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Dear Roomie,

You can't accidentally buy the wrong size underwear, offer to give them to me, then ask for $5 for them. I did not want nor need new underwear and am taking them only because, well, one can never have too much underwear. Go back to passive-aggressively washing the dishes.

Knock it off, michals


Dear School,

Figure out your fucking system for reserving rooms. This is the 100th time you've fucked me over.

Fucking fuck fuck, michals


Dear actors,


WTH, michals



You're adorable. You make me happy. I wish I was friends with these people. Will still pitch a fit if you put Barney and Robin back together.

Seriously, michals


Dear Boardwalk Empire,

Keep being awesome.

HELL. YES. michals


FUCK. Almost forgot to register for classes!
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Dear Body,

Can we fucking quit it with the moles already? I mean, I'm already covered, do I really need to turn around everyday just to find more? "Oh, that one wasn't there yesterday. That one's new." If you've ever seen someone who has so many freckles they just look like a giant freckle, that's going to be me, only with moles.


P.S. I'm starting to think this journal should have one of those 'adult content' warnings, I've been saying Fuck a lot.


Feb. 16th, 2007 07:42 pm
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Dear the multitudes of girls wearing mini skirts and/or flip flops in our current weather of -35 degrees and windy,

Seriously, what the hell are you thinking? Are you thinking at all?

Doubtful, michals

Dear The Spam,

Go Away. Please. I would appreciate at least one day in this life that I don't have to delete 30+ spam e-mails from my inbox.

No love, go to hell, michals

Dear that chick in my art class who's not actually in my art class because she graduated at the semester but comes by every day just because she "wants to" but really so she can show off how fantastic she is at art while yammering on about her modeling job in Milan,

Give me a break. I know you're good and all and the teacher loves you but I have spent 3 days staring at Robert Sean Leonard's (very pretty) face contemplating the massive task of shading his upper lip while resisting the urge to throw a box of colored pencils at you. I mean, really.

Leave, michals

Dear the -40 degree Photography room,

AHH! God!

Fix the boiler already, I can't feel my fingers, michals

Dear Robert Sean Leonard's very pretty face,


That is all, michals
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The commercial for the store I work for has a dancing turkey in the style of those iPod commercials. It's funny and also really, really weird.

If you are a depressed, morose, miserable person I dare you to play hide and seek with your 6 year old cousins. If that doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will.

I never knew I owned this much pink. Items I already own that match the pink and burgandy tye-dyed hippy shirt I just bought:

  • Three pairs of socks
  • Two belts
  • A watch
  • A 50s style headband that I bought because it was cute but never thought would match anything

Note to my uncle's drunk girlfriend )


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