Apr. 24th, 2011

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My perfect tomorrow:

- Steal a car. There's a red Chevy Crossfire parked down the street from my house.
- Drive somewhere. I don't know where just yet, maybe St. Louis just because it's there. Or Toronto.
- Listen to loud music while driving. Sing along.
- Buy a bunch of clothes.
- Go to a fancy restaurant in my new clothes. Get dessert.
- Go on a boat. Doesn't matter how or what kind.
- Pet a dog. Feed some pigeons is an acceptable substitute.
- See something historical.
- Rent a hotel room with a big comfy bed. Watch a movie in my pajamas.

My perfect day after tomorrow and beyond:

- Hop on a plane. Go to Europe.
- Steal another car.
- Drive around Europe. Listen to music. Sing along.
- Eat a lot of food I've eaten before, only with bigger, Frenchier names.
- Stand outside in the rain.
- Get into an argument with someone on why the US doesn't suck any worse than anywhere else. Win.
- Take 10,000 pictures.
- Write something. Draw something.
- Fall asleep in a hotel with a gorgeous view of a gorgeous city.


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