Jul. 15th, 2011

michals: (everybody had a good year)
So my friend Em signed up for Match.com at my prodding, because she wants a boyfriend and eventually a family with kids and a husband. And because I am feeling unattractive and lonely I did too, mostly for shits and giggles. The thing is those things are kind of supposed to be serious, right? Like, people on there want the real thing? And today I watched a video and there was this guy with an Australian accent in it and I realized, I just want to fuck around, you know? There are too many attractive accents to call it quits, even if he is cute and has great eyebrows and works for an airline.*

How come LJ picked my 6 oldest icons to keep now that my paid account's run out? Doesn't it usually pick the 6 you last used the most?

*That's one of them. The rest...kind of weird.


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