Nov. 29th, 2011

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So I think I've annoyed everyone at my Tumblr sufficiently so I'm gonna spread it around here some, lol.

The thing is that I just got majorly spoiled for a potentially HUGE BAD AWFUL NO GOOD thing that may happen on Boardwalk. Despite how ardently I avoided spoilers, it happened anyway. And it's the worst thing that could possibly happen if it's true. There's potential that it's not true because I've only heard it from one place from only a small group of people - but I'm not looking elsewhere in case of other spoilers - or that it's a fake rumor to surprise people, but then again every time I read a bad spoiler that I hate it pretty ALWAYS FUCKING COMES TRUE.

And if it were anything else, I might not be so INSANELY DEPRESSED about it, but it just renders the best thing about the show, the thing I've been obsessing about for weeks now and the biggest reason I watch the show completely moot. Well not moot, just...over. And...I don't blame the show if it goes that way because I know that's just the show and shit goes down all the time and it might be good, but but but but...I might still cry really hard.

The worst part is that it's going to take two more weeks for it to happen too, and all I can do is sit here and speculate and obsess and it just ruined two weeks of my life. Like, if I could just watch it and get it over with I might be able to think of something else, but no it's in two weeks and I'm just going to be doom-and-gloom until then.

Just...hate, so much hate right now. Maybe if I'd be surprised it wouldn't be so bad, or maybe this is better so I'm prepared. Still...I may just cry. Don't judge me, please.



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