Jun. 2nd, 2011

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Hmm, annoyed. Was doing research for the fic I was finally ready to rewrite, and would eventually have about 5 parts to it, and found a bit of information that completely negated everything I was going to write. Now to rethink where all that smut's going to happen (because that's what it pretty much is, lots of smut).

And YES, this has basically been my life for the past few weeks. Me and Roomie put in an application for an apartment, and apparently the realtor called my grandma - my reference and cosigner - and was a little worried about us being able to pay the bills because I don't have a job yet, even though Roomie still has a job and we've been living in an apartment that costs a good deal more than the place we're looking at and we've never once been late with the rent. And my brother had surgery on his arm so I've been carting him around, even though he HATES IT AND HATES ME AND GOD LEAVE ME ALONE. Haha, he hates not being independent and I'm being a protective big sister.

Otherwise I've been going through my stuff at home and picking out what I'm gonna bring back to Chicago with me. Just spray painted a bunch of picture frames for a project that I'm being particularly ambitious about. Ugh, JOBS. Kill me now. Sorry, just meant to whine about my fic not update you all on all mundane points of my life. Come talk to me, give me a reason to liiiiiive. Or another fic idea to write that won't get totally thrown off by one stupid little detail *sigh*.


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