May. 17th, 2011

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So this isn't actually [ profile] lyryk's fault, but it wouldn't have happened without her. She should have known better than to put Lestrade/anyone next to Alec/Maurice in the same prompt, haha.

So, if you follow my logic - which is very simple and wears a tinhat the size of Ireland - James Wilby should play Sebastian Moran in the new BBC version of Sherlock. Want some insane reasons why along with a totally pointless graphic? Go here, it'll give my Tumblr purpose.

Anyway, like I said, [ profile] lyryk gave me a prompt that was supposed to go towards porn, but I stopped just short because I suck, but I did invade her page with a stupid-long instance of a very Wilby-ish Moran assaulting Rupert Graves's Lestrade. And now I'm posting it here because my madness is a disease and I like to spread it around.

PG-13 rated Lestrade/Moran fic under the cut )


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