Jun. 29th, 2011

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Sooooooo I abandoned my couch today.

See, when I moved into my Chicago apartment last summer, my uncle gave me a couch for free that someone had abandoned on one of the properties he managed. He was able to shove it in the back of his minivan and together we hauled the thing up with the freight elevator and wedged it into the door.

Now, when it comes time to move out my mom and I rent a van specifically to lug this giant sofa back home, and guess what: the freight elevator's broken. It's been broken since the 13th. So...we left the couch. Not before talking to the management company, the front desk and the building engineers. The verdict? There's no way it'll fit in the normal elevators (we tried) and therefore it has to go down the stairs.

Let me repeat that with the proper emphasis: IT HAS TO GO DOWN THE STAIRS.

I live on the 25th floor. Also, the first floor stairs do not connect to the 2nd floor stairs, there's this long dicky hallway full of turns and corners and narrow doorways. Nevermind that the only people around to carry this thing? Me. And my mom. Who has a bad back. We recruited a neighbor to get it into the hallway but he bailed when he found out it wouldn't fit in the elevator. So, to get this thing out of the building, we would have to pay people to bring it down the stairs (which my brother insists no moving man in his right mind would do).

So, we left because we A. Did not have the time to stick around any longer because we would've had to keep the van too long and pay for another day, and we B. did not have the money for that, much less to pay movers to move the thing downstairs because C. we did not have the manpower to do it ourselves. The lady we dealt with at the office was a royal bitch, basically telling us that we were screwed and it wasn't their fault even though they can't provide a freight elevator, which is what I used to get it up there. And they weren't about to reimburse us for the gas or movers or the van. Then she slipped up and said we could just leave it. Ha. So that's what we did. It's abandoned property and it's their problem now.

(What else killed me? They kept insisting other people were moving in and out - all the more reason to get your damn elevator fixed - were using the stairs, bringing box springs and such up and down. Ahem, I had a box spring and I can carry that by myself and that fit in the elevator just fine. My couch? BIGGER THAN A FUCKING BOX SPRING. It's not a particularly heavy couch but there is no narrow part of it. It is in no way small. I wouldn't have put it in the fucking apartment in the first place if I had somehow known the fucking freight elevator was going to broken and they'd drag their ass getting it fixed. This isn't the first time they've done shit like this either. The workout room has been literally a handful of weights, one working stairmachine and a room full of broken machines for months before they did something, despite tons of complaints.)

EDIT: Oh yeah, and there was no guarantee that it would even fit down the stairs. It barely fit out the door.


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