Jan. 24th, 2011

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You know what's awesome? This:

That is a DEFENSIVE TACKLE making an interception and running it for a touchdown! Raji is 338 POUNDS, the man trying to tackle him is the Bears' QUARTERBACK. Hahahaha!
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Ugh, there's someone in my house. Go away person. And they're playing a game, my roomie and the person, so they're obviously here for the long haul. Oh, and note to roomie: you don't get to leave your music on IN YOUR ROOM so that I'm the only one hearing it through the wall while you're in the kitchen. Oh, and stop being a bitch about my team beating your team, how is that my fault?
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My mom tells me if you write down everything you eat in day, you're more likely to lose weight because you realize how much you snack and binge when you're bored and things like that. I've been keeping track the last few days, and it's not really how much I'm eating that I'm noticing, it's that I eat like crap. Seriously, it's a mishmash of garbage. I know none of you watch American Dad but there's an episode where this inept lawyer voiced by Paget Brewster (seriously one of the best voice acting jobs I've ever heard) says to Stan: "There's a tub of chili in my fridge I stole from the office pot-luck. I've been eating it for a year. I don't live well." I feel like that sometimes I need to amend my eating with "I don't live well."


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