Apr. 8th, 2011

michals: (Pelle's on crack)
You guys, if I was skinny and tall I would try out for America's Next Top Model in a heartbeat. Why? Because I have seen every season of that freaking show and I would rock. That. Shit. So hard. Seriously, the girls on there have obviously never seen a single episode but I would in there and blow Tyra's mind with how well I handle that shit. Nigel Barker the noted fashion photographer would beg to have my babies, Miss J would come to me for style tips. Bitches, I would own, is what I'm saying.

But for real - not that I'm not totally serious about the above - but this season is crazy. Alexandria is just about - okay, I have seen many a bitch on this show, and I have loathed many a girl, but Alexandria is heading to the top of the list with every repeat of "But I'm the talent." HOLY BALLS that girl literally has mental problems. This season's weird because in the last three seasons the girl I wanted to win from the beginning ended up winning - Nicole, Krista and Anne - but this time I don't really know who I want to win for sure, but I am rooting for Jacklyn and Kasia. I would root for Brittani but I think that might be a hopeless endevour after last week. Alexandria totally deserved the smackdown but Brittani did it in the wrong place at the wrong time and Tyra doesn't seem to want to forgive her. Girls didn't know the rules. I know the rules. I would rock the rules, get me on this shit.


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