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Okay, so, it turns out I DID have to do paperwork. Right around 10 AM I got a call from the old AD that I would have to do the call sheets. The problem? I was in class until 5 PM. And I've never done an official call sheet before. So, I run home after class, get to work on the call sheet only to find I can't set the time for the crew to be on set because... well, I have no fucking clue who's on the crew. Most of my phonecalls to find out who's on crew went as such:

Me: Hey, I'm doing the call sheets, I need to know who's on crew.
Them: Uh, I don't know.

I had to basically call every department head to find out each individual crew member. Oh, and the producer, director and old AD were all telling me the wrong call times, and no one knew if we needed to have the gun wrangler on set* or how people were getting to set and...oy. Big hassle, but it's done, and not too badly if I may say so myself. Tomorrow's the actual shoot, then I go home in the afternoon. Will update you guys when I'm back in good old 'Sconnie. Sorry I've been so wrapped up in myself and my own drama lately, after tomorrow I'm on break for a bit so I will give you all the attention and lurrve you deserve.

*Yes, we have a gun wrangler on set. We used three prop guns and an actual BB gun in the shoot so we needed someone who was a gun expert to come and watch over the shoot. And the cool part was only 6 people were allowed to touch the guns: gun wrangler, director, the 3 actors and me!
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Okay so that AD thing is getting me more freaked out. The producer knows I'm not familiar with all the paperwork required from an AD but she said, and I quote, "U don't need to do paperwork. Just be in charge of the boys and keep things moving efficiently". Okay, so it sounds like my duties will pretty much entirely be actual on set things. I text the director ask if he needs anything from me. He says no. Then I ask him if he knew anything about rides getting to the location, since I don't have a car and basically THE WHOLE CREW KNOWS THAT. He texts back, "You're the AD". Like I'm supposed to know what that means! Am I now in charge of figuring out rides for everyone? Do I have to do things during preproduction now or what? I text the producer asking her if she could just outright tell me what she expects from me. She texts back, "Yes..." And then nothing for the past two hours. Like, I'm expecting an email to pop up now or something, but nothing.

So, I have to get blunt. "Just send me an email telling me everything you need me to do before Saturday." She says she'll talk to the director about what he wants. Ugh. Okay fine. I say, "Thanks. Let me know if there's anything you need from me now." Just now she texts, "Thanks." Like that's a coherent response. Seriously I'm wondering if she keeps accidentally replying to the wrong person. It's not that I can't do this job, but up until now we have an AD specially assigned to us who's been doing this job. I found out today that that is apparently not the case, and I don't give a shit if they think I'm an idiot for asking these questions but they can't expect me to know what they want from me in this situation if they won't tell me. Hell, spell it out for God's sake just please give me an idea so I don't end up fucking up something that you thought I should know but NEVER TOLD ME.

Argh. Sorry, I'm just frustrated because I can't get a straight answer.
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And now I'm the first AD for Saturday. O. M. G. Please let me live through this.
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Oh! Remembered what I wanted to say.

I figured it out: my drama teacher looks like Julian Barratt and has Conan O'Brien's sense of humor, only he knows everything about classical drama, British literature, 19th century philosophy and makes Arrested Development jokes. Seriously, it's hard not to adore him.
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WHAT. THE. HELL. How in the world did I end up writing 14 and a half pages about The Dead? I thought I was an idiot for picking it to write about when I started this essay but then I just couldn't shut up! And the funny thing? It only needed to be 7-10 pages. I'm tired after writing that.

Thanks again for all your book suggestions! All of them written down on my big list o' ideas and there some ones I'm definitely going to get now.

I had something else to say but I'm kind of shell shocked from the writing.
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On the list of "Super College-y Things To Do" I can now cross off "Eat soup straight from the pan while standing over the stove". And from the sounds of it, things are only going to get more pathetic if I don't get that refund check in the mail soon :/
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I have become such a scavenger. Firstly with the food from set, which I already managed to drag out for at least one week, and now KT is moving out and giving me all kinds of food. I was just bemoaning how very little I had (two cans of cream of potato soup, one bowl of mac & cheese and PB & J, but no bread) and now my little shelf is full again! This is the best way of saving money.

The sky is super weird right now. We've still got lightning and thunder above us, but the horizon is all orange from the sunset where the clouds have broken up.

Last minute prep for the shoot tomorrow! I don't think I'll ever feel like I'm ready for shoot days, it always feels like there's something else I can do.
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I really hate when they run out of skim milk in the cafeteria, eating cereal with anything 2% or above is akin to eating ice cream, blech.

We honestly had to make something out of pipe cleaners for a class. Sometimes, my school...I swear...
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So my internet was gone gone gone yesterday, like, as soon as I posted that last post. Finally got it back, but I can just add it to the list of shit that's gone wrong at this damn place and signs michals needs to get her ass in her own apartment.

I am so freaking tired. Just knock down drag out tired. But I can't sleep because I have a science class in an hour. I hate science, I do I do I dooo. I have a feeling this semester is not going to be a lot of fun.
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I had another Pirates of the Caribbean dream last night. That has to be a thing right? If you dream about one random movie (okay, not so random) specifically, often. Although it wasn't really the movie itself like usual, it was the making of. I was sitting on a dock, in full British navy dress, apparently I was in the movie, with Jack Davenport and Orlando Bloom while some people were showing Johnny Depp how to use some of the equipment because he was going to be directing a sequence or something. He was acting really shy and nervous about it. That was probably the weirdest part.

I'm filming my first film for my second Production class next week. I'm kind of scrambling because I just thought of the idea a few days ago and I have to ask my friends for a lot of help. Blah, I don't even want to think about it. Though I have to, the massive preproduction packet is due Friday. My teacher is a spaz. First he didn't tell us that the film was going to be in black and white until, like, a week ago (even though all the other classes were using color), then he sends this email yesterday that said simply: "You can use color on these films. See you Wed."
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Some days, days like today, I daydream about just going home, getting some nice little job, like film critic for a newspaper or something, and spending the rest of my days popping out a few kids and dinking around on the computer.

Then I realize I'd be bored off my ass in a week, but it does seem really nice right now.
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I'm kind of pissed that I've got a class tonight from 6 'til 9:50, and it's a damn science class, because that means I'll have to come back and pretty much go to sleep because I've got a class early tomorrow. And between those classes and the class tomorrow night it doesn't leave me a lot of time to work on Production stuff that's due on Friday morning.

But, and this is why I'm posting this, so maybe I'll stop freaking myself out because there aren't any classes available that 1)fufll a gen ed credit I need 2)and don't conflict with a class I already have. So, I just need to suck it up and get through this semester.


EDIT: OMG, if I can avoid doing that again, I'm gonna. My ass is numb and I think I actually know less about electrical circuts than I did before. The teacher's this cute little old German man, but I know that this class will kick my ass if I stay in it.
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You know what I need, like, right now? Seriously. The Librarian movies on DVD. Oh lord, they are not good but I love them so very much. So much as to spend money on them. My life would be complete.

On a related note: saw the new Indiana Jones movie yesterday (spoilers) + Iron Man )

Today's been weird. Everything good gets canceled out by something bad. And it's officially one week into my summer vacation and I'm bored. Great. Although I am still on a high from finding out I got an A and four A-'s this semester! I haven't done that since, like, second grade when we still got check marks instead of letter grades. And I was so certain I was going to almost fail at least one of my classes too. So, yay!

I plan to get to work on icons soon. During school I was so busy and then my computer died so I just didn't have time or resources. I haven't made icons since March and I haven't posted any new ones since October! I feel rusty though, I may have to practice.
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I'm going to be really immature for a second here: Hehehe, penis.

That's how you know you're going to a liberal arts college: during a fairly routine play about farmers going bankrupt, one of the actors walks across the stage stark naked. And the other two characters didn't even acknowledge him! It was totally in the play, it was just so sudden and unexpected...to say the least.
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My teacher let me out of class early because I was sick...this morning. I'm still not feeling all that great but I feel guilty now. I think. I'll just do a lot of work this afternoon to make up for it.

Side Note: The Proclaimers are going to be performing on the 1st. Almost certain I'm going (Yes, those "Da da da duh" Proclaimers, I am a dork). And I've got a hold of some songs by their opening guy, Jeremy Fisher, and he sounds like George Harrison and I think I really like him. So, yay.
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What a creeper. You know what I feel? A nervous breakdown coming on.

I am going to lose it in these next few weeks. I have so much to do! I have two major projects and one huge paper due and a half dozen extra credit assignments. And I have to figure out my schedule for next year before Monday, I already know there's no way I'm going to get in the Production class I want to (they're all full). Also, also I have to start packing up stuff and sending it home so I don't have a giant clusterfuck to drag home at the end of the semester. And, and, also my mom's computer hates me. There's stuff I'm forgetting I just know it...

Watched Sweeney Todd again last night, hence the title. I've had that damn song stuck in my head all day.
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Oh my god, I'm actually trying to make an essay shorter. He only asked for 2-3 pages and I'm on page 4 and I still have another point to make and have to add a conclusion. That is how awesome my cinema aesthetics class is, that I can actually like an assignment so much (it helps that I'm analyzing such a great movie). And tomorrow we're watching Casablanca.

In other, really fucking awful news, my Grandpa has pancreatic cancer. They thought there was something wrong with his gallbladder and it was going to be a simple surgery, but it turned out to be this instead. We're still waiting on tests to see if it spread to his liver. I guess I'm just posting this for posterity's sake, in case I have to run back home all of a sudden (which I really, really hope I won't have to do).
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Some things:
- I have two pairs of socks on because:
- It's snowing like a bitch outside but,
- that's okay because my friend from California has infected us all with his wonder at winter and we've been spending the last few days having snowball fights and ice skating. And drinking a lot of hot chocolate.
- I seem to have acquired two new roommates. Who like to stay up until 2 a.m.
- I think my lamp is melting.
- Lj's rich text editor sucks.

But really, my roommmate has had two of her friends over for the last three nights and while my roommate has some sense enough to be at least somewhat quiet, her friends don't. Even when I tell them I'm going to bed and turn off the lights. I've kind of gotten used to my roommate shuffling around (and slamming doors) in the morning when she goes to class, adding two people to the morning mix just amplifies the noise times 10. Last night I just hung with my friends next door until 2, I might end up taking up their offer to sleep on their futon.

Hmm, I can't find my 'Generic Holiday Greeting' icon.


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