Oct. 19th, 2011

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Unpopular (?) opinion time:
To be completely honest, I have a really hard time feeling bad for celebrities. What I mean is that when they complain - or people complain for them - that they are overworked or underpaid or being controlled or, most commonly, that they are too hounded by press and fans, I have a hard time popping a sympathy boner in their direction.

Mainly because of three big reasons:

1. They are getting paid a lot of money. Underpaid for something or not they are most likely making more money than a good…99% of people in the country. They sure as fuck are making more money than I am. Albert Pujols gets paid $20 million a year for playing baseball. Angelina Jolie gets that for making one movie. The people busting ass for her making her look good behind the camera are getting paid a tiny, tiny fraction of that.

2. They are loved unconditionally by millions of people the world over. The fact that they have as many people defending them as they do despite all the perks of celebrity should say enough. Most people have perhaps a handful of people who are always in their corner, Michael Jackson still had football stadiums full of people defending him despite all the evidence saying they probably shouldn’t.

3. And, most importantly for me anyway, they get to do things normal people can only ever dream about. I’d give my left leg to be able to make movies, or just around people making movies. It’s really all I want in life. I would gladly take all the hits of being in the public eye and all these things celebrities complain about if it meant I got to have a piece of that pie.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my fair share of actors and singers and other famous people, and I will stand up for them when I feel like it, but when they bitch and moan about having their picture taken when they’re out to dinner, I’m sorry but I’m not shedding any tears. Don’t like that life? Don’t be in that life. And you could argue, “Oh, but they’re actors, they just want to act, why can’t they just be left alone?” Because that’s just not how it works. I’m sorry, but take off your rose-colored glasses and get a clue. You want to act in big movies? You’re going to get your picture taken. You’re going to have to sign some autographs. You’re going to have to eat crow and do a few junkets.

Don’t like it? Fine, be a jackass and give shitty interviews like Morgan Freeman. Don’t sign autographs like Will Ferrall. Bitch up a storm when someone snaps a picture of you taking out the trash. But don’t expect everyone to love you for it. And those people who do hate you for it won’t matter to all those who will, again, defend you completely and utterly no matter what you do. If you act up, or even seem like you’re acting up, be prepared to hear bad things. Don’t want people calling you a junkie after you die? Don’t be a junkie. Quid pro quo, Clarice. (I think I used that right)

I realize this is definitely not the view of many, and that I may come off as overly hostile about this all, and probably really just an envious bitch, but so be it. Yes, I’m totally jealous, yes I would totally put up with the shit to get to the good stuff, and no, I’m not going to idealize these people because they are still people. If someone wants to say that a celebrity came off as a bit of a jerk in a recent interview, they have every right to say that, and I find it hard to believe that so many people would come to their defense by claiming they were sick or just had some kind of anxiety disorder…which makes no sense to me because, okay so he has an anxiety disorder? Poor baby. Maybe he shouldn’t be making the biggest movie of next year, but obviously it can’t be that big a deal for him because he’s still doing it.

So, yeah, I’m sorry but if you want to be rich, famous, beloved by people who you’ve never even met and doing things that everyone else would die to do, you’re going to have to give up a bit of your privacy and your time and all that other stuff to do so.


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