Dec. 13th, 2011

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Alright, I promise this will be the last, or at least close to last, post I make about this as I realize I have been very melodramatic about this whole thing and am probably annoying the piss out of everyone. If that's true, this post won't be much better.

(Spoilers for those who don't know yet)

Why Boardwalk is especially depressing to me )
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Rewatching Sherlock is making me stupid excited about the new series. Hopefully it will go up for download right after airing and I don't wait several months like last time, haha.

Also, weird question: I used that two-weeks free of paid account last week and immediately regretted it because I realized my cuts didn't lead to the standard LJ format, and now it's staying in my stylesheet style. Fics are much easier to read the other way, right? I'm debating whether I ever really want to go back to a paid account when I don't use that many icons anymore any way and if I like the other stylesheet better. I guess it'll depend how much money I have after the holidays, haha.


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