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Here's something other people aren't probably going to tell you: Chicago sucks in the summertime.

For one, it's hot. It's 84 out today and it's just getting worse and I'm sorry but I am a delicate Midwestern flower and I might do this every year but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Also, it's humid. I have not moved from my room yet today and I am still sweating. The thing about humidity is that is makes you feel disgusting, like you are too fat and sweaty and sticky and gross. You don't want to wear clothes if it can be helped.

But most of all, Chicago is fucking ugly in the summer. Yeah yeah, people will tell you otherwise but those people are deluded and high. Chicago is a giant slab of concrete, baking in the sun. Concrete in the heat is not romantic or poetic, it is just depressing. The city is stagnant, it's beige and desaturated in the summer. There's nothing green, no trees, just buildings. And what water and greenery there is feels just as stagnant and unappealing.

I might have to run back home to the suburbs just to save my sanity.
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I just took the lovliest nap. I have so much work to do but now I feel a hella lot better. Although I did wake up halfway through and realize I was biting my tongue. In my sleep.

I hate Chicago when it rains. Chicago isn't meant to be enjoyed in the rain. In Wisconsin, it's so lovely and you can curl up in a blanket with a book in front of a window and just enjoy it but in Chicago I feel like someone's abused dog. Like they're making me go somewhere, and I'm wet and it smells and I just want to go home and sleep.

I'm so giddy. I've only got a week and a half left. Now I just need to find a job because I'll be home for three and a half months.
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I am avoiding working on a speech due tomorrow. Indulge me.

Saw Sweeney Todd last night, the play not the movie. Quite cool, though Sweeney Todd sounded just like this guy:

We were all the way in the balcony (they were free tickets though, I'm not complaining) and for the whole first act I had this tiny window between heads to see the stage and I had to lean to my left the whole time and it gave me a headache. All the actors played instruments on stage and all of them were on stage the whole time, couldn't figure that out but it was a cool approach. Also, when did going to a play not mean that you had to dress up a little? People were all in jeans and t-shirts, someone had a Hooter's t-shirt, for fuck's sake, and one of the friends I went with wore flip flops.

I was going to wear a skirt today but it looked like it was going to rain. Never did and now they say it'll rain tomorrow which is when I'm definitely going to wear a skirt because I have to dress up for the speech. On the brightside, I love, love, love spring. It's so gorgeous out all the time, I just want to go walking all the time. Can't though, too much work. Oh well, three more weeks.

Well, I should go, ya know, do that.
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Also: It's now officially 3 degrees. haha.
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My roommate changed her room around and her bed and chair are in front of the window so now I have fuck-all for a view. I mean, it wasn't that great in the first place but I'd still like to see something. Also, her bed's in front of 2 of 3 shade controls and the heat. I control very little in my own room. (I don't even want to get into the bathroom, I control all of 5 square inches in there.)

On the docket: Go home for Thanksgiving on Monday, David Gray concert Dec. 6th

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