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So I think I've annoyed everyone at my Tumblr sufficiently so I'm gonna spread it around here some, lol.

The thing is that I just got majorly spoiled for a potentially HUGE BAD AWFUL NO GOOD thing that may happen on Boardwalk. Despite how ardently I avoided spoilers, it happened anyway. And it's the worst thing that could possibly happen if it's true. There's potential that it's not true because I've only heard it from one place from only a small group of people - but I'm not looking elsewhere in case of other spoilers - or that it's a fake rumor to surprise people, but then again every time I read a bad spoiler that I hate it pretty ALWAYS FUCKING COMES TRUE.

And if it were anything else, I might not be so INSANELY DEPRESSED about it, but it just renders the best thing about the show, the thing I've been obsessing about for weeks now and the biggest reason I watch the show completely moot. Well not moot, just...over. And...I don't blame the show if it goes that way because I know that's just the show and shit goes down all the time and it might be good, but but but but...I might still cry really hard.

The worst part is that it's going to take two more weeks for it to happen too, and all I can do is sit here and speculate and obsess and it just ruined two weeks of my life. Like, if I could just watch it and get it over with I might be able to think of something else, but no it's in two weeks and I'm just going to be doom-and-gloom until then.

Just...hate, so much hate right now. Maybe if I'd be surprised it wouldn't be so bad, or maybe this is better so I'm prepared. Still...I may just cry. Don't judge me, please.

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Hi all. So, I've done prompt posts before, I did one two years ago - you may well remember - for the holidays but not last year as I was very much wrapped up in making/helping make some films. But, now I've got way too much time on my hands and also I can't send you all real gifts, so: Holiday Prompt Post!

Pick one: Fic or graphic (any kind: icon, header, layout, tumblr)

Fandoms for fic:

Fandoms I've written for in the past/am interested in writing for again:
Pirates of the Caribbean
How I Met Your Mother
The Office
Sherlock BBC
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
Boardwalk Empire
Hunger Games
XMen: First Class
RPS of any of these fandoms

My other fandoms if you really want one of them:
Big Bang Theory
Brokeback Mountain
Dead Like Me
Thor/The Avengers
Velvet Goldmine
White Collar

(Most pairings can be found here, and if not, throw something out there, I'll let you know if I absolutely can't do something. Oh, and no limits on warnings or ratings, hit me with your best shot, again, I'll let you know if I don't want to do something.)

Prompts: Whatever the hell you want. It can be colors, lyrics, genres, pictures, whole sentences or paragraphs or random words. Detailed or simple. Completely up to you. (And be specific if you absolutely don't want something, like "prompt: winter, snowshoes, and please no angst!", like that.)

And if you want a graphic, feel free to request any of the above, or something else entirely, or a celebrity, or a thing. Whatever you want.

*Oh and don't even mention the Psych bodyswap fic continuation. [livejournal.com profile] entwashian already claimed it, haha.
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Happy Birthday dear! Hope you have a good one! (and email your address I have a card I need to send you) ♥
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In the Wake of News
Fandom: Maurice
Pairing: Alec/Maurice
Rating: PG

Fic! )
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What would you guys rather have for the holidays? Cards in the mail, or fic/graphic prompts?
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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, go here, read that random Maurice fic I wrote because I literally could not stop myself, and think up something clever to name the damn thing. Seriously, I cannot just call it "Maurice Untitled" at AO3.

And if you want to see just how badly I suck at titles, go here and laugh at me.

God, this is bad. I need to do a challenge where I ask for titles instead of prompts or something and then I have to write fics to go with the titles.
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A lot of the time I want to be a big time movie director, filming 24/7, 365. Talking about and thinking about and living movies all the time with everyone, until the day I croak.

But other times, all I really want is a nice cosy apartment in Madison. That I decorated myself using my discount at Pier 1. With a cat and a dog and a place for my sewing machine and extra dishes in case I have company. With a big screen TV and shelves enough that all my books, movies and Joker action figures can be on display. Where I can have my own Christmas tree and decorate myself. Working at a job I enjoy and that pays decently. And if I have a patio or balcony or back yard, all the better.

Most of the time I think about the second option and panic attack sets in because I can't imagine giving up on the first, lately it's been that I think about the first option and get panic attacks and the second one seems so safe and normal.

*wistful yet somber sigh*
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Unpopular (?) opinion time:
To be completely honest, I have a really hard time feeling bad for celebrities. What I mean is that when they complain - or people complain for them - that they are overworked or underpaid or being controlled or, most commonly, that they are too hounded by press and fans, I have a hard time popping a sympathy boner in their direction.

Mainly because of three big reasons:

1. They are getting paid a lot of money. Underpaid for something or not they are most likely making more money than a good…99% of people in the country. They sure as fuck are making more money than I am. Albert Pujols gets paid $20 million a year for playing baseball. Angelina Jolie gets that for making one movie. The people busting ass for her making her look good behind the camera are getting paid a tiny, tiny fraction of that.

2. They are loved unconditionally by millions of people the world over. The fact that they have as many people defending them as they do despite all the perks of celebrity should say enough. Most people have perhaps a handful of people who are always in their corner, Michael Jackson still had football stadiums full of people defending him despite all the evidence saying they probably shouldn’t.

3. And, most importantly for me anyway, they get to do things normal people can only ever dream about. I’d give my left leg to be able to make movies, or just around people making movies. It’s really all I want in life. I would gladly take all the hits of being in the public eye and all these things celebrities complain about if it meant I got to have a piece of that pie.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my fair share of actors and singers and other famous people, and I will stand up for them when I feel like it, but when they bitch and moan about having their picture taken when they’re out to dinner, I’m sorry but I’m not shedding any tears. Don’t like that life? Don’t be in that life. And you could argue, “Oh, but they’re actors, they just want to act, why can’t they just be left alone?” Because that’s just not how it works. I’m sorry, but take off your rose-colored glasses and get a clue. You want to act in big movies? You’re going to get your picture taken. You’re going to have to sign some autographs. You’re going to have to eat crow and do a few junkets.

Don’t like it? Fine, be a jackass and give shitty interviews like Morgan Freeman. Don’t sign autographs like Will Ferrall. Bitch up a storm when someone snaps a picture of you taking out the trash. But don’t expect everyone to love you for it. And those people who do hate you for it won’t matter to all those who will, again, defend you completely and utterly no matter what you do. If you act up, or even seem like you’re acting up, be prepared to hear bad things. Don’t want people calling you a junkie after you die? Don’t be a junkie. Quid pro quo, Clarice. (I think I used that right)

I realize this is definitely not the view of many, and that I may come off as overly hostile about this all, and probably really just an envious bitch, but so be it. Yes, I’m totally jealous, yes I would totally put up with the shit to get to the good stuff, and no, I’m not going to idealize these people because they are still people. If someone wants to say that a celebrity came off as a bit of a jerk in a recent interview, they have every right to say that, and I find it hard to believe that so many people would come to their defense by claiming they were sick or just had some kind of anxiety disorder…which makes no sense to me because, okay so he has an anxiety disorder? Poor baby. Maybe he shouldn’t be making the biggest movie of next year, but obviously it can’t be that big a deal for him because he’s still doing it.

So, yeah, I’m sorry but if you want to be rich, famous, beloved by people who you’ve never even met and doing things that everyone else would die to do, you’re going to have to give up a bit of your privacy and your time and all that other stuff to do so.
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I think the main reason I would ever really want an iPad would be for writing fic on bus rides. It's a cool machine and I could do other stuff too, but mostly it's on those 3-4 hour bus rides that I really want one.

So guess why my next week is going to be insane and also why I won't be near my computer )

And I just want to say something to all of you: I'm really, very, totally sorry I suck. I know I've always been a bad commenter, bad at keeping up with things and especially bad at keeping in touch. I've always been this way, I could never have a legitimate pen-pal for this reason. I get messages and don't bother to reply right away and then they get forgotten. Or I read a post someone posted and I don't have anything interesting enough to say in a comment. I get slack from my friends all the time about not texting them back.

But lately I've been...well, I don't want to say "in a bad place", because while that's true, it's not really the big issue and the biggest issue is really that I suck and lately I've been extra sucky at paying everyone the attention they deserve. Part of that is that I don't really get on LJ a lot and Tumblr is much more tuned to my ADD brain anyway but I know a bunch of you aren't on Tumblr.

I want you guys to know that I really do care and I do adore you all and I love keeping in contact with all of you and I don't mean to ignore anyone - I never have - but I fail at this kind of thing and I've been failing particularly hard recently. Obviously I'm going to be busy for a bit here and so I can't guarantee I'm going to be able to try harder, sooner, but I will try in the future.

If you ever felt like I wasn't holding up my end of the deal, I apologize and if you want me to hear about everything going on in your life, or just what you thought about the latest episode of Community, I'd be more than happy to listen. And if I missed your birthday - and Lord knows I feel like shit looking at all the notifications for the ones I see I did miss - you are more than welcome to berate me and throw things in my direction and demand a proper gift. And once I have time - probably at the end of this month - I will totally make it up to you.

♥ michals
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I got the idea of going to Taco Bell for dinner, and I got happy because 1. I love tacos and 2. I wouldn't even have to put on real pants, I could just keep my enormous sweat pants on and go through the drive through!...and then I felt fat and then I got depressed. Probably won't be getting Taco Bell tonight.
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Surprisingly the best premiere this season? Big Bang Theory. Bravo, bravo, show.

Although I sincerely wonder how Leonard has not punched Sheldon square in the jaw by now.
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Tonight's HIMYM )

And in other news, 2 Broke Girls is actually pretty damn funny despite the stereotypes and cliches and the acting. Well, acting except Kat Dennings, who is giving me lady wood for being hilarious and awesome and booby.
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I feel kind of weird lately 'cause I don't have a "main" fandom. I've always been able to rely on being in at least one big fandom which occupies about half of my time. Before this it was House but, well, I think we all know why that's not true anymore. Before that was Pirates and before that Smallville. It was just that I always had one to fall back on and obsess about. I was into plenty of other fandoms at the same time, but I always had one that was, like, "my" fandom. Now, now I don't really have that. Sherlock's about as close I can get, but I'm also doing XMen and Thor/The Avengers, and some Hunger Games. It's not bad I guess, I just feel like I'm not really in fandom like I used to be.
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I haaate my best friend's dog. )
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New fic, Home, a Hunger Games fic. Katniss/Peeta, life after the war. General audiences, spoilers for all 3 books.
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Two things:

1. I really wish I had seen Once Upon a Time in America before I wrote that paper about queerness in gangster films, because...HOLY. SHIT. OLA. It's just James Woods pining after Robert De Niro for 4 hours and male gazing all over the fucking place.

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I think my summation of the acting in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford goes thusly: I spent the entire movie thinking "Brad Pitt, Brad Pitt, Brad Pitt, that's Brad Pitt" but by the 2nd hour I had to remind myself that that was in fact Casey Affleck and not really Robert Ford.

Also: Sam Rockwell. Mmmmm Sam Rockwell.

Overall: I was totally into it for the first 40 minutes, totally in love with the cast - even Pitt - but then it lost me and I spent the rest of the movie alternately liking it and not really giving a damn and being confused by it. I mean, was I supposed to like James? Was I supposed to think he was this wonderful man or a mythical figure? I think the film worked better when we were looking at James through the eyes of Ford, instead of trying to make him out to be his own character. Weirdly enough I would have prefered they went the Velvet Goldmine way and made him out to be this untouchable, unknowable, secretly conflicted legend rather than try and tell us all about his health problems and how he was such a great human being. Really, he killed how many people and one of the first major things he does is pistol whip some innocent stranger and almost shoot him in the head, was I supposed to root for this guy? Though it must say something about the writing or the characters or the acting that I still loved Robert Ford's character and even felt bad for him even when he had killed 2 people.

So, yeah. Eh. Loved, loved, LOVED the cinematography. Beautiful, risky and rewarding choices there. The pacing and editing was wonderful. Actually liked the narration, felt like I was watching a documentary or something. Again, Pitt was just Pitt though he did have some good moments, but even then those good moments were overshadowed by the other actors who just are, instead of putting on a show like Pitt. But even despite that I really didn't understand all the motivations when it came to the James character, even among the rest of the cast.

Whatever. Saw it. Hi.

P.S. Anyone else have a totally dicked up update page? Mine looks like the HTML doesn't work, and it's been like this for about 2 weeks or so.
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Off to Minneapolis til Friday! Totally offline until them, maaaaybe a voice post if you're good ;P Tumblr's going silent too.
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Hey guys,

If you got a spammy message from me, I'm really sorry. It looks like I got hacked or something. I've changed my password, so you shouldn't get bothered anymore.

Really sorry about that! From now on I'm make sure the only things I'm spamming you guys with is bad fanfic and fangirl freakouts ;P



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