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Two things:

1. I really wish I had seen Once Upon a Time in America before I wrote that paper about queerness in gangster films, because...HOLY. SHIT. OLA. It's just James Woods pining after Robert De Niro for 4 hours and male gazing all over the fucking place.

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Is it okay to like The Smiths? I don't actually know the answer. They remind me of The Sundays. Can I say that? Or is it the other way around?

Just finished Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys and I have to say, for the first half of the book I was really disappointed. Nothing had really happened and it was moving...not slow, just not very climatically and I didn't really care about anyone. But as soon as it started going in the second half, I loved it. And by the end I really, really cared to know happened to these characters. Fat Charlie was great, I love him in the end. He's half someone else, but still the same person in places, I think it was a good balance.

New Kristen Stewart icon just because I can't help myself loving her.
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Ha! I knew he existed! )

Some pictures from Thanksgiving at my Grandparents house (in links, cause they're huge):
Their backyard and and another.

I actually got around to seeing some movies, reading some books and buying a new CD )
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Ugh. I don't want to go to class today. I had three weeks to work on a project, which was due last Wednesday and I still haven't started it. People, I suck at this school thing. And I have an essay due tomorrow (haven't started)...

In other news, got back yesterday from my first visit home since I moved to Chicago. It was pretty uneventful except for the Marc Cohn concert, which is why I went home. Oh, also except for when I went to see my friend Dylan who goes to Madison and got lost and drove the wrong way down a one way street and then somehow ended up in Oregon (10 miles outside of the city). It took and hour just to find my way back to my town. Needless to say, we didn't end up getting together. Cohn was incredible, I have to say he's right up there with Richard Thompson in terms of concerts I've been to. He was very energetic and very on. I was feeling sick and had a headache and was worried I wouldn't enjoy it, but I totally forgot about that as soon as it started. Great band too, the guitarist was very talented.

I have a huge bag of candy left over from Halloween. I didn't end up doing anything that night because I've been sick (apparently I have the flu, whoopee) but I splurged and bought a $6.50 bag of Sweettarts, Nerds, and taffy and I still haven't made a dent. I had to bring home half of the bag to my dad because even I can't eat that much candy without getting diabetes.

I've become obsessed with Doctor Who, despite the fact I have yet to see a single episode. I've already got the very first (1963) season on my amazon.com wishlist. Also, I've been reading Neil Gaiman. I lent my friend my Good Omens book and, while looking for something to read, I bought Stardust. It wasn't very good, there was a lot of stuff that was just glossed over and there was no climax. But now I'm reading Neverwhere which is so good, I've got the miniseries on my wishlist too.

*sigh* Well, only 41 more days til winter break (which is a month and a half long, I'm hoping to get my costumes for Acen mostly done)
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I have all these fanfics laying around. Most are only a paragraph long, most aren't that good. Anyway, I got this weird idea for a fic for the book The Doctor is Sick by Anthony Burgess. I kind of thought I'd finish it, but I have never actually finished a fic unless it's all in one sitting. Anyway, here's a three paragraph fic for a book that no one's read, maybe I'll stumble across it in the future and finish it, but it's more likely I'll just wonder what the hell I was thinking.

His hair's growing out... )

EDIT: I need the song "Dancing with myself" and that Savage Garden song (I think) that goes "chic-a-cherry-cola" or something! Oh lord, what is that song?!

I'm gonna start a list of songs that I need and make an icon or two to whomever can upload them for me. 'Cause this shit is driving me insane.
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And because I have nothing better to do:
shopping and a rant, two for the price of one )
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