Feb. 7th, 2011

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Well, I hope some of you were able to enjoy the absolute awesome that was the Super Bowl last night and be graced with the vision of the best team in the world, the Green Bay Packers. I was surrounded by either Steelers fans or people who were still bitter about the Bears losing so I was super happy to gloat at the end of the night. Rocking my Rodgers jersey today, whoot!

And I finally watched an episode of Glee )
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Sooooo tonight I went to a free advanced screening of Take Me Home Tonight that *drumroll please* had a Q and A with Topher Grace and Demetri Martin afterward.

Yeah. I just saw Topher Grace and Demetri Martin IN THE FLESH. And I stood by them a little bit, but then they were ushered out, but they walked right by me, so that was awesome. Also, I asked Demetri a question during the Q and A. I don't care that other people have hung out with celebrities or actually, ya know, communicated with them, I was freaking shaking like a leaf just asking the question.

It was weird too, because I kept expecting something to happen and they wouldn't actually show up, but they did and they were there and they, like, exist. For some reason my first thought was that they were dolls or something. Like, they were just plastic puppets but they were REAL and had hands and ears. Ears, you guys, how bizarre is that?

Also, they're both very cute in person. (Seriously that movie reminded me why I had a crush on Topher a few years ago, but he was even more adorable in person.) Topher was super talkative and just kind of excited about the whole thing and Demetri was pretty laid back and didn't talk as much, but had some great one-liners. He definitely had Topher laughing quite a bit.

Yes, I'm being starstruck, so what?

Oh, and the movie's funny, check it out.

Also a guy gave me his phone number. What? (Sadly not Topher or Demetri but still)


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