Oct. 8th, 2011

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I think the main reason I would ever really want an iPad would be for writing fic on bus rides. It's a cool machine and I could do other stuff too, but mostly it's on those 3-4 hour bus rides that I really want one.

So guess why my next week is going to be insane and also why I won't be near my computer )

And I just want to say something to all of you: I'm really, very, totally sorry I suck. I know I've always been a bad commenter, bad at keeping up with things and especially bad at keeping in touch. I've always been this way, I could never have a legitimate pen-pal for this reason. I get messages and don't bother to reply right away and then they get forgotten. Or I read a post someone posted and I don't have anything interesting enough to say in a comment. I get slack from my friends all the time about not texting them back.

But lately I've been...well, I don't want to say "in a bad place", because while that's true, it's not really the big issue and the biggest issue is really that I suck and lately I've been extra sucky at paying everyone the attention they deserve. Part of that is that I don't really get on LJ a lot and Tumblr is much more tuned to my ADD brain anyway but I know a bunch of you aren't on Tumblr.

I want you guys to know that I really do care and I do adore you all and I love keeping in contact with all of you and I don't mean to ignore anyone - I never have - but I fail at this kind of thing and I've been failing particularly hard recently. Obviously I'm going to be busy for a bit here and so I can't guarantee I'm going to be able to try harder, sooner, but I will try in the future.

If you ever felt like I wasn't holding up my end of the deal, I apologize and if you want me to hear about everything going on in your life, or just what you thought about the latest episode of Community, I'd be more than happy to listen. And if I missed your birthday - and Lord knows I feel like shit looking at all the notifications for the ones I see I did miss - you are more than welcome to berate me and throw things in my direction and demand a proper gift. And once I have time - probably at the end of this month - I will totally make it up to you.

♥ michals


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