Feb. 13th, 2011

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Didn't get to see Justin Townes Earle last night as planned. I'll just say this: how disappointed can you really be in a parent when you kind of already figured he was going to screw up? Especially when this exact same thing happened before?

*sigh* Whatever. I don't even feel angry anymore. I'm not even in a mood. I have no mood right now, I am an automaton that has work to do. The bus ride home took years off of my life, roomie has people over and I don't want to socialize so I'm sequestered in my room, my teacher is being vague and unhelpful and all I want to do is sleep.

I am excited, however, about the fact that sometime - hopefully in the near future - I will be able to play my new Sims expansion packs. Ended up finding both of the ones I wanted at this half price book place. One for $8 and the other for $3. So yeah, both together cost less there than just one new one would have. Oh, and found Viva La Bam seasons 4 & 5 for Jon's birthday, which is Wednesday. It's usually almost $50 and I got it for $20 so yay.

Ugh, can I just be Dunn in my icon now, please?
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I feel like I'm going to snap ala Jack Torrance at some point so when I hand in my Director's Breakdown it'll just be "Too many people in my house, too many people in my house, too many people in my house..." over and over and over again.

I have to say the image of my directing teacher fleeing in terror with an axe in hand makes me giggle.


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