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I've got cramps, food poisoning, and I'm t-minus 31 hours away from having my heart broken.


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I has a sad :( UGH, on top of these loverly problems with my current, ahem, plans, my best friends are coming to Chicago - yeah, my Chicago - for a SPN con, which I'm not going to. They're doing more fandom stuff than I am and they don't even have journals! Beh, I want to hang out with fannish people. And and and the Traitorous Steve still exists and still pops up in my life. *whinewhinemoancomplainpout*
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(Spoilers for Frost/Nixon, though I don't know if you can be spoiled for a historic event...) Oh, that was stunning. Not so much everything leading up to it, but right after that last interview, right after he walks out the house and goes to pet the dachshund, then it just hit me how human everyone in this movie was. They're flesh and blood but it doesn't come to you until after everything's been said, when everyone's reached that point. And I didn't really care for Nixon as a good or bad person during the movie until that point, and then he was so human but that was the whole point of the movie. And it wasn't just him, Frost and everyone else just kind of came to life and made their performances for the rest of the movie that much better. Like they were in black and white the whole movie, then all of a sudden the color fills in and you look at it differently.

And some of my feelings about my boyfriend (possibly TMI) )
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Okay this time, no fooling, I am going to die. Why? Because I have JACK SHIT done for the film I'm supposed to film this weekend. Also everyone's ditching me so I won't have anyone to act in or crew the damn thing anyway but I can't get equipment for any later.

Pink knows I'm stupid.
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Another fannish pet peeve: When people rate their fic NC-17 for something like language. NC-17 is reserved for the porniest smut. Hell, you can bludgeon a dozen people with the claw of a hammer in graphic detail and that's still only an R. Using the word fuck a few times? Please. If you're making it NC-17 someone better be getting naked, at least.

PG-PG-13: Language
R: Violence
NC-17: Smut
Let's keep it that way.
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Ok, so, I'm going to try my damnedest not to die today because I have so much to do and I desperately don't want to do any of it. Why can't it be, like, 10:00 p.m. Thursday night? That would be nice. Better yet, May 16th.
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Ugh, I don't want to go back to school tomorrow! I have so much more nothing to do...
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I'm not actually in a bad mood, I just feel like bitching:

10 things that suck:

1. That it seems freaking everybody and their dog are friendslocking their icon journal. I do not care how special you think your icons are, I'm not friending your damn journal just to get a damn icon. Often the icons aren't even that great. Also...fuck it.

2. When people use the word "lover" in fanfic. The characters fucked once, that does not make them "lovers". Or, they haven't even slept together! They're in the damn act. Knock that shit off.

3. Something smells funky in my room and I can't figure it out. Pretty sure it's not me.

4. I've been wanted to get my hair cut for months, but now that I have an appointment this afternoon, I'm liking my hair like it is.

5. Of all the things I could think of to do for my final film in Production II, I have to think of an awesome idea that's insanely complicated that I'm dying to do. It involves pigeons.

6. Ugh, my grandmother. Eating spaghetti with her is like a circle of hell. On Monday she's coming with on the three hour drive to take me back to school.

7. Spoiler for upcoming House episodes )

8. I'm not ready to go back to school but I don't want to stay here. Actually, I wish I could just stay at my mom's, I don't want to be at my dad's. For plenty of reasons.

9. Why are there not more hot men walking around in Victorian outfits. Not really the same thing but a legitimate complaint nonetheless.

10. After years and years bitching about not having a boyfriend, now that I have a sweet, nice guy who's totally into me...I don't think I want it. Yeah.


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