambs. The only good part is that, for some reason, I was friends with Hugh Laurie.
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Apparently Dream-Logic me doesn't think having lunch with Tom Hanks is a big deal. Dream-Logic me is an idiot.
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Okay so I'm terrible. I was up early and awake for two hours because my friend wanted me to help him with a project, but it's too dark out to do it so he cancelled and I totally went back to bed. Anyway, I had another dream when I was napping (I know, no one cares about dreams but I'm really only sharing the ones that are either actually interesting or make sense, there's a whole lot more that are just plain ridiculous). First, I went to a movie with Rhys Ifans and I was trying to make sure no one recognized him, then I went sledding with Joel McHale down, like, these suburban streets and at the bottom I ran into Daniel Craig but he was signing something for someone and I didn't want to bother him. Now, why can't this all happen in real life?

Oh, fine you get your own tag Ryan, you're too freaking adorable for words. Wish we had seen him with the glasses on, but then I think I'd try to jump him through the screen and that can't be good for my laptop.

Oh, and here's Joel being cute as hell.

Who wouldn't want to go sledding with that?

Also, called my mom, so I'm not wanted for insurance fraud or whatever it was and someone uploaded the 100 Scariest Movie Moments for me, so yay!
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I had a dream last night where the little ducklings I was taking care of turned into centipedes. It was gross. Although it did include a lovely bit of comedy where I tried to explain to a guy who only spoke Arabic that the mother duck needed to be let outside while I was holding the duck and it was whapping me in the head with its wings.

In other news, however, I was just looking at the TV schedule because Ray has gotten me horribly addicted to Criminal Minds, and I always check what episodes of CSI Miami they're playing just in case it's the episode with Tim Omundson I've been looking for. Guess which one's playing in half and hour?! Bitching.

EDIT: Oh that was painful. That show hurts my brain. But I got to see Tim! In closeup even! And, ahem, side view...So, eh, I'd say it was worth it.
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I honestly had a nightmare last night that a girl I know from school found my LJ and I was freaking out and contemplating changing the name or f-locking the whole thing. And if I remember correctly, she only left a comment like "Hey, it's me. Found your journal, thought I'd say Happy Birthday!" and for some reason it was my birthday, even though it was like, today.
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I had a dream last night where I controlled my stereo just by moving my hand in a certain way. It was sweet.

I'm in a good mood today. Man, I wish at least some of you guys lived around here, then we could go out and get lunch and yammer about fandom and Jack Davenport. That was one of the best things about living in a dorm, your friends are right down the hall. Living here, getting my friends to go out with me is like pulling teeth.
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I had another Pirates of the Caribbean dream last night. That has to be a thing right? If you dream about one random movie (okay, not so random) specifically, often. Although it wasn't really the movie itself like usual, it was the making of. I was sitting on a dock, in full British navy dress, apparently I was in the movie, with Jack Davenport and Orlando Bloom while some people were showing Johnny Depp how to use some of the equipment because he was going to be directing a sequence or something. He was acting really shy and nervous about it. That was probably the weirdest part.

I'm filming my first film for my second Production class next week. I'm kind of scrambling because I just thought of the idea a few days ago and I have to ask my friends for a lot of help. Blah, I don't even want to think about it. Though I have to, the massive preproduction packet is due Friday. My teacher is a spaz. First he didn't tell us that the film was going to be in black and white until, like, a week ago (even though all the other classes were using color), then he sends this email yesterday that said simply: "You can use color on these films. See you Wed."
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I am driving myself insane. I need something epic to happen. Not epic in the sense of aliens destroying the earth (though I totally had that dream last night, it was The Day After Tomorrow with aliens, I even survived by climbing on the roof of the New York library) but, like...something. I'm bored, frustrated, pissy and depressed and I need something good to happen. I think that's basically what I've been waiting for my whole life. Wow, that was sappy, apologies.
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Oh, forgot about this awesomesauce: I dreamt I was Batman last night. Only it wasn't as awesome as my Norrington-is-Batman dream because it was all about me worrying about missing two days of work at JoAnns to fight crime. And no one suspected me because everyone thought Batman was a guy.
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I had a dream last night that I had a tape that had every movie that Ewan McGregor and Jonathan Rhys Meyers had done together (and none of them were Velvet Goldmine) and there was one where they were settlers in the old west and it was apparently very good.
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God, my dreams have gotten so weird. Weird because they never used to make sense, stuff about flying hampsters and wolves with cones in their mouths that could turn people into scarecrows. Now they make some kind of modicon of sense. First there was Batman!Norrington, then the one after that and last night I had a dream that House kissed Wilson in the new episode but it turned out to be a hallucination of the ketamine. Soon they will be like little movies while I'm asleep.

Ugh, tomorrow I have an 8 hour shift at the deli. By 2:30 I'll be swinging from the lights.

Does anyone have a copy of Tori Amos's 'A Sorta Fairytale' they could upload for me? (I'm going to keep asking because I've had it stuck in my head all summer and it's driving me insane.)
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I had a dream that I got to see a special showing of PotC 3 and James Norrington was secretly Batman.


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