May. 9th, 2011

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Why Thor was awesome:

-      It's not one of those "broody" superhero movies like Spiderman or Batman Begins. It's pretty fun and relatively lighthearted.

-    With the exception of one minor character, the acting is great all around.

-    The guy playing Thor can actually act, and you bought his character arc.

-    Thor as a character is super charming and adorable, not your typical superhero.

-    Oh, and he's totally insanely hot.

-    The guy playing Loki is awesome. For the first quarter he isn't given much to do so there's a lot of reaction shots of him just looking put out, but when he gets the chance he digs in hard and acts the pants off of everyone. At one point he's angry and screaming but crying at the same time. Good God.

-    Oh, and he's totally hot too. Just plain fascinating to look at.

-    There's a guy who looks and acts exactly like Kenneth Branagh. I think that's why he hired him. He's awesome and hilarious, and so is his facial hair.

-    Natalie Portman does a wonderful, wonderful job and is so sweet and likable.

-    She actually plays a SMART female character. She's not just some eye candy and she's not just there to get saved. To see that kind of thing in a comic book movie? Insanity.

-    The romance is sweet as all get out. I was rooting for it, and that's saying something.

-    The humor isn't tacked on or superflous, it works perfectly in the story and is genuinely funny.

-    Thor doesn't act like a caveman in the modern world, he acts like a God who got banished, and it's fun as fuck to watch.

-    Idris Elba is appropriately badass.

-    Get this: There is a female character who is a kickass warrior, who doesn't ever need to be saved, and has no romantic subplot AT. ALL. This is fucking monumental.

-    Actually, there's another female character who's funny but badass and who ALSO doesn't have a romantic subplot. WTH movie? When'd we get so progressive?

-    All around the supporting characters were well acted and great additions to the story.

-    Coulson! Agent Coulson I looove you!

Here there be spoilers! )

-    I'm actually really looking forward to the Avengers movie now.

-    Overall it was really fun and just all around enjoyable. Perfect pitch for a comic book movie, fits in nicely with the other Marvel films.

Not so awesome things:

-    The production design and costume design in general is just goofy. I get what they were going for, and the CGI is well done, but Asgard just looks corny.

-    Weird thing to notice but: the editing is strange. Like, we'd be watching a character reacting to something, but then not see what they were reacting to. And there's a few times when certain plot developments would have had a greater impact if we were looking at someone else when they happened.

-    The half of the story that takes place on earth doesn't make as big an impact as the stuff that takes place on Asgard. I mean, I remember it and I know what happened, but the Asgard stuff is much more memorable.

Go see it, completely worth the time and money.

Oh, and on that Avengers note - I'm really fucking happy they're not making a JLA film because it would be freaking CHRISTIAN BALE and RYAN REYNOLDS. That sounds awful.


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