Dec. 21st, 2011

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The Ethan/Brandt MI:IV fic at AO3. Tweaked the ending so it doesn't completely suck. I am having issues with this pairing, I want more of it so bad, but the only other fic I've found is Brandt/Benji, which makes me squint my eyes like Fry in my confusion.
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Newsflash: I suck, and I'm a doormat and I can't say no. I keep taking other people's shifts at work, so I'm working almost every day of the week and have been since the end of November (I took one for tomorrow which was supposed to be my day off but she said she'd take my Friday shift but she's working Friday night too, so I don't know if that's legit, I'm going to bug my boss tomorrow.)

What this means for you: Those of you who have requests will get them before January, but probably not before Christmas. I'm working almost every day of the week, and between now and Sunday I don't have a ton of time to myself, and probably won't in the following week either (I'll have you know I work 7:30 AM the day after Christmas, 5 AM the day after that and then until 1 AM Wednesday night, and then the next two days, blargh). The holidays fuck me up. I'm going to try and post them all at once so I'm not spamming people, so expect them in the days between Christmas and New Years.


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