Mar. 8th, 2011

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Hey all, quick update.

I'm currently stuck in an empty classroom until at least 10:30 tonight...which is 4 hours away and I can't leave to get food lest someone steal my laptop, which I'm forced to bring with me everywhere now so I can get shit done. Which is lucky I guess, because now I can dick around on it and not stare at the walls. My producers ditched me - which is weird because they're usually here until 10 most nights - and I'm all alone.

Super condensed version of what's going on in my life: I'm directing a huge film project for the school, which is what's been eating my life for the past 8 weeks. It hasn't worked out perfectly; we had to fire one of our department heads, we almost had to shoot a week earlier and we still don't have a shooting script. Luckily I've got some awesome people on my side but it's still insanely stressful. I basically have to vomit 24/7. We shoot in a little over a week, but we need to get this script down or we're fucked. That's why I'm hanging out tonight, to meet with the writer and get something we can use. I love it, really, and I am having fun when I don't feel like jumping in front of a car, but when it's over it'll be great.

Other areas of my life have been forced to take a backseat to all this. I had to read an essay, watch a movie and write a paper all at once last Thursday at 2:30 am because I forgot they were due that day in class. I have something due tomorrow that I just do not have any idea for. And that editing project I promised to do for that organization has fallen by the wayside completely. They want to see something this week and I haven't done anything at all. I just whored it out on Facebook to any of my editing friends who'd be willing to do it; I'm even paying them.

That's it, for the most part. I'm tired, and hungry and a bit bored, but mostly I'm busy and that about sums it up. I guess the bright side is that come spring break I should be done with most of this stuff and I won't move a fucking inch for anyone, man or god.

EDIT: And for the zillionth time since I've been in college, I just bought my dinner from a vending machine (and I don't mean like a fancy machine with sandwiches, I mean a bag of chips, some water and a cookie).


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