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Okay, so uhm, you know how a few days ago I said my computer was fixed? I lied. I lied like a lying liar. BUT I finally nutted up and took it to a professional and they were awesome and fast and cheap and she should be good now. ON THE OTHER HAND I have started classes and one of my teachers is desperately trying to give us more work than we're supposed to have (seriously, she told us something would be due tomorrow when the syllabus says Tuesday) and she hasn't sent us the OMG HUGE director's breakdown for our first scenes. That's due tomorrow. And we have to write our final scene in that class while none of the other classes had to. Due Tuesday. Also she made one of the guys in my class stare at my cleavage.

Fuck I am not fond of summer school.

But but but I might not have a very busy weekend, we'll see. My 10_per_genre fics have taken the ultimate backseat during all this and I am kind of pissy about it because I thought I'd knock those out by December and I've only got four months before it becomes a year since I started them.

On the bright side, I am wearing magic pants!!!
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Okay, back to your regularly scheduled spazzing.

(Although I totally have so much more stuff to bring over from my other account and the new account still has problems. *sigh* Why do computers hate me so much?)

Saw How to Train Your Dragon last night and for some reason I am just head over heels for it. I mean, it's not perfect and I can pick out a lot of stuff that isn't perfect but I still adore it like stupid crazy. We actually saw Dragon because we watched Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs and that was surprisingly awesome so we had high hopes for Dragon and they totally paid off. Seriously, it's really beautiful and fun to watch in 3D and the story is sooo cute and awesome you should see it now.

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I'm back after another weekend off the computer. And...it's my new computer! That's why, I got my new laptop on Saturday, so I've mostly been setting it up (okay, I've been having my brother set it up, he knows what he's doing). And I was gone all day yesterday with family.

It's a Gateway. When we went in to shop, the Dells were all too expensive so it was between the Vaio I was certain I was going to get, and this one. This one had about a half dozen things that were better, and was $50 cheaper, so, yeah. It's so wide. It's 1366 pixels wide, and it has plastic on either side so it barely fits in my backpack. Haha, I'm gonna have to make my own wallpapers for it.

Also saw Star Trek Saturday, do plan to write about later tonight or tomorrow. (It was awesome, btw)
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You, with all the great reviews. Get in my house. Nooooowwwww. Grrargh, I want a new laptop sooon, this one hates my guts.

Although the Dells do come in all kinds of cool colors.
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I forgot, it seems like I might be getting a new laptop sooner than the ass-end of summer, so my question is what kind of laptop do you use? I did the math, and it seems my laptop only lasted a little over a year. I've got two more years of school and three summers that I need to get through and I would like to be able to rely on one machine to do that. My friend has a Sony Vaio that's lasted 5 years and can still run all of her Sims 2 games. But my other friend swears by Dell. So, what brand and make do you use? How long has it lasted? Tell me all the awesome things about your computer, no matter what kind it is. Unless it's an HP, which is what my laptop was, then you'll have to try extra hard to convince me.

EDIT: BTW, I don't have the money or the patience for a Mac, though I know that's what I should be getting. Sorry.

Ignore the name, because pussy willows are probably the best thing. Ever.
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So the diagnosis is: my laptop is a lost cause. The computer place has had it for a week and have done several things for it. Supposedly the hard drive was the problem but after they fixed that it was still overheating to the point where it wouldn't even start. The guy (who actually went to my college and studied the exact same thing) said that they have tons of the same model, all lying dead in the back. So the model itself is just shit; he said it's not even worth it to try and fix it now. Which means I'm back to school with my mom's laptop and I'll need to get a new one in the summer. I'm kind of sad because I was pretty attached to it and it was a graduation present, and I wish I had a better computer to go back to school with. And, the kicker, I'll probably have to get a Mac because my major requires this one program that only works on a Mac. :(

Anyone have a particular laptop they use that doesn't completely suck?
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Ow. I can't really remember what I did yesterday to make my arms and back hurt so much. I'll write my vacation report tomorrow.
On the computer front: I think the only thing I can use is the internet since everything else I try -like the scanner- doesn't work or the comp doesn't let it work.
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My computer is fixed! I'm happy because i'll be able to use it but i'm pissed off that i've lost all my data, pictures, writings, etc. (I can't really be too mad because this has happened to me many, many times before, but I had a lot of stuff I really wanted to save) Now i'm trying to remember all the sites I had bookmarked. I'll write about my vacation tomorrow, when i'm not so annoyed.


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