Apr. 15th, 2011

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I am such a masochist about scary movies. I know they'll terrify me, but that doesn't stop me from watching them. This time was my first actually seeing one in theaters though. Insidious has some fucking scary commercials out and I've been itching to see it since I saw them the first time. And while the film turned out to be half really just plain goofy - the driving force of the scares is explained in the dumbest way possible and the oogie-boogies get downright laughable in some places - the other half scared the ever-loving shit out of me.

There are plenty of jumpy, right-in-your-face-with-the-loud-noises scares and the overall film has a nice feeling of waiting for something to come out at you. It's really to the film's credit that I realized towards the end that I had been basically crying, tears streaming down my face, for the last half hour because I was just so worried about what was going to pop out next. Jon found the whole thing stupid, but I'm an easier scare than he is, though I will admit that this film would be an instant classic if it didn't turn out to be so damn stupid in its second half. We did have the best/worst people behind us though: one guy was dumber than a box of hair and was constantly asking "What'd she say?" "What's going on?" "Who's that?". Like, seriously guy, watch the fucking movie. He and his friends also got scared really easily and noisily though, which was awesome. The trailer for Don't be Afraid of the Dark is suitably shit-your-pants scary though.
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